Shannon Sharpe has removed Brett Favre’s case against him to federal court, too

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On Friday, Pat McAfee exercised his prerogative to move to federal court the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Brett Favre. Earlier in the week, former Ravens and Broncos tight end (and also, like Favre, a Hall of Famer) Shannon Sharpe made the same move.

Sharpe’s position is the same as McAfee’s. Because Sharpe isn’t a Mississippi resident and because Favre seeks more than $750,000, Sharpe has the right to take the case from state court to federal court.

Generally speaking, it’s better for an out-of-state defendant who is sued in state court to fight in federal court. Indeed, the first page of the civil defense lawyer playbook whenever a client is sued in state court is to see whether there’s a way to get the case to federal court.

Favre has the ability to try to send the case back to state court via a motion to remand. That would be very difficult to do here, given that Favre’s lawyer publicly has suggested that the cases are worth “millions” of dollars.

The value of the cases will be for a federal judge and federal jury to decide. And, as we’ve previously explained, it won’t be easy for Favre to prove he was defamed under the high standard applicable to public figures, or to prove that the difference between his pre-existing reputation and his post-defamation (allegedly) reputation requires significant financial compensation.

Favre may eventually regret filing these cases. Along the way, the litigation could be very illuminating, especially if/when McAfee and Sharpe’s lawyers uncover evidence that potentially proves the things they allegedly said about Favre to be true.

24 responses to “Shannon Sharpe has removed Brett Favre’s case against him to federal court, too

  1. So, Brett is suing his former teammates brother. I would bet Sterling is siding with his family on this one.

  2. So there needs to be evidence “that potentially proves the things they allegedly said about Favre to be true”. Did McAfee and Sharpe have this potential evidence?

  3. So Brett’s feelings got hurt although its true… so tax dollars are wasted because of hurt feelings give me a break.

  4. McAfee and Sharpe don’t have to prove anything, though obviously facts they bring in could prove helpful to their case. For defamation, the burden of proof is largely on the plaintiff, and it’s a very high bar to prove defamation of a public figure, which in this context Favre certainly is.

  5. Sharpe out and out Slandered Favre. I’m not going to defend Favre,… but he hasn’t been charged with anything at this point. What Sharpe said about Favre was terrible. McAfee didn’t help matters. It turned into a feeding frenzy of hate and vile words.
    It was more than just defamation,… it was slander.

  6. I don’t think Favre realizes that the mud on his shirt is from dragging himself behind his own truck, gosh darn.

  7. Favre’s cases are going to go down in flames and it is not inconceivable that he could be criminally charged over his actions.

  8. Since Favre filed more evidence of his guilt have been published. If I was Sharpe and McAfee I’d countersue him for everything he owns. Favre deserves to need to live off the states welfare system that he took from.

  9. I hope that McAfee and Sharpe put Favre in the poor house. Maybe he will see how difficult the lives are for the people that he stole money from.

  10. teddyshore says:
    March 26, 2023 at 1:07 pm
    Also interesting how people not up in arms about how billionaires coerce public money for stadiums to make themselves even richer but don’t see anyone talking about that

    There are over 100 comments here opposing public financing on any story about the subject. How many of your children that no longer live with you are you still claiming exemptions for?

  11. Get him Shannon! Take him down. Your final sack!

    _________^_____________________Sorry. I worded this wrong. I’m sure Sharpe has many more sacks in his future. I just hope he takes this big mouth down hard! Go Shannon!

  12. Removal to federal court under diversity jurisdiction requires complete diversity between the parties and a claim of more than $75k, not $750k.

  13. Favre is a dumb hillbilly who happened to be able to throw a football well. Sharpe & Macafee have managed their careers very well, while Favre takes money to build a volleyball court for his daughter. Favre defamed himself.

  14. If true, the people that need the funds are once again subjected to the machinations and manipulations of the wealthy and privileged. People enjoy complaining about poor people on the dole because of the few bottom-feeding, fringe-dwelling crooks that steal and get all the attention. The headlines for those losers is low-hanging fruit. Fact is, the wealthy fringe-dwellers at the top of the food-chain create more havoc and loss for all of us than all the bottom-feeders combined. Start pointing up to the problem, not down.

  15. Since Favre filed more evidence of his guilt have been published.

    And yet, he still hasn’t been formally charged……

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