Brian Daboll expects Daniel Jones to “grow into the quarterback we think he can be”

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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The Giants have made their investment in quarterback Daniel Jones with a four-year, $160 million contract, and they expect him to progress as a quarterback during those four years.

Giants coach Brian Daboll says Jones should benefit from continuing to play in the same offense for years to come.

It’s his second year in the system,” Daboll told NFL Network. “I don’t think he’s had continuity since he’s been there. We all can do a better job. I think that he really adapted to the things that we were asking him to do. We tried to implement a lot of the things that he likes to do. That’s just another step going into the offseason of adding some more pieces. More players around him. And also him growing into the quarterback that we think he can be.”

A year ago, a $160 million contract for Jones would have been a pipe dream, but the arrival of Daboll coincided with a major improvement in Jones’ play. Now Daboll wants to see that improvement continue.

24 responses to “Brian Daboll expects Daniel Jones to “grow into the quarterback we think he can be”

  1. His numbers were whatever but who was he throwing to and who was he being protected by. It was Saquan and him trying to make something happen and that’s about it. Gets them their first playoff win in forever; surround him with talent and I’m sure Daniel a Jones will be a 40+ Total TD guy..

    Daboll is clearly the guy.

  2. Good luck with that…he isn’t and never will be anything close to Josh Allen.

  3. As long as Daniel Jones can play against an “Ed Donatell” defense he’ll look like Superman (that’s what got him his contract)-However should they meet this year he and the rest of the NFC North will see just what it’s like to play a real (Brian Flores) defense!

  4. He had a good rookie year (minus the fumbles), 2 lousy years, and then a pretty good 4th season. Personally, I think that his ceiling is tannehill/alex smith with the added ability to run.

    I guess the going rate for that nowadays is 40 mill a year. If he can be a top half of the league QB like he was last year it wont be a total waste.

  5. Brian Meany says:
    March 26, 2023 at 7:18 am
    Good luck with that…he isn’t and never will be anything close to Josh Allen.

    That’s what they said about Josh Allen too.

  6. as a NYG fan for 5+ decades, I am cautiously optimistic that they can build on last year, second year in the system with Daboll.

  7. He can be average and average is okay in a league that wont let a QB get hit anymore and a league where half or more of the teams are just average.

  8. Dak Presscott must be rolling over in his… wait…. he’s not dead yet… he just plays like he is.

  9. I’m a giants fan that believes in Jones. If they can draft a day one starter at either Oline, or draft a number one receiver, I think we’ll see what he can actually do without having to get rid of it in 1.5 seconds, while also having to thread the needle to practice squad receivers.

  10. It’s hilarious how all these armchair coaches think they know better than COTY Daboll.

  11. I’ve never seen anyone go further in the NFL on pure speculation and hope that he can be a good qb. You can make every excuse in the world but after a while a guy just is who he is in the nfl. Daniel Jones is Ryan Fitzpatrick at best.

  12. He is an average QB but if anyone can maximize his talents it is Daboll

  13. Danny dimes is super average at best. He NEVER had a pro bowl season stats don’t lie. WAY over paid he’s seems like a nice kid but not Elite

  14. He looked great against the Vikings, terrible otherwise.
    Hard to believe the Giants didn’t Jones didn’t elevate at all against the Eagles.
    Make the same mistake, suffer a similar fate.

  15. Daniel Jones got PAID for making a huge step forward and hav8ng a great season. Wait, he threw 15 TD passes last year. That is what is considered the monumental achievement. Half of what Geno Smith threw got him that contract. Lunacy. People have been blaming his receivers and line since he was at Duke. Same old story. He cut down on turnovers last year. Will that last though? Not if he is encouraged to throw the ball down the field. He will never be a great QB. He is a game manager at best. Congrats to overpaying for that, Giants.

  16. Daniel Jones is one of the best QB’s in the league. The Giants have changed coaches and changed schemes on both offense and defense several times since Jones arrived, and each time they did that the entire team had to start new like an expansion team. Jones finally has some stability, and his teammates finally know their assignment. It’s hard to complete a pass when receivers don’t know the patterns and linemen and backs don’t know the blitz pickups. And when your defense is learning a new scheme every year, they finally start moving at full speed toward the end of a season, and then they press the reset button again. Jones has been great. This hasn’t been an environment where a QB could thrive. Jones is the last guy I’m worried about. It’s a QB league, and the Giants have an elite QB. Watch what happens with Sam Darnold in San Francisco. He’s also been a victim of playing for train wreck organizations, and now he’s in S.F. with Kyle Shanahan and a great defense. The lame teams got rid of Darnold, but the best organization in the NFL picked him up. I’m sure the 49ers were waiting to see if the Giants were going to be crazy enough to let Jones walk. They would have picked him up in a heartbeat.

  17. “one of the best in the league” “elite” “15 touchdowns” one of these is Daniel Jones.

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