Zac Taylor: Jonah Williams will compete at right tackle

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When the Bengals signed Orlando Brown to be their new left tackle, incumbent left tackle Jonah Williams asked to be traded. But Bengals coach Zac Taylor doesn’t sound interested in accommodating that request.

Taylor said his expectation is that Williams will remain on the Bengals, and will compete for the starting right tackle job.

“I like everything about Jonah. I’m excited to see him come in and compete at right tackle,” Taylor said, via “He’s always been everything we wanted him to be about. We’ve never had issues with him. Hopefully we can work through this and he can come in and compete at right tackle for us. That’s what we’re counting on him to do. . . . He’s never been an issue and I don’t anticipate that being an issue.”

Williams is playing this season on the fifth-year option of his rookie contract, which means he has a guaranteed salary of $12.604 million this season and will hit free agency next season. It’s hard to believe teams are eager to give the Bengals much for Williams at that salary, and so the best-case scenario for Williams may be to remain in Cincinnati, play well at right tackle, and hit free agency next year.

11 responses to “Zac Taylor: Jonah Williams will compete at right tackle

  1. I mean, Jonah would not be paid at 12m+ at left tackle, so you can either suit and up and play for more money than you would see on the open market – or you can sit, not be paid and tank your value completely as you become a FA next season. All talk till you cough up the dough. He will play.

  2. We’ll find out on draft day if there is a trade market for him, at this point it’s obvious he’s not built to play left tackle, he’s always been a better run blocker. Sounds like he’s likely going to back up La’el Collins, of forfeit 12 million because he isn’t getting paid that anywhere else.

  3. 1812tanker says:
    March 28, 2023 at 2:41 pm
    I fully expect Jackson Carman to beat him out at RT

    Carman is not good. It’s not a good thing for the Bengals if Williams is bad enough to get beat out by Carman. I think it comes down to if Collins is still on the roster (doubtful, but also unlikely he’s healthy enough to play for awhile anyway). I’d much rather see Adeniji playing RT than Carman if Williams can’t do it.

  4. Jonah Williams is an average tackle. He’s not as bad as he’s being made out in social media. For one thing, the Bengals never help out their tackles like say the Chiefs helped out Orlando Brown. Williams was also sucking it up for the team last year and playing through a dislocated kneecap. I expect Williams to have a bounce back season.

  5. “He’s always been everything we wanted him to be about. We’ve never had issues with him.”
    Uh what? You wanted him to be the worst in the NFL at preventing sacks and this was not an issue?
    He also looked out of shape last season which may explain how you have your worst year in year 5 of your career.

  6. Muskegon, Orlando Brown was frequently on an island more than Jonah was. There are stats backing that. Look them up. Orlando didn’t get nearly as much help as you are suggesting.

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