Mike Tomlin excited about Kenny Pickett’s future

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A year ago, the Steelers had no idea who would be the heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger. They signed Mitch Trubisky as a bridge quarterback with a plan to develop whomever they drafted.

But Kenny Pickett, the 20th overall selection, ended up starting 12 games.

After eight months of practices and 13 game appearances, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is convinced the team has its franchise signal caller.

“I’m excited about Kenny individually in terms of the growth that he’s capable of making and, and what he’s willing to do to realize that,” Tomlin said Sunday, via Brooke Pryor of ESPN. “I think I’m probably more excited about that because I’ve just been around him intimately now for 12 months. There was some anticipation things because of the close proximity that we’ve all talked about quite a bit, but the reality of having worked with him for 12 months, it’s just more evidence of what we should be excited about — his willingness to work, his professional approach, his maturity in processing. It’s exciting.”

In his final eight starts, Pickett passed for 1,442 yards with five touchdowns and one interception. The Steelers went 6-2 with Pickett engineering four fourth-quarter winning drives.

Tomlin didn’t elaborate on his decision to keep offensive coordinator Matt Canada but did allow that the continuity will help with Pickett’s development.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect that to be significant,” Tomlin said. “But we’ll have an opportunity to make it so.”

18 responses to “Mike Tomlin excited about Kenny Pickett’s future

  1. Pickett should have been the overall #1 pick in the draft, so it’s like the Steelers had the #1 pick. The Chiefs got Mahomes at #10 They traded down. The draft is supposed to help the bad teams get better, but it’s the good teams that somehow end up getting the best QB’s. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I don’t think it’s luck.

  2. Admire Tomlin loyalty and Belicheck approach to the offense with zero knowledge /experience with Canada.

    That ‘continuity’ hindered the pat’s offense and team aspirations last year

  3. Steelers can’t afford to have Pickett be Mr Average like an Andy Dalton or Ryan Tannehill. Most likely contending against Burrow & Watson & possibly Jackson for next 5-10 yrs, in AFCN. Not to mention other great AFC QBs. Otherwise Steelers will be stuck in the 9-8, no or 1 playoff quagmire of last 6 yrs of hum-drum Tomlin regime.

  4. Can’t wait to see the comments from the bigots and Steeler haters. Great to see Tomlin excited after so long as head coach. Things are looking up for the Burg!

  5. “Coach, are you excited about Kenny Pickett’s future?”

    “No, I am not…”

    That would merit a headline.

  6. He’s already transformed himself into the best QB in the AFC North. The bungles fans are crying themselves to sleep at night when they realize that Pickett outplayed burrow the last half of the season. The future looks bright in the Steel City! Go Steelers!

  7. He will have to make a huge step in year 2. I think he will. He played just like a rookie in year one and at times looked like he has the “it” factor.

  8. He was a steal at #20
    He played better and better as the season went on
    and the Steelers have another 4 years where the QB won’t put them in salary cap hell…
    …unlike the Bungles, Ratbirds and Clowns…
    [and, oh, did I mention 3 picks in the top 50?]

  9. Hopefully we can keep taking fierce pride in Tomlins never having a below .500 season. That is what is most important here.

  10. citizenstrange says:
    Hopefully we can keep taking fierce pride in Tomlins never having a below .500 season. That is what is most important here.
    In his time in the league only Belichik and Reid have done it better.
    Look it up!

  11. I’ll be excited about him in his 3rd year, when Matt Canada’s contract is over and we get a new OC in.

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