Katie Blackburn hopes Bengals, Joe Burrow “can be happy together” on contract

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said this week that he knows the team has had some contract talks with quarterback Joe Burrow and the team’s executive vice president Katie Blackburn shed some light on where things stand on that front on Wednesday.

Blackburn said that the two sides have had “preliminary discussions” about a deal and that “we’ll see if we can get into it a little bit more” now that the big free agency rush has run its course. She added that the team won’t be talking about how things are progressing publicly until they find common ground with Burrow on a new deal.

“The negotiations will happen primarily through his agent,” Blackburn said, via Jay Morrison of TheAthletic.com. “But Joe, obviously, at the end of the day, it’s what Joe wants. And so I think Joe’s got to be happy, and we’ve got to be happy. And hopefully, we can be happy together.”

The Bengals will also be thinking about extensions for wide receivers Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins in the near future, but Burrow’s deal will be the biggest and the most significant for setting the course for the Bengals in 2023 and beyond.

44 responses to “Katie Blackburn hopes Bengals, Joe Burrow “can be happy together” on contract

  1. Joe Burrow is the anti-Lamar. I hope he takes a huge discount just to further prove it. Then Lamar will have even less reason to be doing what he’s doing.

  2. They’ll get him signed. He’s going about the process properly with an NFLPA certified agent who isn’t his mom so I’m sure everything will go quite smoothly.

  3. Cannot afford him. No escrow. Sell the team and move it. Half empty stadium in a worthless market.

  4. There’s definitely a waiting game going. If Lamar gets his fully guaranteed contract first, Burrow will want it too. If Burrow (or Herbert) get the fully guaranteed contract, it will also set the standard for others. The NFL is digging in, this is their last chance. If even one of these owners caves then all future contracts for QBs and stars will be fully guaranteed.

  5. mikefloreo says:
    March 29, 2023 at 5:53 pm
    Joe Burrow is the anti-Lamar. I hope he takes a huge discount just to further prove it. Then Lamar will have even less reason to be doing what he’s doing.
    Joe Burrow is ready to cash in, in a capitalistic open market. Why would he be willing to take a “huge discount” and not take the going rate for a quarterback of his talents?

  6. Chiefs fan here. Joe will be top two QBs for a decade. He is the only QB I fear. The league needs him and there will be no more coasting into the Superbowl for any AFC teams.

  7. Did you read that Lamar? It’s called COMMON GROUND. If the meaning escapes you then have it explained to you, so that MAYBE, just maybe, the light will go on before its too late

  8. I have a feeling, this will not be as smooth as most think.
    I also don’t think Joe is anywhere as good as most think, although a very good QB

  9. I’m sure they’ll get it done. Unfortunately for Lamar he’s given up literally millions just to prove to everyone he can do it without an agent. Hiring one now would be admitting he was a fool..

  10. Katie Brown Blackburn is leading the Franchise brilliantly…Paul’s legacy continues to grow!

  11. I hope the Bengals reward Joe cool with the wealthiest QB contract in the league! Show all of Ohio how much you love Joe, Katie! Back that fleet of Wells Fargo trucks up & start unloading!

  12. “The negotiations will happen primarily through his AGENT”.

    Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it, like you know it will get done?

  13. Joe’s gonna be the first to get a percentage of the cap, and he knows it. He has the Bengals over a barrel

  14. Burrow, Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert are actually relatively easy deals to do. $50 million a year, 5 years, $200 million guaranteed.

    Cincy, Philly and LA – you’re welcome. Now get it done.

  15. So when they can’t afford Joe will the Bengals fans be like the Ravens fans & blame Cleveland?

  16. Burrow has been beat up playing behind a lousy OL. He’s gonna break the bank in contract talks. Gotta get it while he can.

  17. these days owners have to be billionaires.. Brown ,Davis and a few others wont be able to play with the big boys sooner than later. how soon before the “FOR SALE ” sign goes up ??

  18. I hope Joe sign quick and takes his compensation in USN or XRP. The usd is going into the toilet and 50 million USD is going to be worth less than used toilet paper.

  19. There is always money for the Quarterback when he plays the position right. Your suppose to get the job done with good footwork, a strong arm and accuracy. If you can’t do that, if you can’t make those throws and you have to do it with your feet more than not, your not going to get Quarterback money.

  20. Joe has an agent and will have a new contract sooner rather than later. And the Turtles would be proud. So Happy Together…

  21. 2ndteamallstate says:
    March 29, 2023 at 6:31 pm
    I hope the Bengals reward Joe cool with the wealthiest QB contract in the league! Show all of Ohio how much you love Joe, Katie! Back that fleet of Wells Fargo trucks up & start unloading!

    All of Ohio? Cincinnati is in Kentucky and everyone knows it.

  22. He will be the first QB at 60 million per year. Not a penny less. Fully guaranteed. The salary cap skyrockets in future seasons. Don’t sell yourself short Burrow! Do it. Just do it.

  23. Going to love to see all of the backtracking when Burrow asks for $300 mil and $250 million guaranteed. Same clowns are going to say he’s earned it even though he’s already missed a full calendar year and takes hits like a young Ben Roethlisberger in the pocket.

  24. Around this time in Lamar Jackson’s career the word from the ravens was “we don’t know what Lamar wants, he won’t take our calls. No idea what he’s thinking.”

  25. Lamar is about to find out that pocket passers are more valuable than running QBs.

  26. Burrow got injured in week 11 of his rookie season against Washington and missed the last six games of that season because of it. He started week 1 the following season and has played every game since. Where does this “he missed a year” crap keep coming from?

  27. Bengals historically have been..thrifty..to put it diplomatically in regards to many money-centric situations. Maybe new found relevance helps to open that wallet just a bit. Maybe not.

  28. Burrow seems to be a good guy, but if I’m a Bungles fan, it’s wishful thinking that he will take a “discount” or “hometown deal”. Cincy is going to find out just like every other team: you pay the franchise QB, other guys are gonna walk due to fiscal cap mathematics. And that’s where teams lose their depth.

  29. You can’t make Joe the richest QB in the NFL and keep 3 #1 recievers. Its going to get a lot more difficult to stay relevant, plus you just gave a boatload of money to a RT that thinks he’s the best LT in the business.

  30. joe, ja’marr, tee… good luck signing all 3. someone will not have enough of the proverbial pie left for what he thinks he’s worth. my guess is one – or both – of the wr’s.

  31. No QB should get paid 50 million a year. My goodness one day we won’t be able to afford to even watch it on TV.

  32. Hopefully, he doesn’t take that garbage deal that Mahomes agreed to. Get your money Burrow. Do not do a team friendly deal. You will still lose Chase in the end.

  33. Get ready to make due with a powder-puff OL,DL, and secondary in a couple years when Joe’s mammoth contract takes up a huge chunk of the salary cap.

  34. When did Burrow miss a full calendar year? He missed what six games? And was back before the next season started. Yeah he’s had a few issues here and there but at least he didn’t quit on his team in the playoffs like a certain other quarterback who wants a fully guaranteed contract

  35. Aside from that first year, he’s been fairly healthy and played extremely well. There’s 0 chance the Bengals don’t get this done (unless he’s expecting 100% guaranteed as well).

  36. Cincinnati has him under contract for 2 more years, and they don’t have the deep pockets like some of the other owners to put all that loot into escrow for the guaranteed part of his contract.

    I don’t think this deal is going to be done anytime soon.

  37. Can’t beat them in the standings? Sabotage their franchise QB situation and maybe one day they will. The Browns are just trying something different. The Bengals are up next and we will see if the Brown family is willing to sell the team or a large portion of it to keep Joey B.

  38. Here’s the thing about contracts, if they win a ring its a good contract, if they don’t it isn’t.

    Joe will more than likely win a ring. Pay him what he wants. I don’t like the guy but he deserves the bag.

  39. This is where the Bengals usually fumble it. They’ve had great players on the team over the years, but rarely will they spend properly to allow the team to have a Sustained shot at winning it all. Let’s not forget what happened with Carson Palmer. Mike Brown isn’t going to back up the brinks truck.

  40. I think they need to get it done this year, next year his contract will look like a steal.

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