Dan Campbell on Jared Goff: He’s proven that he’s made for us

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When the Lions acquired Jared Goff in the trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams ahead of the 2021 season, there was a lot of talk about him being a short-term fix while the team looked for a long-term option at quarterback.

The Lions have not made a move for another quarterback since acquiring Goff, however, and head coach Dan Campbell didn’t sound like he was in any hurry to do so when he spoke to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media on Monday. Campbell said that the last two years have shown him that Goff is the right guy for the job.

“Listen, feel really good about it. Goff? Love Goff. Goff’s our guy, man,” Campbell said. “I think he’s proven over the last two years that, man, he’s made for us. He’s had to endure a lot, just like all of us have. I thought he played his best football last year, and I think he’s gonna come out and play some of the best this year. Feel good about it. So I love our quarterback position right now.”

Campbell added that “when you’ve got a quarterback, you hold onto those guys,” but the Lions have two first-round picks this year and using one on a player to develop behind Goff — his contract runs through 2024 — could be an option as the team plans for the future. For now, though, there seems to be little thought of shaking things up at quarterback.

5 responses to “Dan Campbell on Jared Goff: He’s proven that he’s made for us

  1. Lions are actually being smart about this and letting Goff play out his contract that he’s outperforming.

  2. Say what you want , and I was in the camp that Goff was just there so we could eat his contract for a draft pick in return.

    But, he’s proved me wrong and at a minimum has earned the job for the 23 season.

  3. Goff has certainly improved in Detroit. The Lions got the better end of the Stafford deal by far

  4. What a trade for the Lions. A bunch of high end draft capital AND the QB they receive is exceeding expectations. Lions could be a scary team over the next few years if they continue to spend that draft capital wisely.

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