Howie Roseman on Jalen Hurts: It’s a priority for us to extend him

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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After leading the Eagles to an appearance in Super Bowl LVII in his second year as a starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts is in line for a contract extension.

Philadelphia is publicly signaling that the organization is ready to make that happen.

General Manager Howie Roseman made that point just after the club fell to the Chiefs in February. He reiterated it at the annual league meeting in Arizona on Monday.

“It’s no secret that sometime relatively soon we want to extend our quarterback,” Roseman said, via Dave Zangaro of “Our whole kind of roster building is going to turn a little bit here from a quarterback on a rookie deal towards hopefully a quarterback on a long-term deal.”

Roseman added that the Eagles don’t want Hurts going anywhere.

“We want him here long-term. It’s going to be a priority for us to extend him,” Roseman said, via Josh Tolentino of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “You have to navigate the offseason understanding that we’re not going to lose our franchise quarterback with one year left on his deal.”

Hurts is one of at least three quarterbacks who are likely to receive a second contract before the 2023 season begins — the others being the Bengals’ Joe Burrow and the Chargers’ Justin Herbert.

The Dolphins could sign Tua Tagovailoa to a new deal as well. Miami already announced the club has picked up the fifth-year option on Tagovailoa’s contract.

7 responses to “Howie Roseman on Jalen Hurts: It’s a priority for us to extend him

  1. The Eagles have $11 million in cap space and $54 million in dead money. What’s their next move? To sign their quarterback to a contract worth around $50 million per year with about $200 million guaranteed.

    That salary cap stuff is is really something…

  2. There’s only 1 other Qb I would take before Jalen. He plays in KC. Get the deal done Howie. He’s legit.

  3. The Bengals and Chargers are both going to pick up the 5th year option. Hurts is a free agent after this season.

  4. Obviously they want to get him signed before Joe Burrow blows up the Market.

    All 3 agents for Burrow, Hurts, and Herbert want someone else to sign first.

    IMO Hurts would be crazy to play another snap without getting a long term deal as his leverage could possibly never be higher. He’s an injury or a bad 2023 away from losing a monster deal.

  5. On the biggest stage, injured Jalen hurts proved his value. Were you watching lamar Jackson?

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