Bruce Arians likes the addition of Baker Mayfield by the Buccaneers

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Before emerging from his second retirement in 2019 to coach the Buccaneers, Bruce Arians said he’d return only to coach the Browns — where Baker Mayfield at the time played quarterback.

Arians, now the former Buccaneers coach, is very pleased with the fact that the Bucs signed Mayfield.

“Great competitor, extremely accurate,” Arians told Ira Kaufman of “I loved his competitive spirit [coming out of college].”

Arians became even more smitten when working for CBS during Mayfield’s first season, in 2018.

“I loved everything about him,” Arians told Kaufman.

And Arians has no concerns about Mayfield’s demeanor.

“He’s not a punk, he’s cocky,” Arians said, “but at that size you better be.”

Arians also thinks third-year quarterback Kyle Trask, a second-round pick in 2021, is cocky enough to give Mayfield a fight.

“Kyle is not going to give in,” Arians told Kaufman. “Not a chance. It’s a great situation for the franchise.”

Some would say going from the GOAT to Mayfield or Trask is hardly “great,” but the Bucs still have plenty of solid pieces in place. And Mayfield performed well in 2018 and 2020.

Maybe he’s got a little magic left, a little something that can help the Bucs, who woefully underachieved in 2022, exceed expectations in 2023.

11 responses to “Bruce Arians likes the addition of Baker Mayfield by the Buccaneers

  1. So is the rest of the NFC South….especially the defensive linemen that have contract incentives for batted down passes and DB’s for INT’s.

  2. Mayfield could be pretty good…or pretty bad. Take your pick. It’s going to fun watching.

  3. BA’s views for the future of the team have been leading the team to the bottom.

  4. Extremely Accurate? Why is Bruce Arians just parroting the scouting report out of the draft when we all have witnessed 5 years of the NFL? [1/2 a decade] of inaccurate throws. His NFL assessment should actually read: “Extremely inaccurate”, “Takes unnecessary risks”, “Doesn’t care for the team, puts himself first by playing with an injury that impacts performance” Good luck with that Bucs fans.

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