Mark Davis: I apologized to Derek Carr for not getting it done


After nine years, the Raiders have a new quarterback.

They released longtime signal-caller Derek Carr in February and signed Jimmy Garoppolo earlier this month to start fresh at the position.

But as Las Vegas let Carr go, the team’s owner had a message for him.

“I apologized to him for not getting it done,” Davis said, via Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Carr was the Raiders’ quarterback for nine seasons, beginning as a second-round pick in 2014. Between Oakland and Las Vegas, the team had two winning seasons in that span and made the postseason twice. Carr started just one playoff game, though, as he suffered a broken leg to prematurely end his 2016 season.

Overall, the Raiders went 63-79 in Carr’s 142 games over the last nine years.

“I’ll take the responsibility because the buck stops here,” Davis said. “It’s up to me to get it right.”

With G.M. Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels calling the shots, the Raiders will now try to build a winner with a different quarterback — whether that’s Garoppolo or a young quarterback who comes in to compete through the draft.

13 responses to “Mark Davis: I apologized to Derek Carr for not getting it done

  1. That is a nice gesture; but there was as much of an issue with the QB play as there was with the roster. Hes simply average. And you will see that in New Orleans as well.

  2. Bad defenses have been the main problem for the Raiders. I don’t think they’ve been in the top half of the league during Carr’s career.

  3. Its amazing that the Raiders actually downgraded at QB. There’s no franchise QB where they are drafting. I have no idea what they are trying to do. Glad that aint my team. What can they get for Crosby and Adams?

  4. You should apologize to everyone for hiring that poor excuse of a head coach.

  5. Atleast Mr.Davis admitted he doesnt know what hes doing publicly. I dont feel as insane anymore. Franchise is in genuine shambles in under a year. 0 meaningful FA acquisitions this year, clear tank job, i just dont know what they tanking for..

  6. Davis should apologize for the bad coaches and GM’s, that he hired.
    And let’s not gloss over the sporty haircut.

  7. Credit Mark Davis for admitting he could’ve done better. Not too many people, never mind NFL owners own up to mistakes they’ve made !!!

  8. Well maybe after selecting 6 different head coaches in 12 years Mark Davis could figure out he is not the GOAT NFL owner and sell the team to someone that knows football.

  9. Derek Carr should apologize for his miserable red zone qb play! That has nothing to do with a Defense! Every coach was not terrible. Carr simply made every coach look terrible!!

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