Mike McDaniel: Dolphins “absolutely” are not pursuing Lamar Jackson

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At times over the past two years, speculation has gurgled regarding the possibility that quarterback Lamar Jackson would like to leave the Ravens and join his hometown Dolphins. Now that we know Jackson has asked the Ravens to trade him, half of that equation is in place.

The other half will not be.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel made it clear that Miami won’t make a play for Jackson.

Asked whether the recent exercise of Tua Tagovailoa‘s fifth-year option takes the team out of the mix for Lamar or other starting quarterbacks, McDaniel said, “Absolutely.”

That’s why you pick up a fifth-year option,” McDaniel said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “That’s why you, that’s how you do it. That’s why you pick the option up as soon as you know you’re going to. So to, to kind of as opposed to speaking, having an action speak, to really squash any of that an unnecessary direction or chatter.”

That sounds familiar.

The Dolphins were prevented from negotiating with Jackson before the 2023 draft, because they don’t have a first-round pick in the upcoming selection process. After the draft, the Dolphins would (in theory) be able to speak to Jackson, as long as they still have first-round picks in 2024 and 2025.

If the Ravens are willing to trade Jackson, the Dolphins could have gotten involved. And it could have been as simple as, say, sending Tua to Baltimore plus other players and/or picks. McDaniel made it clear that’s just not happening.

23 responses to “Mike McDaniel: Dolphins “absolutely” are not pursuing Lamar Jackson

  1. Why would anyone trade Tua + picks for Jackson? That’s robbery. Neither player can play a full season.

  2. That’s stupid. Jackson is a better passer (98 vs 94 pocket passer rating), better runner and even more durable than Tua. Plus in an offense that is designed to place linebackers in a bind already Jackson mere presence does that as well. Plus those receivers prevent stacked boxes necessary to stop a Lamar Jackson running game. Another underachieving year for the Dolphins is on the way.

  3. If the Ravens are willing to trade Jackson, the Dolphins could have gotten involved. And it could have been as simple as, say, sending Tua to Baltimore plus other players and/or picks. McDaniel made it clear that’s just not happening.


    Two players with lengthy injury histories. Neither the Ravens nor Miami had their starting QBs the last month of the season. If he can avoid getting concussed, Tua has a skill set that could win a super bowl unlike Jackson so i’m not sure why Miami would think Jackson is an upgrade?

    If Jackson ever does get traded I hope he gives Florio the agent’s 3%.

  4. Idk you guys love to link Lamar to Miami. It maybe close to his hometown. But if you everything listed to him he never liked thr dolphins. He always said his dream was to be a cowboy.

  5. Man, Lamar played this thing so poorly. No one wants him and he’s going to get stuck playing for peanuts. Should have gotten himself an agent to handle these situations.
    The media keeps calling him “the most principled player ever.”
    Let this be a lesson to these guys—the clubs are smarter than you. They negotiate better. They rarely lose these battles.
    Players should play. Leave it there.

  6. Wouldn’t that be something? Here’s our three time concussed (or was it a back injury) quarterback, and some draft picks, for your done nothing, but I wanna get paid like I’m top 3 in the league quarterback. Oh and let’s not forget he comes with the baggage of having skipped out during the playoffs, because he wanted to get paid. Yea that sounds like a great swap – Said no one ever

  7. Wait – you mean a team w/ a solid QB isn’t willing to mortgage their future #1 draft pix and pay a nine-figure guaranteed $um to a primarily run-first QB w/ a weak arm? How dare they!

  8. As a Dolphins fan, my only concern is Tua getting hurt again & we are forced to play (once again) without a starting QB. Maybe they exercised the 5th year option in good faith, but keep him upright. We’ve had so many good teams in the last 2.5 decades, but failed to reach full potential due to mediocre QB play.

  9. What is it going to take for people and journalists to stop pushing a narrative that involves Tua not being the QB for the Miami Dolphins??? Grier and McDaniel on SEVERAL occasions have been abundantly clear that Tua is their guy and they are not interested in Brady, Jackson, Rogers or anyone else.

  10. Lamar’s best bet is to tell the world what he wants. He calls the Ravens cheap for offering $45M/yr in guaranteed money for 3 years. What does Lamar think his value is?

  11. McDaniels like 31 other Head Coaches in the NFL that don’t want to mortgage the teams future on a 1 dimensional QB that’s been injured the previous 2 seasons & quit on his team late last year with franchise crippling guaranteed contracts. At least Aaron Rodgers has stayed relatively healthy for his guaranteed contract…Lamar doesn’t deserve that kind of guarantee. Now of course Tua has concussion issues but even still won’t cost Miami near what Lamar would demand.

  12. Why would Miami want Jackson? He gets beat by Tua every time he’s on the field against us. While he has a better offensive line and running game,including his ability to run. If he can’t get past Miami and Tua then he has serious problems with his Quaterback play. Either he is struggling to learn his offense and get through his progressions or he can’t read a defense still and get to the right player with the ball. In either case he’s not ever going to run a McDaniel offense with all of its moving parts.

  13. Pocket passer v running QB. Even the team who drafted and built a team around Jackson doesn’t want him and his demands. Teams built for pocket passers can’t automatically pivot to running QB and expect success. So, no.

  14. The Dolphins owe Tua at least another year to see if he can stay relatively healthy. Money needs to be used elsewhere. Wilkins is going to get a big contract and there are still holes to be filled along the offensive line. Haters love to hate. You all had a huge serving of humble pie when Tua proved he can play. Now all you have left if his durability. Keep it coming. He’s going to shut you all up for good next season!

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