Bills are giving full support to Damar Hamlin as he prepares to possibly play again

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Bills safety Damar Hamlin hopes to play football again. The Bills hope to help him make a return while keeping all relevant factors in mind.

Coach Sean McDermott tells Judy Battista of NFL Network that the organization has addressed with Hamlin the mental and emotional aspects of returning to game action after suffering cardiac arrest during a game on January 2.

“The best thing we can do is support him all the way through this, and that is a big piece of it that is, mind, body and spirit,” McDermott said. “It’s just not physically like, hey, in the weight room, it’s the mental piece as well.”

McDermott added that “the amount of courage it’s going to take to re-engage again is unbeknownst to many of us.”

Indeed it is. What player has ever tried to come back and play after nearly dying on the field?

“I’m ready to support him in any direction he decides to go, even if it’s last minute,” McDermott told Battista, seemingly acknowledging the very real possibility that Hamlin will check every box and be ready to play and then realize that, all things considered, he just can’t do it again.

It would be understandable if that happens. The Bills are doing the right thing by giving Damar Hamlin all the support he needs, all the time he requires to make a decision — and if necessary to change his mind.

10 responses to “Bills are giving full support to Damar Hamlin as he prepares to possibly play again

  1. Coach McDermott sounds like a wise man who understands the tricky nature of the human mind. Damar is very fortunate to have such a progressive individual and organization supporting him.

  2. He should retire, all this talk about playing again is pure insanity!
    He’s extremely fortunate to be alive.

  3. Avoided death once. Wouldn’t tempt it again. Retire and find a less brutal career.

  4. It is totally Damar’s decision if he wants to play again. Any internet commenter’s opinion stating that he should not play is meaningless and irrelevant.

  5. Good luck to him I remember tedy bruschi came back after a life threatening stroke to play at a high level for the Patriots it can and has been done.

  6. Hope the best for the kid…but mentally this will be real tricky…how will he respond when he needs to go 110% to stop Derrick Henry?
    Ya…Bills should do the right thing…and push him towards retirement. Give the man a job in the organization.

  7. I am glad the Bills are giving him the opportunity to figure it out himself. If he retires, then he will not have that linger doubt of “I coulda/shoulda made a comeback.” Personally, I believe he shouldn’t tempt fate (Reggie Lewis and the Celtics). Nice job by the Bills and their coaching staff.

  8. Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered similar fate while on international duty for his country. He was revived on the pitch though. He is back on the pitch for Man U and country.

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