Brian Gutekunst: Packers won’t necessarily get a first-round pick for Aaron Rodgers

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The Packers are ready to move on from Aaron Rodgers, even if they don’t get a first-round draft pick for trading him.

Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst acknowledged in a conversation with reporters today that the Packers won’t necessarily get a first-round pick from the Jets in the Rodgers trade, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

That’s an indication that the Packers know they don’t have the leverage in trade talks with the Jets, and that they want to get something for Rodgers before trade talks break down and blow up in the Packers’ faces.

Guteknust added that there’s no timeline on trading Rodgers, but the Packers are hoping to get it done soon.

The Packers are ready to move on to Jordan Love as their starting quarterback for the 2023 season, and the Jets are ready for Rodgers. Now the question is when the trade will get done and what the Packers will get for Rodgers. Guteknust saying publicly that his price isn’t sky-high may be an attempt to spur the trade talks forward and get a deal done.

42 responses to “Brian Gutekunst: Packers won’t necessarily get a first-round pick for Aaron Rodgers

  1. There are a number of things on the issue of the trade as a whole that we must do … and a lot of that work is the work that I am here to do on the continent.

  2. Finally some reality for the Packers’ front office.

    Trading for a player that has roughly 1-2 years left, a $60 million contract, and a personality that most don’t like, doesn’t garner a lot of compensation.

  3. If this is true…….the Packers just blinked. Congratulations to the Jets for winning this stare down with the Packers.

  4. Don’t worry Packers, they’ll go 0-17 with Love and get the 1st pick the next year….

  5. Simply put, if all Brian Gutekunst gets out of trading Devante Adams and Aaron Rodgers in successive years is a 1st & 2nd in one draft and at best two 2nds in the next, he needs to be relieved of his duties. Rodgers is a diva, but so is Gutekunst, and Mark Murphy may be the biggest problem of them all in Green Bay.

  6. Don’t know why they excited for Love?
    Packers should keep Rodgers, just to make him mad!

  7. The Packers screwed this up. We all saw this coming. Its all about 60 million dollars coming due.

  8. I think a 2 in 2023 and a conditional 2 in 2024 is fair. Neither team is going anywhere until Rodgers has flaked off for good.

  9. The Packers blew when they drafted a future QB, not to win a super bowl, but to try and be good for a longer period of time. Aaron put it in their face and while he is an unusual guy, he is correct that they weren’t interested in winning another super bowl at the cost of facing a re-build down the line.

    For Murphy and Gutekunst, Title Town has Enough Titles.

    Minnesota is making some very smart moves for their future but may not have a great season this year. Chicago is coming up fast and they HAVE a franchise QB. The Lions have already passed the pack, amazing as that sounds. So, Mighty Murphy might have already struck out!

  10. For 60mm a year they should be giving the Jets a 1st round pick along with Rogers.

  11. They would have a YEAR AGO! Look at Wilson and Watson deals, and Rodgers was reigning MVP. Now he’s barely worth more than an ’86 Buick. Way to go Packers mgmt… Anyone ever teach you GM’s about striking when the iron is hot!

  12. Laughable they’d get a 1st. He ghosted them. They literally have 1 team who wants him.

  13. GB blinked. Gutekunst, saying what he did, gave a ton of leverage to the Jets. No surprise here. NO 1st for GB. Just what I expected all along. Now, the Jets will probably tell GB to eat some of that $60 million as well. The Jets know that GB wants to move on, so . . .

  14. No what you really want is the jets to pay the salary that’s is left. The money that you should have given in the first place.

  15. It will be fun seeing what actually happens. And how wrong the mook-patrol is THIS time.

  16. While he said a first round selection isn’t necessary, he continued “(Rodgers) is a premier player. So I think getting premier picks or players back… is important. Fair value is important.” He said he hopes a deal gets done soon, but is willing to wait until May or June if necessary.

  17. Everyone so worried about winning and losing this trade and leverage. I think it’s likely he means the pick is a conditional one and there are no Guarantees the conditions are met.

  18. What he actually said was that he wouldn’t necessarily get this year’s #13 pick for Rodgers.

  19. Gutenkunst should want draft picks for this year’s draft. Packers need a lot of help. Their about to lose their meal ticket, and fans are gonna find out fast that Love is not very good. Get your popcorn ready for a 5 win season.

  20. Then MAKE A DEAL!!! This isn’t hard to do!! You don’t want Rodgers, they do. Take the offer and move on

  21. If there was a mistake by GB it was last year when they could have got a haul for Rodgers by waited one year too long.

  22. Gutekunst will muck this up. He always does. I think a first rounder to the Jets and Rodgers should about do it. The Jets could give them a 6th round pick in 2025 if Rodgers plays two years.

  23. Ball is in Jets court. Do they offer 3rd/lower and risk Packers ending all negotiations permanently?

    Packers better off paying Rodgers to whine, then fine him. Taking too low an offer and the entire management is fired.

  24. I’d rather have Rodgers retire or sit the year than to give him up for anything less than a 1st, 2nd, a couple other draft picks, and a player or two.

  25. A first round pick is above market value for a 39 year old, ridiculously expensive player that is a threat to retire at any minute. But, I thought the Jets might actually decide to overpay due to a lack of options. Maybe they still do, but get something like a third and a fourth back along with Rodgers. Allows GB to save some face.

  26. Packers will take both 2nd’s this year and a 1st/2nd round pick next year if Rodgers plays 1 snap in season #2. Jets get their qb and Packers get some compensation and rid of the salary. Jets need a qb, their owner wants Rodgers and the Packers want to move on. Fair deal for all.

  27. This is going to be another Brock Osweiler type of deal, where a significant amount of draft compensation is foregone in exchange for clearing salary off the books. The difference of course being that the QB involved this time is a first ballet HOFer.

  28. They’ve already lost on the Rodgers trade. Decisively. They could have had huge hauls from teh Rams, 9ers and Broncos.

    Please just stop talking until the trade is announced.

    Plain to see why this team has only managed to win 1 Super Bowl with Rodgers. The Leadership is clueless.

  29. delusional GB fans who thought they had the leverage, you still think you’re getting a 1 this year?

    and can we calm down…….no urgency till the draft…..Jets aren’t rushing this unless the terms are suitable. GB can’t afford to miss the draft with a Jets pick.

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