Is anyone going to make a move for Lamar Jackson?

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Lamar Jackson and the Ravens remain at contractual impasse. The door has been wide open for another team to make a move to try to acquire him from the Ravens.

No one seems to be interested in doing it.

What was apparent before the annual league meetings has become more and more clear. Team after team has made it clear, publicly or privately, that there’s no interest in trying to sign or trade for the 2019 league MVP.

Before Monday, the process was complicated, and risky. The process under the non-exclusive franchise tag starts with signing Jackson to an offer sheet, and then waiting to see whether the Ravens match. If they do, good luck un-ringing that bell.

For teams like the Vikings (who inexplicably continue to appear on the short list of betting favorites to land Jackson), the offer-sheet route would as a practical matter require the Vikings to trade Kirk Cousins, sign Jackson to an offer sheet, and wait to see whether the Ravens match it. If the Ravens match, Nick Mullens would become QB1 for the Vikings.

If the Ravens are willing to trade Jackson, it makes more sense for the Vikings to ponder the possibility. Still, the Vikings would have to trade Cousins (to the Ravens or someone else), absorb a $38 million dead-cap charge, and then give up whatever is required to acquire Jackson, both as to trade compensation and Jackson’s contract.

There’s still no reason to think the Vikings are interested in trying to pull off a Cousins-Jackson presto-chango. The only team that seems to be credibly linked to Jackson is the Colts, but they’re clearly not willing to give him the kind of contract he wants, and also to sacrifice the draft capital necessary to get the Ravens to give him up.

It’s not known what the Ravens would even want. The Browns, in addition to giving Deshaun Watson a fully-guaranteed, $230 million, five-year deal, coughed up three first-round picks and more to get him. With the Ravens having the ability to match an offer sheet that would produce, if not matched, a pair of first-round picks, they possibly would want more than two ones to get it done.

For now, it seems as if it will all come back to whether Jackson and the Ravens can work out a long-term deal and, if not, whether the Ravens will sufficiently sweeten the $32.4 million franchise tender to get him to be willing to play.

If they can’t or won’t, it’s entirely possible Jackson won’t play in 2023.

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  1. As long as Lamar and his camp (Him and Ma) demand a fully guaranteed contract NO. No team is going to bite and choke on that trade.

  2. I’m sure a team will sign Lamar at some point, it’s just not going to be fully guaranteed and no one’s going to pay two 1st round picks.

    IF someone got desperate enough to want to pay two 1st round picks, they’re going to wait until after the draft so that they can draft a player this year and push the picks to 24 and 25.

  3. It’s a shame this guy couldn’t spare the 3% and hire an agent, because the city of Baltimore absolutely loved this kid and the Ravens were willing to build a franchise around him. What a sad spectacle this has become.

  4. “If they can’t or won’t, it’s entirely possible Jackson won’t play in 2023.”

    Then he can probably forget ever playing again. That’s going to further tank his stock.

  5. He has two options, sign the tender. Work on extension. Or, sign extension and advise he will see them Week#10, unless traded to a team that will give him a contract and that Baltimore gets fair value in picks or players.

  6. He should just sign the tag and play under it this year and again next year. By then, with cap increases he can become a UFA and make eay more than if he signs the deal the Ravens offered.

    But he won’t because he’s proven to be too stubborn to hire an agent. Sitting out gets him nowhere. He’ll just have to try and make ends meet on $35 million a year.

  7. “Is anyone going to make a move for Lamar Jackson?” No, because the Ravens will absolutely match it, then hold an auction similar to the way Houston auctioned Deshaun Watson. That would be the best case scenario for the Ravens. The best case for the rest of the league is to make the Ravens resolve this contract dispute on their own accord.

  8. No one is going to change their entire offensive system, personnel included, PLUS give up big-time draft capital, PLUS pay him a few hundred million guaranteed. He’ll play for Baltimore or he won’t play at all in 2023.

  9. Lamar is an above average athlete with an excessive amount of over confidence. God gave him gifts and he’s stuck in self grandiose land.

  10. Who cares, we’re done with the drama. Having Flacco back would be an upgrade at this point.

  11. I’d start Huntley the next couple years and use the 80 million plus (most likely lots more) guaranteed to enhance the entire roster vs giving it to Lamar Jackson. A franchise that has won SB’s with Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco knows this. They also remember grotesquely overpaying Flacco after that SB. So why is it so shocking that they are standing firm? Smart if you ask me.

  12. Stupid is as stupid does. Many Pro athletes have no true concept of how much money they are being paid for playing sports. You can work all your life, maybe own a small business, or be very successful in a given field…. and yet never come close to the money offered for a 1 year Tag.

  13. C’mon, Jerry, you KNOW, you want him! He WILL give you your Super Bowl! It’s a match made in football heaven

  14. Kirk Cousins is actually a very good move for the Ravens. He can stabilize the team and get them back to a traditional offense for the next two years before Stetson Bennett (who I assume they’re taking in the 4th or 5th round) is ready.

    Even if you think Lamar Jackson can win you games and even if he stays healthy, you cannot field a Super Bowl-winning team with him commanding a huge part of the salary cap.

  15. Imagine giving up those high draft picks, paying Lamar Jackson $240 Million guaranteed, and two years from now he holds out again for more money and demands to be traded. Nobody wants to deal with that

  16. Why would anyone be interested in this QB? He over-values himself, doesn’t play hurt and quit on his team. Plus wants a fully guaranteed contract. As he gets older, he will develop more injuries running the ball which is his most valuable asset at this time. He just isn’t worth it.

  17. Not for 2 1st rd picks and 40-50 mil per. Why is this so difficult? The Ravens are stuck with him.

  18. under the outlined trade scenario, if Lamar’s salary accrues against the cap in the same year as Cousins $38 million hit, the Vikes would be lucky to field a complete team with the leftover cap dollars.

  19. If anyone’s going to, aren’t they more likely to do it after the draft and make the first of the first round picks lost next year’s?

  20. Ravens fans are sick of the whole thing, and have turned on Lamar, who has played this very badly. At this point, the Ravens could trade him for a ham sandwich and we’d happily root for the ham. Bye Lamar!

  21. Somehow, some way, the League will survive without Lamar Jackson. And so will the Ravens.

  22. If there were ever gonna be proof of collusion, 49ers coach Shanahan just gave it to us.. when asked at the league meeting, Shanahan stated they 49ers would not be pursuing Lamar. When pressed why, his answer was “ohhh…I’m sure they’ll work it out there”.
    When an elite qb is available,(they never are), WHO SAYS “ohh they’ll work it out”, when the player has made it clear he wants out.
    It’s a pretty clear indication

  23. It remains a mess. I’m sure that unless by luck Lamar Jackson will continue to make wrong-headed and counter-productive decisions where his future is concerned.

  24. So, a guy who appears to have been incredibly difficult to negotiate with, who won’t hire an agent, who has shown to be inaccurate at times and didn’t get it done when the pressure was on in the playoffs, who plays a style that is likely going to lead him to have a shorter career than many quarterbacks, who wants and demands a fully guaranteed contract, and who will also require significant draft capital to obtain.

    It’s a real shocker teams aren’t lining up for him

  25. At the end of his career it will be clear looking back on these last few years that Lamar missed out at least 9 figures of cumulative salary due to his obstinacy.

  26. Lamar is negotiating with himself and he is losing. He has made it an all or nothing. He is getting nothing.

  27. Jackson is a really good player. But the fact that his style of play is an injury risk, is just not worth 2 1st rounders.

  28. As a die hard Vikings fan who despises all things Wisconsin… I hope they land Jackson. That’s how I feel about him.

  29. Unless you prefer crippling your franchise for the next 5 years, then the answer is no.

  30. The ravens have already. Why would any competent GM trade 2 first for rb that plays Qb?

  31. No one wants him and his demands on this contract. No glorified RB has won a SB, how he won the 2019 mvp award is beyond me. That should have gone to Mahomes or Rodgers. These talking heads keep talking highly of him, exactly what has he accomplished? 1 playoff win? 22 missed games over the past 2 seasons? Now if he sits out this season that’s another 17 games plus any post season. He is working against himself and is to stupid to figure it out.

  32. Lamar Jackson never saw this coming. Looks like he may sit out the season – then what? This is a cautionary tale of what can happen when a player doesn’t have an agent. Jackson has been played by the Ravens. They’ve used up the first 5 years of his NFL career for minimal dollars for a QB1. And it’s entirely his fault.

  33. It’s hard to believe there’s not several teams willing to reconfigure their entire offense for a run-first QB with mediocre passing abilities.

  34. How is it that none of the general public (ex: commenters here) is surprised that no team wants to pay him a fully gte’d contract but so many ‘experts’ seem perplexed? Serious question.

  35. Cousins hit is only 14 million in 2023 if traded after June 1. Deadline for Lamar deal is mid July. Just sayin.

  36. As a Steelers’ fan I approve of all of the headaches this is causing the Ravens….

  37. If Jackson sits out he will lose out on tens of millions he won’t even be able to recoup. But the way things have gone so far I can this happening.

  38. Sitting out 2023 and losing another $34MM would be a very Lamar like move. Florid is right. He needs an agent.

  39. The Vikings have no interest in Jackson, this is just more disinformation to sell clicks. Next year when the salary cap is more manangable the Vikings will sign Cousins to a new deal. Jefferson will also be taken care of first, probably this year. Look at the Vikings player friendlly history. Players leave the team, but they don’t leave made very often.

  40. All you need do to see what happens in the NFL with guaranteed money look at where the Packers are if/when Aaron Rodgers is traded. The Packers are on the books for tens of millions of dollars in any scenario. It has hamstrung them in free agency this year. Yes, they did it to themselves but that’s another story.
    If D. Watson bombs in Cleveland they still owe the money with no way to get out of it.

    There is only one option regarding Jackson: sane people don’t pay it and move on.

  41. Mahomes is the only player I would give up two #1’s for and
    Sign to a record breaking guaranteed contract.

  42. Rock and the XFL, it looks like Lamar is pissed that no one believes he is worth what he thinks he is, so now he is on a scorched earth campaign to basically end his NFL career.

  43. Jackson is a second tier QB at best, only worth a 2nd round pick and 25 Million a year Not guaranteed.

  44. Everyone is completely underestimating the fact that the Ravens made their whole offense revolve around his skill set. That is why he was MVP and why he is so undesirable for 2 firsts now

  45. I mean…at this point you almost feel sorry for the guy. It’s a train wreck and you can’t stop watching. At this point they Ravens can really screw with him and make him play for $32M or let him sit.

  46. if the XFL offered him $300M, fully guaranteed over 6 years, do you guys think he would take it?

  47. This is a hard capped league…it is a true zero-sum league. If you’re going to pay a QB “elite” money, then that QB better be “elite”, in the Mahomes, Allen and Burrough range. Otherwise, because of the hard cap, by definition your team can’t afford to get the better positional players to make up for your non-elite QB making elite money. (see Dallas, Jerrah paid too much for Dak…who’s a good QB but nowhere close to elite, if Dak was making $20M less, that buys a lot of other upgrades to equal out for Dak’s deficiencies relative to a Mahomes). Conversely when you have an elite QB, like Brady, who takes less, it allows the Patriots to go get Revis, Gilmore or upgrade at 4-5 other positional groups. It’s not who you sign, it’s who you sign and at what cap cost. Most don’t understand this.

  48. Treat him like my paperboy – you deliver the paper every week, you get paid..and a tip if you bag it when it rains. If running increases his chance of getting hurt, stop running and study defenses. If you’re on the field, you’re on the books Lamar.

  49. Lamar hit his ceiling in his 2nd season and bounced off of it HARD and has regressed for the 3yrs since, he ain’t worth $40mil year or anywhere close to it, IMHO I wouldn’t offer him over $25mil year for the level he’s been playing at the last 3yrs! And I don’t want to hear about an MVP trophy from 2019, the shine wore off of that trophy a long time ago. Remember the old NFL saying “what have you done for me lately”? Well in Lamar’s case it isn’t much at all.

  50. The Vikings are not interested in replacing Kirk Cousins with a more expensive quarterback. With the contracts they have to give Justin Jefferson and Christian Darrisaw coming up, they need a rookie-deal QB if they want to field a contending team. They hired Kevin O’Connell in part to identify and develop a quarterback. It makes no sense to trade for a guy who is already established and making insane guaranteed money.

  51. Mar’s options are

    OPTION 1 Keep his contract demands

    Which means playing the year out on the tag hoping a team will “meet his value” next off season. He obviously will need to have an MVP type year for that to occur.

    Or sit until a team “meet’s his value”. Not sure how sitting out will accomplish that but that’s up to him and his mother to figure out.

    OPTION 2 Lower Contract Demands.

    He can take Baltimore’s Best offer


    Lower his value to where a another team will want trade for him to “meet the adjusted value”

  52. I wouldn’t have said this previously but I am starting to wonder, ARE the Ravens a “good organization?” Everyone has always said heck yeah, but now I’m not sure. This situation was two years coming and the front office gambled…and lost, at least to date. They have a team-building philosophy that has worked but depended on a cheap QB, and now it’s not working and preventing free agent signings, etc. A good organization would or should have settled this detail a long time ago. LJ is just not blinking and BAL has no idea what to do.

  53. At some point if Jackson says he’s not playing on the franchise tag, the Ravens have to take the best offer they can get. They’ve got a new OC and scheme and if Jackson isn’t there to learn it they’re in trouble. Jackson also needs to be realistic about his contract demands. He’s got an injury history and that has a negative effect what teams are willing to pay him.

    At this point no team is willing to express any real interest in trading for Jackson. More and more teams that are in the market for a QB are saying they’re not pursuing Jackson outright. If no deal is done by the draft, things get pretty tough for the Ravens.

  54. That home playoff loss a couple of seasons ago was catastrophic and frankly was a true colors moment the rest of the League obviously remembers.

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