Jets will handle Todd Downing’s DUI internally

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks
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The Todd Downing DUI arrest returned to the NFL’s front burner on Monday, with the release of the arrest video by It prompted a couple of questions regarding Downing’s current status as the passing game coordinator of the Jets.

In response to a request for comment, the NFL referred PFT to Downing’s current team. The Jets, in response to a request for comment, said the team will handle the situation internally.

While Downing already has been fired by the Titans, that move came after the season ended — at a time when assistant coaches throughout the league are relieved of their duties. Downing didn’t miss a game following the arrest, and no formal punishment was announced. The firing was never characterized as a sanction for the arrest.

Downing eventually pleaded guilty to DUI and served two days in jail. Players would be subject to a baseline suspension of two games.

So why not non-players? We’re not trying to cause trouble for Downing or the Jets. We’re just trying to understand whether there’s a double standard on DUIs and, if so, why that is.

If Downing doesn’t serve a two-game suspension for which a player would have served a two-game suspension, there apparently is a double standard.

6 responses to “Jets will handle Todd Downing’s DUI internally

  1. I’d say he got fired because of the DUI. That’s a bigger punishment than a 2-game suspension so there’s no double standard. The Jets can also punish him further if they desire, whereas it would not be allowed for a player to be punished by two different teams for the same infraction.

  2. I saw the video. I think everyone is overlooking the fact that Downing is actually quite a nice dresser. Very impressive.

  3. The JETS will wish he is suspended for 17 games after they get a taste of his offensive coaching…

  4. Not only drunk but going 100mph while tuned. And my understanding is that the suspensions are league directed and the Titans’ firing was team directed — two different sources of punishment.

  5. He wasn’t fired in January for an October arrest. He was fired because he cannot run an offense. May that will change with Lamar or Rodgers. I doubt an MVP caliber QB will change much for him.

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