John Harbaugh: “I don’t know” if Lamar Jackson would play on franchise tender

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Lamar Jackson made public his trade request on Monday morning, adding some sizzle to what already would have been an interesting media session with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh at the annual league meeting in Arizona.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like Baltimore has any intention to facilitate Jackson’s request. But because the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, the quarterback is still able to negotiate an offer sheet with any one of the 31 other teams. Baltimore, however, can match that contract.

But if the offseason continues on its current course — with Jackson not receiving any interest on the open market and still unable to come to a long-term agreement with the Ravens — then at some point, Jackson will face a choice.

Will he play on the franchise tender in 2023?

Harbaugh was asked that question during his Monday media session.

“I don’t know,” Harbaugh said. “I don’t know anything, really.”

Jackson is set to make $32.4 million if he plays under the franchise tender in 2023, which would make him vastly underpaid. Jackson and the Ravens have until July 17 to work out a long-term contract.

Harbaugh reiterated his belief that things between the Ravens and Jackson will work out to where the quarterback will continue playing for Baltimore.

“You’ve got two sides that appreciate each other here,” Harbaugh said. “I think Lamar believes in us and we believe in Lamar. And we know where we want to go forward. So, it’s a monetary thing, that can be figured out, that can be worked out. That’s just a matter of negotiation. And I think we just keep going down that road and eventually it’ll work out.

“There’s always going to be creative ways to figure that stuff out.”

62 responses to “John Harbaugh: “I don’t know” if Lamar Jackson would play on franchise tender

  1. If Lamar appreciates the Raves, as Harbaugh said, he wouldn’t have asked to be traded.

  2. Ultimately up to Lamar, but he’ll either play for the Ravens or he’ll sit out a year.

  3. Mike, you really think $32M for about 10 games is “vastly underpaid”? If he was able to play 17-20 games a year he might be worth $50M, but his injury history and lack of playoff success proves that $32M is his worth. Until another team offers a better contract, his value is set.

  4. Let me help you John, the answer is NO. He didn’t play at the end of last year int eh contract he had already signed. You really think he’s showing up to play on one he doesn’t need to sign?

    At best, he will wait until week ten to sign to ensure he gets a year of service and to force you into trading him then.

    But he ain’t signing now and showing up at camp or week one. Ain’t happening.

  5. Agents everywhere are rolling their eyes, and screaming to the heavens WHY? What are you doing Lamar? He’s losing millions by the day, and he seems to think he can get all of that back plus some when there hasn’t been a team yet that’s brought him in for a chat. This just keeps getting worse by the minute

  6. “Jackson is set to make $32.4 million if he plays under the franchise tender in 2023, which would make him vastly underpaid.”

    Vastly? Nope. Slightly maybe. But if he pulls a Leveon Bell and refuses to take the 32.4 million he’s an idiot.

    Of course he’s already largely proved he falls into that category anyway. But after taxes that’s till roughly 16.2 million and enough to set you and your family up for as long as you live.

  7. I don’t see how anyone could have played this worse than Lamar and his obviously not-too-bright mom.

  8. If Lamar doesn’t play this year he’s only hurting himself. He loses the pay (I believe) for this season and diminishes his value as a player that has missed significant time the past two seasons and then sat out. He needs an agent.

  9. I don’t know anything, really.
    True statement. If you can’t answer that question, you know nothing. I’ll help… he’ll take the money but won’t play (see 2022 playoffs).

    I think Lamar believes in us and we believe in Lamar.
    False statement. He requested a trade and you allowed him to negotiate with other teams. You opted for a non-exclusive tag. You could have paid more for the 2023 tag and prevented him from possibly leaving. It’s logical to infer you wanted 2 firsts, but it turns out nobody is willing and you’ll save millions when Lamar quiet quits on 2023. Baltimore bet 32 million dollars that Jackson would get them 2 firsts.

  10. He’ll sign his tender late in training camp and then play 1 or 2 games before yet another mysterious injury sidelines him for the season…. All while collecting $32 Million.

  11. Oh no! He’s gonna take his one playofd victory, his running ability, and his 2300 yards passing per year and go….where? NO TEAM WANTS THIS CLOWN!

  12. Why not??? He has $33 Million reasons why he should….

    As insulting as that maybe to him or the rest of the idiotic nation media who thinks its an insult… Pretty sure I could live comfortably on $33M. And, even put some in the bank for a rainy day…… Once again, an agent would have taken care of all of this years ago.

    He doesn’t have a leg to stand on, literally. I have no problem with him going out and getting what he thinks he’s worth or getting as much as he can. But, I don’t know anyone that would sit home and make nothing vs $33M guaranteed… After that, you’re sa full UFA and can command as much as you want. You have zero leverage in this fight Mr. Jackson…. Wake up, get paid for a season, and move on. These owners haven’t gotten where they are at by being stupid… You’re in WAY over your head and have no representation…. They will use that against you to chew you up and spit you out….

  13. Acting as his own agent is costing him money. Let the agent take the heat and get the best deal.

  14. “Vastly underpaid” isn’t really fair. Doesn’t the formula to determine the franchise tag price factor in the market? While all the media jump on this and go so far as to allege there is a conspiracy in the league to suppress Lamar, the fact is that he is a running QB who takes a real pounding. How long can/will he last? Look at RG3. Lamar can make the throws but would he change to a pocket passer? Who knows.

  15. If the ravens can’t or won’t trade Lamar they can always up the price of the tag so that both parties will be happy for 2023. For example, the ravens can rip up the franchise tag 32 million and give
    Him a 45 million one year off that he would much rather play on. As insurance may e the ravens tie that 45 million by the number of games he plays, so basically it’s 45 million divided by the 17 games he plays during the season. That could be a possible alternative to him coming back if no team steps up to trade him.

  16. Jackson has already lost tens of millions of dollars because he wasn’t able to renegotiate his deal two years ago. That money is gone and it’s never coming back. It’s now clear that he’s a very poor/weak negotiator and if he’s relying on his “expertise” in that area he deserves what he gets (and doesn’t get). If he sits out, he’s not helping his cause, and his statements and actions over the past however-many months don’t signal to other teams that he’s worth the trouble to try to negotiate with. The Ravens used the transitional tag not because they don’t want him, but because they were hoping somebody else would be able to reach a deal with him that they could then either take or leave (and if they leave it, they get a boatload of draft capital). Does he NEED an agent? Only if he wants to maximize his worth. Otherwise, it’s not a problem because he’s already shown he can minimize his worth all by himself.

  17. If he sits to week 10, they can franchise him again next year with 20% bump per rules.

  18. citizenstrange says:
    March 27, 2023 at 12:54 pm

    Sometimes “I don’t know” is a good, honest answer.


    This is absolutely right & true.
    There are people who try to have answers for everything. For some it’s difficult to admit they don’t know something or everything.

  19. He probably wants to upgrade his career and come back up Deshaun in Cleveland.

  20. Strange to see people wanting Lamar to sell himself short so owners can make more money. Y’all are really brainwashed into thinking billionaires are the good guys. More interested in the laundry than the players.

  21. Is Jackson stupid enough to “silent quit” by showing up next year but be a general pain,play badly and collect his pay check,just to stick it to the Ravens, thinking this will help his case with the rest of the league?. Yeah, he is that much of a narcissist. He clearly does not understand why the other teams aren’t rushing toward him with wheelbarrows of guaranteed money that he thinks he deserves. Any team that gives him anything near what he wants has exceeded the Haslam/Browns level of incompetence.

  22. Why isn’t the union having a come to Jesus meeting with Lamar to convince him to hire an agent? They need to stop giving him contract advice, tell him his mom needs to go and get a damn agent now. Otherwise his financial losses will keep getting worse..

  23. I don’t like his skillset for a QB on my team, but he is vastly underpaid at $32M. He can absolutely change games and when healthy (not often enough) he’s scary to face. He’s vastly underpaid though because he chose not to negotiate for 2 years (guessing him and his mom saw rising salaries and thought “why go for $40M now when it’ll be $50M in 3 years”), and then still I think he’s not negotiating as much as he’s saying he wants the Watson deal and nothing less. His salary (and the giant hole he is in compared to where he should be) is all on him. If he sits though, that hole between where is and where he should be (Josh Allen money) keeps getting bigger and he’s never ever going to recover from it.

  24. Lamar quit on the team last year. I have no doubt he will refuse to sign, and will sit out this season. Next up will be the “racism card”. I look forward to his book deal on “How to Torpedo an NFL Career in 5 Easy Steps”!

  25. Anytime a reporter asked Johnny a question, Johnny resorts to the “Standard Coach Speak Plybook”. Let’s see. That response would be in Chapter 4, subtile 8.23. And then he just spits that out.

    Has there ever been a time in the 15 grueling years he’s been in Baltimore that he has given an “informative” answer?

  26. Does Lamar feel like he’s doing ‘agent things’ when he requests a trade? The franchise tag sets the trade value so requesting a trade makes Jackson look uninformed and less knowledgeable. Hopefully, the Ravens hold their line. If he doesn’t want to play for the Ravens, he deserves to sit out the season. They’ve been trying to get a long term deal done with Lamar for a couple years now and he doesn’t seem to really want to deal with Baltimore on any level. If he’s overvalued himself he needs to do what agents do and figure out a solution. Give and take; that’s called negotiation.

  27. He’s not gonna play for $32 when he thinks he’s already worth more than ANYONE is willing to offer HIM.

  28. “Asking for trade,” if true, means to me that Lamar is not alright with how the negotiations are going. It also is huge in that it sends an engagement message for other teams who may be interested in joining into this confused negotiation.

  29. Mike, may I offer an editorial suggestion? While it may be true that Lamar is “vastly underpaid”, that is only relative to other NFL QB’s, and not the people who actually read this blog – I, for one, would haver to work several lifetimes to earn even a percentage of that, as do most people. So . . .I would suggest that, when you write about player salaries, say that Player X is “vastly underpaid relative to his peers”. Thanks!

  30. If I’m an NFL owner and my GM walks into my office and suggests we trade for Lamar, I would fire that person on the spot for cause and refuse to pay severance or any buyout package.

    Lamar is not worth anything at this point. It’s not about principal. It’s about stupidity. He bailed on his team mates in the playoffs to save himself for money and now he’s saying FU to them and the fans because of his bloated sense of worth.

    Move on Baltimore. Move on.

  31. And if the ravens appreciated Lamar Jackson, it wouldn’t have gotten to this point and I say that while acknowledging that Lamar has overplayed his hand and continues to stupidly proceed without an agent. There’s certainly a greed element here with LJ, I’m just sick of reading about fools like you that think this issue is all on him and none on the team. They’re both screwing this situation up and only hurting themselves.

    radar773 says:
    March 27, 2023 at 12:44 pm
    If Lamar appreciates the Raves, as Harbaugh said, he wouldn’t have asked to be traded

  32. I can’t wait until these salaries stop escalating. The media loathes the fact that Goodell makes %50 million and claims that he’s overpaid yet Jackson is a part-time player who can barely complete a pass and the same media claims Jackson is ‘underpaid’ at $32 million?

  33. How do you turn down what he has been offered and now turn down 32 million. The man would have been set for life for what was offered Lamar originally. You play a game, you are idolized in the towns you play, given how much extra money for commercials or events or whatever. Where did you hide your brain and who whispered in your ear don’t sign. How much money does one person need, that you would turn down the original contract with all that guaranteed money. I sure don’t know.

  34. I think the next step in this drama will be Jackson playing the race card. He will claim that Josh Allen runs a lot and doesn’t get the criticism that he (Jackson) gets, simply because of race.

  35. What else can be offered or presented that hasn’t been rejected by one side or the other? It’s been a two year , on-again off-again, negotiation that has spiraled downward.Ravens will move on . Lamar is only 26….Time will tell

  36. I support Lamar and whatever he wants to do is Great. I do wonder why he couldn’t turn his situation into what Kirk Cousins did. Cousins made a mint being franchise tagged multiple times.

  37. bostonblows says:
    March 27, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Don’t listen to the racist commenters who would praise a white QB for getting his.


    Seriously? Just in terms of recent events, have you not read any replies on Aaron Rodgers? This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with character which is something Lamar and Aaron share in common.

    They have none.

  38. So just to be clear, the franchise tag is calculated by averaging the top 5 salaries at the position in question. So Lamar is getting top 5 QB money, but isn’t a top five QB, and is somehow still vastly underpaid? Statements like that make it hard to take this site very seriously.

  39. No team will trade for Jackson before the draft. After the draft, there is a slim chance, but it is unlikely any team wants to meet Jackson’s current asking price and give up two first round picks. If Jackson was smart, he would play on the tag this year, and play well. There is no chance the Ravens tag him again, and Jackson would be a free agent next year. But he is going to let his ego and hurt feelings get in the way: not play at all, show up in the 10th week of the season to get credit for the year or report and fake a few nagging injuries throughout the year. None of these actions will encourage teams to give him a large contract next year, and no reputable companies will want to pay him to advertise their products.

  40. He shouldn’t play under the franchise tag. But, Lamar should have self awareness. You don’t appear capable of handling this on your own. Hire an agent!!!!

  41. Daniel Jones at 40 million makes lamar Jackson underpaid at 32 million no doubt. The former mvp is trying to maximize his value.

  42. If the Ravens were smart this is their chance to get rid of Lamar and get a real quarterback!

  43. Everyone of Lamar Jackson’s business entities and decisions are a disaster. I guess the old saying ” you don’t know what you don’t know” especially applies. I hope he gets some professional representation in his life.

  44. It’s lost money. It can’t be found or recouped. If you don’t take it they will pay it to other individuals.

    The salary cap is a pie.
    The team is going to eat the whole pie each year and you LJ could have had the biggest piece and you said NO.

    They will eat the pie without you.

    They wanted you to eat pie with them but you chose not to eat pie. What a selfish act.

    The table is set, they have a large piece sitting there for you. They will give you a bigger piece for years to come.

    You will do without because you didn’t get to cut the pie to your liking.
    You could have hired a Professional pie cutter that would make everyone happier. Still you will not take the pie.

    They will find someone who wants that pie that you turned away. other teams will look at you and say is this the kind of guy we want to share and eat pie with? No. They will say hey look at that younger guy that might help us and for the next 3 to 5 years he is going to eat less pie.

  45. I admire John Harbaugh, he’s an excellent coach. But he’s looking at the world thru rose colored glasses w/r/t these negotiations w/ Lamar. This situation is complete disaster.

  46. The Ravens playbook on this situation is pretty clear. Tag Lamar, let the market show him his worth, negotiate in the best interest of the franchise, and when it comes to the media always be positive and play nice. This is Harbaugh playing nice through the media. He isn’t stupid or looking through rose colored glasses. If he said anything other than something positive and optimistic it would make the situation worse.

  47. 3 years at 133 million- that’s what he turned down. Fans are paying that to watch a game. A game where the players and owners are wanting more and more and more.

  48. why does he need an agent when he was already offered 233 million? an agent wouldnt do better, and i doubt he would convince lamar to sign it.

  49. Eric DeCosta already has a track record of trying to accommodate players who want to be traded (ser Orlando and Marquise Brown) so honestly if a team will pony up a first rounder and few more mid round picks, I think at this point he’d jump at the deal just to get rid of this ever growing headache.

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