Steve Apostolopoulos makes fully-funded $6 billion bid for Commanders

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles
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Commanders owner Daniel Snyder now has two different $6 billion bids from which to choose.

ESPN reports that Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos has tendered a Steve Austin Times 1,000 offer to Snyder.

It matches the amount of the bid made by the group led by Josh Harris. Under normal circumstances, Snyder would don an auctioneer voice and homina-homina his way toward one of them making the highest bid.

It could be that each bidder has made a bottom-line bid of $6 billion and not a penny more. Other factors could then determine the final selection — hopefully, for Commanders fans, the top question will be which group will do a better job of owning and operating the team?

Of course, owners who sell their teams often don’t care about that. The goal is to generate the most revenue, not best position the team for the next generation, and possibly beyond.

The owners who approve the purchase don’t care, either. It’s all about having enough money. Not at all about having the skills or abilities to do a good job.

Indeed, some owners like it when inept owners join Club Oligarch. For those who aspire to win as many games as possible, the unspoken goal in swapping out an inept and problematic partner potentially would be to replace that person with an inept and innocuous one.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos continues to loom over the process. Does Snyder want more than $6 billion? Or does he want to simply deny Bezos ownership of the team?

And is it possible that one of these groups will buy the team and then re-sell it to Bezos for a profit?

Regardless, ESPN says there is a “growing belief” that a purchase agreement could be in place before the NFL draft. That’s only 30 days away.

For Commanders fans, the question will be when does the deal close? Because they won’t sing Ding, Dong! The Witch is Dead until the house has officially fallen on Snyder.

35 responses to “Steve Apostolopoulos makes fully-funded $6 billion bid for Commanders

  1. Club Oligarch? Oh you mean the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bushes, the Pelosis, the Schumers, etc? Since when is there anything wrong with being rich and exercising the power that you have? EVERYONE wants to be rich and powerful !!!

  2. Bezos’ official bid will be “one penny above whatever the highest bid might be”. Message to Jeff: what would sweeten the deal would be some nice elevator shoes for little Napoleon…

  3. I would have to believe Steve Apostolopoulos would be the owner with the least amount of political and social baggage. Plus he likes building winning teams.

  4. Why doesn’t Bezos quit messing around with the small stuff and just buy the whole league.

    If anybody could do it, he could.

    Then, he could replace Goodell with himself.

  5. What does being competent have to do with anything? They have an anti-trust exemption. Everyone makes money. The truly only incompetent ones mess up the bottom line, like Haslam. I’d bet anything the owners would prefer Snyder over Haslam.

  6. Quiz them on Washington football knowledge. The one who can name the most players, gets the team.

  7. How do I get to run a once proud franchise into the ground and end up getting 6 billion dollar bids for it. Classic boys and their toys.

  8. austinspencer says:
    March 28, 2023 at 5:10 pm

    Dan Snyder. Terrible owner but amazing businessman.


    Snyder made his money as a telemarketer. The owners who approved his purchase of the Redskins all of those years ago share in the blame for what he did to the franchise and to the credibility of the League.

    Snyder’s Maryland house that he recently sold is a six minute drive from mine. When he moved into his house along a beautiful stretch of the C&O Canal, he had more than 130 federally protected trees removed so that he could have a better view of the Potomac River and increase the value of his property. Snyder used his political connections and some “financial contributions” to cut a deal with the National Park Service. The Park Rangers who filed objections were fired or reassigned.

    He’s not an amazing businessman. He’s a snake in the grass. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy class.

  9. Six Million Dollar Man and Wizard of Oz references. Thanks for keeping it in terms we old-timers can understand.

  10. ANYone but Bezos. We’ve all seen enough of the Amazon man and all filled his bank account enough. We don’t need to see him floating in an owners box on Sunday too. Please let that not happen. Please Mr Snyder, don’t sell to the Sleestak.

  11. Bezos has NEVER said he wanted to buy this team NEVER NOT ONE TIME

    He did supposedly hire a company to research whether he should bid on them. That was a super-weird move to me. If he wanted the team he’d be able to easily afford it so just put in a bid. If he didn’t want them why waste money paying somebody to look into it? With his level of wealth it’d be the equivalent of you or I hiring somebody to help decide if we should buy a used car.

  12. 6 billion ? And the next sells for ??? Ten billion? Somewhere the little guy gets squeezed out of even watching the NFL on tv .

  13. I’d sell to the guy that has the fastest 40 yard time. In case of a tie, we go to the three cone drill. Of course, we would have to publish their weight and physical measurements for the fans to see.

  14. If you want to be a real big shot you could start your own country for 6 billion. Then get aid from the USA.

  15. The longer Snyder waits, the higher the bid will go. Why sell now? If the economy picks up, he’ll get more and he knows it.

  16. Perspective: the Commies “command” a sale price more than the XFL, USFL, and CFL combined. Why does anyone say that supporting spring leagues challenges the NFL? Also, Commie fans need to pray Snyder refuses to go scorched earth before he’s out the door. They still have the draft to go.

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