Report: Ravens tried to sign Baker Mayfield

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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As the impasse lingers between the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson, Baltimore might ultimately need a viable Plan B at the most important position in the game.

They have reportedly tried to address the situation via the free-agent market. reports that the Ravens made an offer to new Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield, and that Mayfield declined.

The Ravens currently have one quarterback under contract — Anthony Brown. Tyler Huntley is a restricted free agent, who has yet to attract any interest from other teams.

Would Mayfield have replaced Huntley as the backup, or would Mayfield and Huntley have competed to be the starter, if the Ravens move on from Jackson? That’s unclear. However, they still need to have a solid alternative to the 2019 NFL MVP.

Whether it’s Huntley or someone else, the Ravens need to have a fallback plan. Ideally, Plan A — Lamar Jackson under contract — will still be the end result.

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  1. Them being interested in mayfield is interesting, since lamar and baker are totally different types of qb’s. Maybe that shows the Ravens and new OC are looking to implement a more traditional offense that is not tailored ro LJ’s 1 read and take off style.

  2. Mayfield isn’t the only guy they’ve been looking at. They don’t see a solution with Jackson if they don’t know if he’ll play under the tag and then sit out the last 6 games of the year

  3. “Ideally, Plan A — Lamar Jackson under contract — will still be the end result.”

    Ideally, at this point, Plan A – Lamar Jackson under contract with another team, so the Ravens aren’t saddled with a guy who doesn’t play at the end of the season.

  4. The fact the Raven’s were considering BAKER MAYFIELD instead of Lamar tells you all you need to know regarding how they feel about Jackson. Poor Lamar, when he crashes his way out of the NFL, he can always go into broadcasting. Oh wait… LOL

  5. Nickname Lamar Jackson “Maytag” the loneliest guy around cause no one needs/wants him!!

  6. baker vs cle
    2x a year would have SOLD hella tickets may have got a prime-time game as well smh
    EDC is just messing up left & right for the ravens

  7. There are many levels to this that aren’t being discussed. The Ravens are playing a game of chicken; they have no starter or no plan B. All the FAs are gone. Huntley is nothing more than a backup.

    They are installing a new offense. Is Lamar even capable of running this new offense? I think the writing is on the wall that Baltimore conceded to move on, long ago. Now, it seems like they are just trying to stick it to Lamar for being a pain in their butt.

    Regardless, I think it’s a foregone conclusion they draft Bennett.

  8. Mayfield is awful. The Ravens would have bene better off signing Jacoby Brissett.

  9. Mayfield is a backup or bridge to a drafted QB. They know that even if Jackson stays he’s going to miss a lot of games to injury. They need a more reliable backup than they had with RGME and now with Huntley!

  10. That’s not much of a plan. He did work with the new OC though, so that was probably the reasoning.

  11. Ouch! How embarrassing with that getting out. Yikes!

    Lamar has got to be incensed.

  12. Mayfield’s eventual failure in Baltimore would’ve been inevitable. Just as it’s going to be in Tampa. I was hoping he’d sign w/ the Jets, where the NY media would’ve eaten him alive.

  13. Myles Garrett saving the Browns again. No way Baker wants to line up across from him twice a year. Of course he declined.

  14. I like how the Ravens tried to paint the picture that they really want Jackson but he’s demanding a trade. Sounds like the Ravens have decided to move on months ago. Let’s be real here.

  15. Lamar Jackson has the right to make the wrong decisions.

    This is all about his pride and ego. At some point the Ravens need to state the obvious; that they just can’t work things out with his current agent. It’s the truth, and if no one around LJ will tell him the truth then it falls on the Ravens to do it, unfortunately.

    It’s a no-win situation for the Ravens. And for Lamar. One of the sides needs to come to their senses. My money’s on the Ravens.

  16. So if they don’t expect him to play under the tag, at what point do the Ravens withdraw it?

  17. …..but then they put him next to the height check and he was not tall enough for the ride.

  18. I don’t think Mayfield wants to be in the AFCN again. He took enough of a beating here already.

  19. Mayfield is a pocket passer. The Ravens are built for a running QB. This business of Jackson not fitting the offensive schemes and personel of other teams cuts both ways. Pocket passers had better think twice before signing with the Ravens.

  20. Starting to wonder if the Ravens are a “good organization”. They had two years to address this situation and are now looking at a season without a good QB option. DeCosta gambled on getting high draft picks for a draft upgrade over LJ and lost, now he’s getting turned down by Mayfield. It’s time to rebuild and that includes moving on from LJ AND DeCosta!!

  21. Agree with earlier comments – it’s obvious BAL made the decision to move on from LJ a while ago. It would’ve been smarter to announce he requested a trade and then get what they can. Instead they pretended to want him and hoped for sky high compensation. Still think the best option for BAL is just to withdraw the tag and start preparing for 2023. It would also be doing right by LJ8, and possibly the only way he’ll be playing this season.

  22. Wait… So Baker isn’t a hypocrite? Color me shocked he actually does believe that you don’t go to your rivals. It was still weird for him to get mad at Hugh Jackson for it but I commend him for being loyal to the Browns fans even if he isn’t a fan of the front office for moving on from him. Maybe he is growing up a little. Can’t argue his career would have been way different had he just accepted the one year backup role in Cleveland he was offered. In comparison to what Lamar is asking for he would have been seen as a steal for way more than he’s making now in Tampa had he stayed in Cleveland last season instead of demanding the trade.

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