Alleged daughter of Jerry Jones sues him for defamation

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Previously, Alexandra Davis used the court system in order to establish that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fathered her. Now, she’s using the court system to establish that he defamed her.

Don Van Natta, Jr. of reports that Davis, 26, sued Jones and two others in federal court. She alleged they “initiated a deliberate plan” aimed at painting her “as an ‘extortionist’ and a ‘shakedown artist’ whose motivation was money and greed.” She also alleges that the defendants attempted to smear her “based knowingly on false statements and accusations.”

The other defendants include Donald T. Jack Jr., a long-time friend of Jerry Jones, and Jim Wilkinson, an outside P.R. consultant who has worked for multiple NFL teams in recent years.

“Rather than acknowledging his child, or even taking the opportunity to get to know his child, my father and his associates have publicly smeared my reputation and intentions,” Davis said in a statement provided to “I have been falsely accused of a ‘shakedown’ and ‘extortion.’ In reality, I am a daughter who simply wants to acknowledge her father without fear of retribution. I will not stand by and let my father’s actions or words define me or my future.”

Jones and his lawyer, Levi McCathern, were unavailable to provide a comment to Van Natta. Wilkinson declined comment. Jack wasn’t available.

The case, barring a settlement, will now proceed like any defamation case. Jones will have to ask how aggressively he wants to fight the case, especially if he truly her father.

12 responses to “Alleged daughter of Jerry Jones sues him for defamation

  1. Jerry Jones is a despicable deadbeat dad. She has every right to get whatever she can from him.
    Jerry Jones is a pioneer that helped shape the NFL and turned his parents millions into billions.
    Both statements are true.

  2. If he wasn’t her father he’d be screaming for a DNA test. It’s quite clear that she’s his daughter … and he’s a dirtbag.

  3. So a shakedown artist is suing because the truth was told. Isn’t that special.

  4. “To PROVE how much this wasn’t a shakedown, for money, I will be suing everyone and everything connected to my father. No further questions.”

  5. Now let’s see, the last time the Boys won a SB was 26 years ago, and how old is his illegitimate daughter, 26?

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

  6. If I had a daughter who wanted a relationship I would’ve been absolutely thrilled to make the connection. Why would anyone deny their own? Wow

  7. dadsource says:
    March 28, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    If I had a daughter who wanted a relationship I would’ve been absolutely thrilled to make the connection. Why would anyone deny their own? Wow


    So your wife wouldn’t have any questions about you fathering a child with another woman while you were married to her?
    Would she be just as “thrilled”? That’s SOME woman you have there.

  8. If the alleged father was Jerry Jones the gas station attendant, there would be no lawsuit

  9. Take the DNA test or explain why not. If you’re innocent, this whole sideshow would disappear. Are you? Would it? When proof is easily a available and you refuse to use it, people will make inferences not wholly unfounded.

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