Lions rule out pursuit of Lamar Jackson but leave door open to drafting a quarterback

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Lamar Jackson can sign with any team at any time. He is not employed by the Ravens at the moment, with the non-exclusive franchise tag unsigned.

The quarterback has requested a trade, he wrote on social media Tuesday not coincidentally as John Harbaugh was speaking to reporters at the league meetings.

So, more than half the coaches in the league have received or will receive a question about whether their team is considering Jackson.

Lions coach Dan Campbell got the question Tuesday.

“Look, Lamar is a heck of a talent,” Campbell said, chucking in the middle of his answer. “Trying to defend that guy has been something else. We played them two years ago. But, man, we’ve got a quarterback. So, I’m like, ‘We’ve got a quarterback, and thank God we got one.’

“So, we’re good. But, man, he’s a heck of a talent.”

The Lions obtained Jared Goff in a trade with the Rams two years ago, picking up three picks in the deal, too. He was viewed as a bridge quarterback when he arrived but became one of the league’s best last season with Ben Johnson calling the plays.

Goff passed for 4,438 yards with 29 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 2022.

He has two years left on his contract, and the Lions have draft picks 6 (from the Rams in the Goff deal) and 18. They could look to the future and invest in a quarterback prospect if one is there they like.

The Lions expect to contend this season, so they don’t expect to pick this high again for a long time.

“I would say this, man,” Campbell said. “This year, as with most, you’re always looking to upgrade. And free agency has given us the ability in areas to, man, we can do whatever we need to do in the draft. We feel pretty good about that. We don’t feel forced to do anything.

“So with that, I would say, man, it doesn’t matter what the position is. If we can upgrade our team top to bottom, we will do that.”

24 responses to “Lions rule out pursuit of Lamar Jackson but leave door open to drafting a quarterback

  1. Great decision. Use the 4 picks in the top 55 to fill the remaining holes as DL, LB, WR, and QB2. The Lions are division-favorites for the first time since I’ve been a fan…please don’t screw this up lol

  2. Think it goes without saying that if the Lions were to ever make a deep run, fans of all teams not playing them would be rooting for them.

  3. Goff gives the Lions a little buffer. No pressure to find the next guy, but you draft a guy you really like if he falls. Anthony Richardson feels like a good fit. Give him time to develop behind Goff.

  4. He saw Lamar barely make 50% of his passes that day whole watching Tucker make a 66 yard FG that shouldn’t have counted.

    He knows what Lamar is. A heck of a talent, with some incredible moments. Good and bad. A a cost that’s way too high for a guy who isn’t exactly showing up to the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  5. Lamar Jackson is radioactive at this point – he’s backed himself into a corner and only has himself to blame.

  6. If the Lions were to spend the capital for a franchise QB then trading for the first pick next year to draft Caleb Williams, in front of the hometown crowd no less, makes way more sense.

  7. Media begging to create a Lamar story asking every coach/Gm about him.

    If and when any team is actually interested in him they aren’t going to let him and the Ravens know through the media.

  8. “The Lions expect to contend this season, so they don’t expect to pick this high again for a long time.”

    Had to blink a few times after reading that. But the Cubs won a World Series, so why not?

  9. LJ’s list of teams continues to dwindle. Now the Ravens can low ball an offer to you and you have to take it. Should have hired an agent two years ago and you’d be up for another contract next year.

  10. Thank goddess. The old Lions would have bungled this up, mortgaged the future for this guy. Lamar’s agent should be fired.

  11. Different New Lions says:
    March 28, 2023 at 1:11 pm
    Great decision. Use the 4 picks in the top 55 to fill the remaining holes as DL, LB, WR, and QB2. The Lions are division-favorites


    Lions are division favorites. 🤣

  12. Lame is going to find his GUARANTEED INCOME CONTRACT will be for ZERO DOLLARS. Explain that to his agent.

  13. Chris Rock once said there is Oprah rich and Bill Gates Rich. The Fords put their Ford Stock up to get the Ford Field Built. They are not Denver Bronco Walton Family rich and I dont think they want to start dealing with the upfront of $250 million dollar guarantee contracts. They can call it collusion, but I dont think the Fords want what the Browns did to come the norm.

  14. that crew on ESPN will have a stroke soon if someone does not give the Ravens an offer or trade for him in the NOT TOO distant future,lol.

  15. Oh LAMAR , like that TOMATO JUICE company…banging your head with hands and saying “ I should have gotten an agent!!!”

  16. As a Lions fan, I’d rather have Goff and a QB who can throw and run an offense as opposed to Lamar.

    Lions will probably get a QB in Day 3 but the focus is strengthening the defense as a whole more than anything else

  17. At this rate, and him digging in like he has, won’t be surprised if LJ sits 23/24 season. Huge mistake but I can see it.

  18. Lions should trade down and pickup two additional 2024 1st round picks for the likely top 2 QBs next year. Goff has 2 years left, so a 2024 rookie could sit one year. Target the weakest teams: AZ, IND, … or Den through Sea with the hopes you luck into the 1.01 or 1.02, but expect you will have to pay three 1st rounders at least. Build your team (like SF) and have cap for FAs and keep flexibility on rookie QB contract. If QB is really good, then you will need to extend after year 3 or 4, or not if you want a Lamar situation.

  19. Just not willing to give up the draft capital and pay him the guaranteed money he’s asking for. Teams have seen what that does to their salary cap and there ability to sign free agents in the future.

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