Packers, Jets make progress toward an Aaron Rodgers deal

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The most tangible evidence yet of a thawing of the ice between the Packers and Jets came on Monday, when Green Bay G.M. Brian Gutekunst admitted his team won’t necessarily get a first-round pick for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That statement fairly can be interpreted as an indication that the Packers finally have abandoned their insistence on a package highlighted by a surrender of the 13th overall selection in the upcoming draft.

But it also hints at the possibility of a first-round pick in 2024, based on future events.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports has the latest from Arizona, where all teams are gathered and the two teams at the current center of the NFL’s universe might finally resolve their differences on a deal that is becoming increasingly inevitable.

The Jets have been willing, we’ve been told, to part ways with a pair of second-round picks. As Robinson characterizes the current talks, Green Bay would get a second-round pick in 2023 and a second-round pick in 2024, which could move to a first-round pick based on how the Jets do with Rodgers on the team in 2023.

Also at issue is the possibility that Rodgers, who claims he was 90-percent leaning toward retirement when he started his recent darkness retreat, will spend only one year in New York before calling it a career. The Jets would like protection against that possibility, in the form of a pick that would flow back to New York in 2025.

While it may not be easy to push an agreement over the finish line, it sounds as if the discussions have finally moved past square one, where the Packers had dug in their heels on expecting New York’s round-one pick in 2023.

Why wouldn’t the Packers allow for the 2024 selection to hinge on team and/or player performance in 2023? The two franchises used a device like that when Brett Favre made the trek from Frozen Tundra to Oversized Apple in 2008. And why not protect the Jets against the possibility that Rodgers will decide to call it quits after only one season?

The Packers are clearly done with Rodgers. Anything they get for a guy who will never play for them again is a bonus. If they end up with a second-round pick this year, as much as a first-round pick next year, and ultimately have to give back a mid-round pick in 2025, that’s a damn good parting gift for the franchise that has already mentally parted ways with another franchise quarterback — just in time to find out whether they’ll end up going three for three in the clumsy baton exchange from Favre to Rodgers to Jordan Love.

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  1. Green Bay fans happy to show Rodgers the door should not be surprised when a third consecutive HOF quarterback doesn’t materialize.

  2. Regardless of happens with this trade, it will cement the fact that GB will be either in 3rd or 4th in the NFC North for the years to come. Even though I am from Minnesota and follow the Vikings, I am looking forward to seeing how well the Lions do. Football is just a game, but I wish the Lions well, as they are getting better.

  3. Look at how silly GB mgt looks…big talk from Murph at the girls high school tourney like Rodgers is a distant memory. Big Murph wasn’t going to take any crap from a punk QB or the Jets, only to get criticized by everyone in football as handling it like an impetuous jerk. So Gutey gets the handoff to come back and blame Rodgers. How’s their draft looked the last few years? Why are they gutting the roster exactly if Love is looking so great? Rodgers may be too far down the goofy path to win a SB anymore anyway, and i expect that the Jets will regret this, but GB mgt has shown how inept they are and why Rodgers never got a legit roster to compete with. Can’t wait for the Murphy era to pass

  4. They waited too long. If they would have traded him 2 years ago they would have got two first rounders and two second rounders easily. But they wanted to hold on and appease him so this is what you get. There’s a reason teams prefer to let go of a player one season too early than one season too late

  5. It’s certainly true that the divorce between the Packers and Rodgers has been unnecessarily messy, but if Jordan Love pans out, the Packers front office look like geniuses. This team has had a franchise quarterback since Favre arrived in 1992. More than thirty years. If Love proves to be a great QB, and that is a big if, the Packers could have 45 years of excellence at that position. Most teams go through a first-round bust or two and a bunch of stop-gaps before finding a franchise QB for a decade or so. Drafting a replacement when the starter is in his prime takes guts since this player may ride the bench for several seasons, but for thirty years the Packers haven’t had to rely on any Andy Daltons, Ryan Fitzpatricks or Jeff Blakes and maybe that will continue for a long time to come.

  6. i forgot, what does Roger’s bring? why all this effort into a rental that will not take you past first round at best.

  7. As predicted, the Packers were never going to get the 13th pick. Maybe they get a 2 and another conditional pick.

    Rodgers’ $59 million guarantee this year and the additional $47 million guarantee that kicks in 5 days after this season’s Super Bowl mean Green Bay has to get rid of Rodgers before he blows up their salary cap. They can wait, sure, but they run the risk that the longer they wait, the greater the odds the Jets move on to somebody else – like Lamar Jackson. Green Bay needs to get the deal done. They’re just worried about saving face with the Pacer fan base at this point.

  8. I don’t often agree with Florio, but this time, as a Packers fan, I do. This seems like a fair deal.

  9. An incentive-heavy deal is the key here, whereby the better Rodgers does as a Jet in ’23, the more GB gets from NYJ in compensation. This is because if NYJ are good, their picks will be worth less.

  10. With the money he’s currently owed for the production he’s expected to provide I wouldn’t give more than a couple of 2’s. Even that’s a stretch. He’s a headache, not a leader at all, and a cancer in the locker room.

  11. The two second round picks sound good to me with the possibility one could be upgraded to a first in 2024.

  12. So, it’s a 1 year rental. Once it goes South, Rodgers will be set to check out soon. LOL!

  13. These articles are so dramatic.

    Two NFL teams led by two smart guys are trying to work out a trade for a future HOF quarterback and future draft picks that could turn into premier players. Salary caps, contracts, roster fits, timelines, etc. are all needing to be considered. It shouldn’t be surprising that it took a little time to iron itself out.

  14. I think people are beginning to realize how badly the Packers have played every aspect of this…

  15. Rodgers has shown everyone that he’s a California whacko. And the way he played last year for GB showed that he was 75% retired then.

  16. If the Packers give up Rodgers for anything less than a First Rounder, a couple second rounders, a few other draft picks and a couple quality players than I will demand the immediate resignation of Packer management. I’d rather have Rodgers sit the whole year then give him up to the Jets for something far less then he is worth. The Jets would immediately be getting the best QB in the league.

  17. Make the trade a post June 1 trade,.. make any draft pick compensation for the 2024 draft,… then GB can spread the dead cap hit into the 2024 salary cap.

  18. Nice try Packers. It is time to pivot away. Take whatever second round picks that are reasonable, while making room for the Jets to recoup any would be losses if Rodgers decides to call it quits after one season.

  19. Rodgers was never going into the Hall with Brady. He would have played as long as it takes not to go into the HOF at the same time.

  20. I was thinking about doing a darkness retreat when ConEd cut the power due to nonpayment.

  21. Packer management is clearly just stringing out Rodgers, this is worse than a 4th grader tiff at this point.

  22. I’m sure a major sticking point in the negotiation is Rodgers being non-committal (surprise!) about how many years he will play.

  23. The Packers should jump at that trade offer. Zero other teams want Rodgers, at any price.

  24. The Packers tried to contact Rodgers and he ignores them. Only then do “they” move on.
    Rodgers he wants to be a jet and the packers run to the Jets to setup a trade.
    Same old groveling green bay packers.

  25. I just don’t see Love being the guy for 10+ years. Packers got lucky with Favre and Rodgers…I just don’t see the doing it again right away.

  26. The Bears, Vikings and my turd Lions are going to be throwing a Rodgers going away party.

    No Packer’s fans allowed!

  27. This, amongst most “news” tied to Rodgers, is simply exhausting. Will he, won’t he, could it be, what would happen if….just report on when a deal is signed. Period.

  28. Rodgers is a stand up American! We need more guys to be like Aaron Rodgers!

  29. If the Jets did land Rodgers and he chose NOT to play in 2024, that’s a $24 mil dead cap hit. Ouch!.
    Must be nice to consider retiring and NOT taking $59 mil guaranteed in 2023 and $49 mil guaranteed in 2024.
    Granted, he’s earned $300 mil in football and whatever State Farm’s been paying him, like $3 mil a year since forever.

  30. How can those “same old groveling green bay packers” have 4 super bowl wins to our 0 in Minnesota? And no, they weren’t all won during the Vikings’ infancy . . .

  31. i mean how complicated can this be? No one outside of the Jets wants Rodgers and the Packers have already moved on from him.
    We all know Jets truly have the leverage so the Packers should be glad if they get a 3rd rounder for him.

  32. Gutekunst will be gone after the Packers win five games next season.

    LaFleur and Rodgers may have underachieved in the playoffs, but Gutekunst is the reason why the team is about to head into the tank.

  33. LaFleur and Rodgers may have underachieved in the playoffs, but Gutekunst is the reason why the team is about to head into the tank.

    LaFleur can shoulder his own share of the blame with his buddy Joe Barry on his staff.

  34. Now the Jets want protection in case Rodgers only plays one year by getting a 2025 draft pick in return. The Packers should also want protection in case he plays a 2nd/3rd/4th year, in case he plays additional years.

  35. Rodgers was never going into the Hall with Brady.


    Brady was going in with Rodgers.

  36. He’s worth a 2nd this year and a conditional pick in 2025 if he plays in 2024 (and that pick shouldn’t be higher than a 2nd if they make the playoffs and a 3rd if they don’t).

  37. Both teams are in a tough spot QB wise, and both teams will walk away giving up or not getting exactly what they want, that is what a “Deal” is, you need to compromise. Is it outside the realm of possibility that the Jets go after a Lamar trade? He is younger (yes injured two straight years, but younger), you can lock him up for more time than Rodgers and will the money be that much greater? Is it unfathomable that the 13th pick for the jets could still lead to a QB? There is some idea that some teams in the top 10 who are truly bad could still tank for Caleb Williams, no??

    Lots to unpack with these two (in lamar’s case) 3 QB situations.

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