Robert Saleh confirms interest in Odell Beckham

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The Jets signed free agent receiver Allen Lazard. That was one of the players on Aaron Rodgerswish list. Free agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was another.

Jets coach Robert Saleh confirmed the team’s interest in signing Beckham.

“Yeah, there’s always going to be interest with any great player, obviously, but things have to work out,” Saleh said Monday. “Obviously, there’s a whole lot of different things.”

Beckham, a free agent for more than a year, has received interest but not at the right price. He suggested recently that the best offer he’s gotten includes a compensation package of $4 million.

The star receiver missed all of last season after tearing an anterior cruciate ligament in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13, 2022. He underwent surgery Feb. 22, 2022.

He had a workout for 12 teams, including the Jets, on March 10 to show how his twice surgically repaired knee has healed.

“You know ACL’s nowadays, those are easily fixable,” Saleh said. “He’s been a fantastic receiver in this league. Everything you hear about him, he’s a phenomenal person. Again, it’s just something that you’re always going to turn over every stone. Cross your t’s. Dot your i’s. Just make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to add a great player. There’s no guarantee anything will happen. . . . We’re always going to study every player on the market to make sure that we’re not missing out on an opportunity to add a good player.”

The Jets have shuffled their receiving corps. They released Braxton Berrios, traded Elijah Moore and signed Lazard and Mecole Hardman.

They still need to make the addition of Rodgers official, but, as Saleh said Monday, it takes “two to tango.”

25 responses to “Robert Saleh confirms interest in Odell Beckham

  1. Everything you hear about him, he’s a phenomenal person.

    Are we hearing the same things?

  2. I remember that phenomenal person causing the evacuation of whole plane because he was tanked from the night before. Lol That IS pretty phenomenal. Even Vince Vaughn would agree.

  3. since when did HC’s become a** kissers and ego strokers, I’m tired of it. ‘great player’ ‘fantastic’ come on. I want coaches to be like Belichick, no a** kissing just the facts, short and sweet.

    Just keep it simple and say something like ‘he would be a fine addition to our reciever corps’ or something like ‘he would add another weapon to our offense’. Is he going to take less money the more accolades you give him.

    I’d like 1 person in the media to be honest and simply say ‘obj is an older receiver who has lost a step after 2 acl tears and is looking for a contract above his abilities and based on the past’ short and simple

  4. I know that he has a reputation for being a diva (and its justified to an extent), but ALL of the guys he’s played with and been coached by have basically said the same two things: great teammate who’s one of the hardest workers there is. The whole “locker room cancer” narrative is complete nonsense. Its not like the guy went out and tried to sustain these injuries he’s had.

  5. The Yets couldn’t deal with a young QB saying the wrong thing at a press conference, turning the locker room into a daytime soap. And they think this guy who loves for the spotlight, will behave himself with that media?

  6. Andy Reid and Robert Saleh. Two down and thirty to go. Talk to all 32 coaches and they’ll say the same thing.

  7. with Odell and Aaaron theyd have the two biggest mouths in football…NY media would LOVE that!!!!

  8. Salah talks too much. Work your business and don’t give away all your intentions.

  9. Odell and great in the same sentence is laughable at this stage of his career if ever.

  10. Knock yourselves out Saleh. If you pickup Rodgers and Beckham you just might be able to squeeze out a last place finish and 7-10 season in the AFC East this year.

  11. Whenever things start to go right for the Jets (right now they enjoy an abundance of young talent), they go all in on free agency, become the champions of the Spring, and set the franchise back several years. They seem like they want to remain true to the old script.

  12. Just change the headline to “Robert Saleh confirms interest in whatever happens to flit across the mind of Aaron Rodgers.” You’ll save time.

  13. OBJ was good early in his career with the Giants but his production wasn’t worth the headache, so they shipped him off to Cleveland where they eventually released him. You do not see phenomenal people who are fantastic receivers released mid-season very often. As for his last stint with the Rams. He was average but for a couple of games in the playoffs.

  14. NY in the birthplace of soap operas and Rodgers/Beckham is the perfect place for this duo…

  15. 2 to Tango? Jets offering garbage scraps for Aaron Rodgers is not even attending the dance. Never fear, the Jess will mess this up before it plays out; they think they’re negotiating tough and shrewd and all of a sudden they’re going to be standing there empty-handed. Just watch.

  16. There are likely 32 teams that would be willing to sign Odell, for the right price. Unfortunately for him, likely his asking price is higher than any of them would like to spend. He’s burned too many bridges and suffered too many dings for them to risk more than mid-tier starter money, if that. He still sees himself as a premier primary receiver, instead of the secondary role player he is.

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