Jed York: I wouldn’t change anything about moving up to get Trey Lance

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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Tuesday that it is “going to be harder” for Trey Lance to win the starting quarterback job this year and that’s not the outlook most people expected to see when the 49ers traded up to get in position to draft Lance in 2021.

Lance sat behind Jimmy Garoppolo as a rookie before opening last season as the starter, but he broke his ankle in Week Two and opened the door for 2022 seventh-rounder Brock Purdy to close the season as the starter. Purdy played well enough to get the team into the NFC title game and he’s the favorite to start as long as his right elbow heals well after surgery.

The 49ers also have Sam Darnold on hand as an option if Purdy isn’t healthy enough to play and the state of affairs led to a question for 49ers CEO Jed York on Tuesday. The question had to do with whether he had any regrets about spending major draft capital for Lance given the possibility that he won’t be the team’s starter.

“I wouldn’t change anything that we’ve made about the decision with Trey,” York said, via “I think Trey has a chance to be great, but it’s a bonus when you get somebody at the end of the seventh round that ends up coming in and being very impactful for your team. I’ve said it multiple times with quarterbacks, whether it was Alex [Smith] and [Colin Kaepernick], watching Jimmy, and Jimmy and Trey, and now Brock and Trey and Sam, you can’t have enough good quarterbacks.”

York said the team’s goal is to win a championship rather than to say “not to say that this draft pick or this decision was the perfect decision” and pulling that off would likely put an end to questions about second thoughts on the personnel front.

22 responses to “Jed York: I wouldn’t change anything about moving up to get Trey Lance

  1. That is a very diplomatic answer. Everyone knows Trey Lance was a terrible first round trade for the 49ers. But playing “what if” games with the media isn’t going to change that. All you can do is move on.

  2. York HAS to say this, he has no choice. Lance would be ‘offended’ if he said anything other than this. Internally he wishes he has taken Chase, Waddle, Sewell, Surtain, Fields, or Parsons and then signed a veteran as a temporary fix until the 2022 draft.

  3. Suuuuuurrrrrrre he wouldn’t. I have some ocean-front property in Idaho for sale if you believe that too.

  4. Everyone wants a useless and draft capital draining franchise QB we don’t know in year 3.

  5. If Brock Purdy is your #1 or the leader in the clubhouse to be the #1 going forward you sure as heck have many regrets.

    The goal here is to never admit your mistakes which has become popular in recent years.

  6. Even after elbow surgery Brock Purdy has earned QB1 going into the ‘23 season(if healthy). Also with the addition of Sam Darnold…you get the feeling Trey Lance is already on the outside looking in-in San Francisco.

  7. Would he trade Lance straight up for Parsons? Everyone knows what the answer would be, so why ask the question?

  8. Whats he gonna say that he was an absolute moron to do that? of course hes happy with Lance.

  9. What’s he going to say, “Oops, our bad!” ?

    They still have a chance Lance can play, but it’s dwindling

  10. The goal is to win, and the 49ers win. It doesn’t matter when you draft your QB. They just signed a guy, Sam Darnold who would probably be the #1 pick if he were coming out this year. They paid nothing for him. I don’t hear Bill Belichick apologizing for passing up Tom Brady for the first five rounds. Brady replaced a guy, Drew Bledsoe who was a former over #1 pick. I don’t care if Trey Lance plays a down for the 49ers. The 49ers are in a great position, with or without Trey Lance.

  11. York is a fantastic owner. Learned his lesson with Baalke and friends. Shanny’s tree has taken root all across the NFL, from coaching staff to front office. Facts, people, just the facts.

  12. Jed York is not the owner. His parents are. Jed and his Rasputin, GM Trent Baalke, took a team that came within a TD of winning a SB and in two years made them into one of the worse in the NFL. Coaches, coordinators, players all bailed. Anyone who wasn’t under contract and had options elsewhere ran for the hills. It was only when mommy and daddy forced him to hire the current GM/HC regiem that the 49ers became contenders again. Jed York is an entitled trust fund baby who was born on third base and goes through life thinking he hit a triple.

  13. If I were the 49ers head coach I would hire Jerry Rice and Roger Craig to be my off season strength and conditioning coach. A new position specifically for players like Deebo, Kinlaw, Eli Mitchell, Trey Lance , and any player with a propensity for injuries. Rice and Craig were two players that were rarely injured due to their offseason regimen. I’ll pay these players incentive bonuses for full participation.

  14. Being an owner should not entitle you to speak for the franchise. York is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you will get. I hope they keep sticking a mic in his face because, as a rival fan, he is entertaining as hell and must see tv.

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