49ers still hoping for the best from Javon Kinlaw now that he’s healthy

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If Javon Kinlaw had stayed healthy and become what the 49ers thought when they drafted him 14th overall, they likely wouldn’t have pursued Javon Hargrave in free agency this offseason.

If and’s and but’s. . . .

The team’s addition of Hargrave will put Kinlaw in a backup role heading into this season, but 49ers General Manager John Lynch maintains high hopes for Kinlaw.

“I’m really excited for him because he’s going into an offseason healthy,” Lynch said, via Matt Maiocco of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “We’re committed to him and watching him be part of this group. He’s excited about that.”

The 49ers selected Kinlaw 14th overall in 2020 to replace DeForest Buckner, whom the 49ers traded to the Colts. He has played only 24 of a possible 50 games in three seasons with a right knee issue that required ACL reconstruction during the 2021 season.

Kinlaw has only 45 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

“Maybe because of the injuries it hasn’t gone as well as we all might have anticipated, as well as it would have had he been healthy,” Lynch said. “That’s part of this thing. So, now he is healthy. He gets to be a part of how we rotate guys in and out. He’s going to be part of that rotation.”

The 49ers are unlikely to pick up Kinlaw’s fifth-year option, which would put him in line for free agency next March.

11 responses to “49ers still hoping for the best from Javon Kinlaw now that he’s healthy

  1. Hit some and miss some. He’s a hard worker and a good guy. Hopefully he can turn the corner and earn another contract somewhere. His story is really quite amazing.

  2. He’s *always* healthy again, when he’s not playing. Once game reps start happening it’s always another setback.

  3. Lynch & Shanahan have wiffed on almost all their 1st round picks (except Bosa and Aiyuk). But they’ve more than made up for it in the later rounds: Warner, kittle, Deebo, Hufanga, among others. Plus their trades have been mostly hits: Williams, mccaffrey

  4. They’re not going to pay Kinlaw. Let someone else sign him. They got Hargrave. He’s a beast. That’s the guy they were hoping for when they drafted Kinlaw. Kinlaw is ok, but not special. Hargrave is special. The 49ers have to be elated going into next year. They got Hargrave and Sam Darnold. Two guys that will pay huge dividends.

  5. This is Kinlaw’s last chance with the 49ers or he will hear GC to ridicule him for all of his life. Hope he had fired his previous doctor and trainer and hired a new one.

  6. dlw492 says:
    March 30, 2023 at 6:27 am
    People say they draft well, maybe they do. BUT NEVER in the 1st round…
    They do – just look at the roster and how good the team is. But yes, except Bosa and Aiyuk, they’ve wiffed in round 1 a lot.
    That’s true for niners historically.

  7. SeahawkDynasty2.0 says:
    March 29, 2023 at 11:01 pm
    Still no legit QB1 on the roster…

    212Rate This
    If you are referring to the Seahawks then, yes.

  8. Niners need to win a super bowl this year. If not, we can say good bye to Kyle and Lynch. I like them both.. but look at our roster. We can’t keep paying everyone, our players are getting older, we cant keep restructuring everyone, we cant keep a healthy QB, and we cant keep coordinators! If we don’t win a super bowl this year, our window will close and it s back to the cellar!

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