Brian Gutekunst tried to call Aaron Rodgers “many times” this offseason, with no response

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As usual, there’s two sides to every story.

Regarding the inevitable divorce between the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, we had previously heard one side. Today, we heard some of the other side.

Via Matt Schneidman of, G.M. Brian Gutekunst told reporters at the league meeting in Arizona that the team tried to contact Aaron Rodgers “many times” during the offseason to discuss how he fits in the team’s future.

Rodgers, according to Gutekunst, never responded.

“Our inability to reach him or for him to respond in any way,” Gutekunst said. “I think at that point we just kind of had to — I had to do my job and reach out and understanding that a trade could be possible.”

That’s a very different story than the one Rodgers told to Pat McAfee 12 days ago. Rodgers said that, when the 2022 season ended, the Packers told the four-time MVP that they wanted him back. Rodgers said that, at some point after the season ended, he learned that the Packers were shopping him. (Rodgers later contradicted this story by saying that he sensed during the 2022 season that the Packers wanted to move on.)

Under Green Bay’s version, the team repeatedly tried to engage Rodgers in a conversation about the future — “many times” — and that he ignored their overtures.

The good news, I suppose, is that he didn’t text back something like this: “Lose my number. Good try tho.”

The end result is the relationship has been permanently fractured. Both sides seem to accept the outcome, even if the Packers regret the path Rodgers chose to take.

“Certainly whenever a player may have issues, you prefer that they talk to you directly and not do it in the media, but that’s not necessarily the way he goes about it and that’s OK,” Gutekunst told reporters.

Yes, it’s over. The sooner the Packers and Jets finalize a trade, the better off everyone will be.

46 responses to “Brian Gutekunst tried to call Aaron Rodgers “many times” this offseason, with no response

  1. Best for the Jets to wait. If Rodgers signs too early, he will upset with the Jets before the season even starts. Rodgers doesn’t deserve to in the ring of honor at Lambeau.

  2. That sounds about right. In Gute I Trust.
    In a related matter…..Murphy not so much.

  3. I think Aaron has made it clear that he doesn’t care for Gute. He’s gotten a coach fired once and now he’s working on a GM firing.

  4. I don’t think anyone has any illusions that Aaron Rodgers is a handful and, in certain situations, is probably a liar too.

    But that doesn’t change the issue that the Green Bay brass is likely guilty of the exact same shortcomings.

    Not surprising that some mega rich, entitled people couldn’t humble themselves for the sake of the fans in Green Bay.

  5. Gute has been a hot mess since becoming the cheddarheads gm. Has always been in over his head. That ARodg played him this past year is beyond cunny.

  6. The Packers didn’t just draft a QB in the first round 3 years ago, they traded away extra picks to move up in the first round to draft a QB. They moved on from Rodgers 3 years ago. They should have just traded him. They could have gotten 3 first round picks for him. When you trade up to get a QB, like when Andy Reid got Mahomes, it’s not for depth. When you have a multiple MVP winning QB who’s still in his prime, and you trade away the chance to draft a couple pieces that might have fetched you another super bowl or two, you’re a team in despair. So, they wasted those picks on a QB they obviously don’t like, and they threw away three more first round picks they could have gotten for Rodgers. If the Packers had a regular owner, they would have cleaned house by now.

  7. That’s too bad. Rodgers and Packer fans who for years defended Rodgers deserve each other now.

  8. Taking Zach Wilson’s salary would help the Jets and give Wilson a fresh start behind Love.

  9. Not having a deal in place before the gang went out to CA to speak with Rodgers first is yet another act of general managerial malpractice on the part of Joe Douglas. He hasn’t produced a .500 season yet despite getting lucky on a few players.

  10. I don’t necessarily put this on Gute. I think the colossal screw up was the huge contract. I believe that lays at the feet of Murphy. I think he is the one that needs to go.

  11. Yeah, the Packers, who have generally owned the NFCN for the past three decades and been in the playoffs as much as pretty much anyone, are the worst-run outfit in sports. You bet. I can hardly wait for things to go just as smooth as silk between the Jets, their fans, and Aaron.

  12. Rodgers better hope he lights it up right away because the NY Media and Jets fans won’t be as patient as Packer fans have been with this primadonna… Thank you 12 for the years you dedicated to being the Packers QB and giving 110%…but these last several years it has been a bad dream that replays every year… On to the next chapter..

  13. Brian Gutekunst’s hands were obviously tied in this situation.
    Brian’s comments were very intentional and candid enough to make a point, as well as explain the situation to the public.

    As for Aaron, this is a very disappointing end to an amazing Packer career.
    Truly one of the greatest to ever fling it.
    Unforgettable really, but time to move on and focus on the future.

    Very excited to see what this team has in Jordan Love.
    This kid’s worked extremely hard, under difficult conditions, to earn this opportunity.
    Can’t wait.

  14. Why would Aaron Rodgers want to continue playing for a team in a place full of welfare recipients like Green Bay, WI. I don’t blame him for wanting out.

  15. I wonder if the Packers won’t sit on this trade for another 30 days just to stick it a bit to Rodgers. “Welcome to the waiting game pal”.

  16. He should follow the lead of his team president and refrain from speaking rather than worry about how he’s perceived.

  17. Both sides could be telling the truth. The Packers could have said they wanted him back, and then changed their minds later on. That change could very well have come about because Rodgers decided to ghost the Packers front office during the offseason, leading them to simply be fed up with his nonsense.

  18. I completely believe Gute..this was just more of the same passive aggressive BS Packer fans have had to tolerate for years. Then Rodgers emerges from the darkness saying the Packers don’t want him anymore, playing the victim. But thanks for the memories Aaron, good luck to you.

  19. Yeah I’m sure Gutekunst the general manager (for now) made ‘many’ phone calls to “discuss” how Aaron fit into the team’s future. Yes, that certainly has been a great mystery for all of us – how Aaron fits into the team’s plans – no one could ever figure that one out. Save the excuses for this season when Gutekunst leads this team into the toilet and dazzle us with that your brilliance at that time.

  20. I tend to believe the GM. Promising not to hold the Packers hostage, then clamming up and making them twist in the wind would be a typical classless, arrogant Rodgers move.

  21. I’d rather have Rodgers sit the whole year then to trade him for anything less that a first rounder plus. If the Jets are not ready to give that up than they can go pound sand. Good luck with Wilson.

  22. It is my understanding that when someone is tripping on Acid, they typically have difficulty performing routine human functions such as answering the phone, or engaging in coherent conversation-

  23. The drama continues. The NY media is gonna love whacking on Ms. Rogers when she arrives

  24. Rodgers may or may not be a diva , and can undoubtedly be difficult to deal with. However both Gute and Murphy have come across as a bit childish and petulant throughout this whole saga.

  25. Trying to have a conversation with rodgers about his future in nonway indicates the packers wanted him back. It more than likely was them trying to talk him into restructuring his massive contract and then to ride off into the sunset.

  26. I’m a packer fan. I think the problem is Murphy – You never should say things publicly like he did about Aaron. And well..all of Gute’s 3rd-4th round pick fails. I won’t list them here you can look them up at You haven’t drafted a WR/TE in the first round since Javon Walker?! People have kids that are now in college since that. But this will play out and the haters of the packers (which there are many) will have fun with all this. I’m sad that this is how Rodgers career will end and it will end in New Jersey. It is what it is. Put some talent around Jordan Love and let’s see what we got? I know everyone outside of GB fandom wants to see Jordan fail, but he doesn’t have to throw for 50k yards in his career to be a good QB. Let’s see?

  27. Get your popcorn ready once Rodgers arrives in NY. One of the first questions would be about Rodgers versions of events in GB and Gutekunst’s assertion that Rodgers never returned his calls. Its going to be a 24/7 circus in NY. Imagine if his plays tails off even worse than last year as well?

  28. Jets should wait as long as necessary to keep the compensation low. Packers don’t want Rodgers anymore. This is a trade to get rid of somebody they don’t want, which means the packers have no leverage. Rodgers could simply show up to packers training camp and cause a huge mess and force the packers to trade him just to get rid of him and for next to nothing

  29. Jets should ride this one out all the way to or past training camp. Keep lowering the offer until the Packers accept. He’s clearly not playing in Green Bay and the Packers will take a massive cap hit and get nothing for him if he “retires” and then shows up later.

  30. I’m ready for this clown to retire. 1 Super Bowl. Massively overrated.

    Easy to see why he only has 1.

    Listen to the ‘leadership’. Look at the comedy of errors, passing on multiple trades for much higher compensation. That awful contract.

    The ignorance is astounding.

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