Ron Rivera: Commanders’ new owner could be a factor in Chase Young’s fifth-year option

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We still don’t know for sure whether, when or to whom Dan Snyder will sell the Commanders. But Commanders head coach Ron Rivera dropped another hint today that those inside the building expect it to happen soon.

Rivera told reporters at the league meeting that the Commanders have not yet decided whether to pick up defensive end Chase Young‘s fifth-year option in part because a new owner could be a factor in whether the team is willing to guarantee significant money to Young for the 2024 season.

“It’s a very delicate situation,” Rivera said.

The Commanders’ free agent contracts have been structured in such a way that suggests that Snyder expects to sell the team fairly soon — and that he wants the new owner to be on the hook for the signing bonuses of this year’s free agent class.

The NFL deadline for teams to pick up fifth-year options is May 2, so the Commanders will have to decide fairly soon. But if they do pick up Young’s option, we don’t yet know which owner will be signing his paychecks in 2024.

9 responses to “Ron Rivera: Commanders’ new owner could be a factor in Chase Young’s fifth-year option

  1. Right. This pretty much torpedoes all the “Snyder is not selling his team” arguments. At this point, we are not talking about “if” but rather “when” and “to whom.”

    Also, a lot of these signing bonus deferments were just for a few months, so the clock is ticking toward a May timeframe as opposed to an October timeframe.

    All that said, what’s more interesting to me is what is the right football decision to make with Young. Picking up his option would lock him in next year at $17 million. If he does not recover from injury — or if he hasn’t learned to play disciplined — that’s too much cap space to alot. On the other hand, if he returns to his Rookie of the Year form, then the $17 million may be better than what they can do re-signing him. The team has more info than we do…as they can evaluate him directly. We’ll see what happens but I’m less concerned with the owners stuff and more concerned with the team’s evaluation of whether Young can return to form…

  2. Chase young is waaaaay overrated. Reminds me of Clowney, sure, he’s a freak of nature of an athlete, but the production doesn’t match the hype.

  3. The ONLY ability in question regarding Young is availability. When healthy, the dude can play lights-out football. The problem is, he is too often on IR.

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