Calvin Ridley will wear No. 0 jersey for Jaguars

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Just minutes after the NFL voted to allow players to wear No. 0 jerseys this season, Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley became the first player to announce that he will wear 0.

“Excited to be the first Jaguars player to wear zero,” Ridley wrote on Twitter.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence replied with a tweet addressing Ridley as “Agent 0,” which may become his nickname in Jacksonville. And the Jaguars tweeted an announcement that Ridley will wear 0, including a picture of Ridley in the 0 jersey.

Ridley was recently reinstated after a year-long suspension for gambling on NFL games while he was with the Falcons but not actively playing because he had taken a leave to focus on his mental health. The Falcons traded him to the Jaguars during his suspension, but the Jaguars had not yet announced what number he would wear in Jacksonville. Now we know: He’s the first NFL player in decades to officially get the No. 0 jersey assignment.

15 responses to “Calvin Ridley will wear No. 0 jersey for Jaguars

  1. This numbers nonsense needs to stop. They should go back to the way it was so they don’t have every new player fighting over numbers 19 and down.

  2. I dont remember a previous Zero, although, I do remember Jim Otto and Ken Burroughs as 00 ?

  3. It should represent how many days he should have been suspended for gambling on sports other than football.

  4. Major red flag. These Millennials and GenZ are more concerned about personalized attention than being part of a team.

    Huge, huge problem in our society right now.

  5. This feels like the makings of a bad omen for his Jaguars first season. I hope that’s not the case. I don’t want to see him in a Travis Etienne situation, where his stats for the upcoming season reflect his Jersey choice. 👀

  6. 0 is the number of games Ridley will play for the Jags….because the NFL will find out that Ridley is gambling again.

  7. Can’t stand the lack of structure for numbers it was perfectly fo e the way it was. Bunch of nonsense

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