Sean McVay: We’ll be excited if Allen Robinson is here, but if not, we’ll wish him the best

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Word emerged earlier this month that the Rams had given receiver Allen Robinson permission to seek a trade.

With the myriad changes Los Angeles is undergoing for 2023 plus Robinson’s performance with the franchise in 2022, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

But there’s still a chance Robinson could return to L.A. for the coming season, which head coach Sean McVay addressed at the annual league meeting on Tuesday.

McVay said the Rams are striving for “clear communication” with Robinson.

“Allen is a great person and he’s been a great player for a long time,” McVay said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of “You talk to him and you say, ‘This is a possibility that we’re exploring, that we might move you. But if we don’t, I want you to know that I’m going to pour everything I have into you as a player and try to reach your highest potential, make sure it’s an enjoyable experience where you love coming into work.’

“That’s exactly where we’ve left it. I don’t think it’s uncomfortable because those are the realities of the situation. If he is here, we’ll be excited about it. If he’s not, we will wish him the best at his next stop.”

Robinson played only 10 games in 2022 due to a foot injury. But even when playing, he did not have good chemistry with Matthew Stafford after the quarterback didn’t throw for much of the offseason program and training camp due to an elbow issue.

Robinson finished the first season of his three-year deal with 33 catches for 339 yards with three touchdowns.

10 responses to “Sean McVay: We’ll be excited if Allen Robinson is here, but if not, we’ll wish him the best

  1. An average WR thinks someone will trade for him? They can get his production from an undrafted rookie.

  2. McVay needs to look up what the word great means. Allen Robinson is not even remotely close to great in any fashion on an NFL player level.

  3. Let see: Last year he was flat out lousy and did not seem to work hard. He was on a new 3 year contract was going to live on his past. The year before he played on a $18M tag and was butt hurt because he did not get a long term deal….so he loafed flat out loafed. Now no one is interested!!!!!

  4. ARob quit on a route in the end zone in an early season game last year. Stafford was upset and stopped looking his way.

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