Chiefs superfan and alleged bank robber “Chiefsaholic” skips bail

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Eventually, a movie will be made about the Chiefs superfan known as Chiefsaholic. It was already a given. It’s now even more of a certainty.

The man officially known as Xavier Badubar has gone missing after removing his ankle monitor over the weekend and failing to appear in court on Monday, via

A $1 million bond warrant has been issued for Badubar’s arrest.

He was originally arrested in December for allegedly robbing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union in Bixby, Oklahoma. He faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, along with assault while masked or disguised. He had been released on bond in February.

Badubar has now been charged with removing an electronic device.

Before being released from custody, Babudar’s bail had been reduced from $200,000 to $80,000. He was required to wear a GPS monitor and not leave Oklahoma.

Badubar wears a full wolf costume to Chiefs games. News of his arrest emerged after he failed to show up for a game in December, two days after the robbery.

It’s unclear at this point whether Badubar will go the way of D.B. Cooper. Usually, however, it’s just a matter of time before someone who skips bond gets caught.

46 responses to “Chiefs superfan and alleged bank robber “Chiefsaholic” skips bail

  1. Nothing like robbing a bank with the same wolf mask he wore to EVERY Chiefs game and sitting in the front row of the end zone and being on national TV every Chiefs game. Funniest part it was a fellow chief fan that recognized him.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Typical Ronald McDonald fan. Is anyone really surprised. This organization is known for housing felons.

  3. wait, so the guy “allegedly” committed armed robbery and assault and he was out on bond?

  4. Maybe he robs because the price of NFL tickets, & the associated costs of parking & food has been inflated so much?

  5. If he evades police until the the start of the season then shows up week one to get arrested, that’s when you know it’s a movie.

  6. reduced bail for a armed bank robber?!?! i mean we constantly wonder why violent criminals are back on our streets within days of committing violent acts, why was the amount reduced? why are we letting violent people out to wait for court? it makes zero sense. how terrible are our laws to even allow this kind of stuff? its all over the country! you’ll take a drunk drivers license and you’ll take money or homes or cars in connection to drug crimes or whatever property foreiture allows but you won’t keep a violent animal locked up? make it make sense!

  7. You know it’s bad when your most well know super fan is a criminal. What do the hayseed Chiefs fans think about it in the “kingdom”?

  8. he was just being patriotic. they’re just trying to make conservatives look bad. if this was being done by a democrat, you would hear nothing about this. /s

  9. Can we finally stop fawning over these crazy fans? A wolf costume? I don’t get it.

  10. Their fans rob banks and their team robs NFL fans by winning fake titles the refs handed them.

  11. You only get an ankle bracelet for robbing a fricken bank???? No wonder society is falling apart.

  12. It would be epic TV if dude was the Chiefs guest draft pick announcer on the stage.

  13. But did he wear the wolf costume during the robbery? We need more details Florio.

  14. The Legend continues….expect a song to emerge soon! Chiefs Kingdom already had the guy a few years back who was moved to KC by his Witness Protection handlers for having info on suspects in the first World Trade Center bombing and who subsequently became a Chiefs Super Fan of sorts to the point where he made the news a few times, much to the chagrin of the FBI.

  15. Word is he’s headed to the Northeast to be the Patriots new Superfan watch out for a guy dressed like a turd.

  16. Supposedly he was robbing small banks prior to games he would travel to. He got caught on his way to the Dallas game. Everyone was wondering where he was during and after the game because he had such a following. Most were thinking an accident of some sort, none were thinking he was a bank robber. Instead of President costumes like in Point Break, we all envisioned a Teen Wolf outfit, or maybe in the movie, it’s not an outfit…

  17. Did he “allegedly” wear the full wolf’s costume to the robbery? That would be funny.

  18. “It’s unclear at this point whether Badubar will go the way of D.B. Cooper. Usually, however, it’s just a matter of time before someone who skips bond gets caught.”

    We’ll just expect he won’t threaten or harm someone before he gets caught. No risk, there…

  19. Wonder what he will be wearing to the games next year? Probably the same outfit. Ha.

  20. See what happens when you charge the average sports fan so far above reasonable prices? Where else was he going to raise those kinds of funds?

  21. He’s currently on the lam. No doubt he’s being harbored by Chiefs fans. He’s being shuffled between fan’s houses every night to keep him from the cops. Ys gotta had it to Kansas City fans. They really look out for their own.

  22. He’s obviously elusive. I wonder if he can track a ball, catch and tuck and not fumble when hit..?

    What’s his 40 time?

  23. Better than a DUI and causing a young girl lifetime injuries. Maybe he can join the coaching staff after doing his time.

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