Zac Taylor: I know contract talks with Joe Burrow have started and we’ll see where they go

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At some point this offseason, Joe Burrow is likely to receive a contract extension that will make him among the league’s highest-paid quarterbacks.

Like Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert, Burrow is eligible to get a new deal after completing his third season.

At the league meeting this week, Cincinnati head coach Zac Taylor acknowledged that contracts have begun between the organization and Burrow’s representation.

“I know that they’ve started and we’ll see where they go,” Taylor said, via Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I don’t know what the timeline is gonna be, but not my job, fortunately.”

Taylor also noted that he doesn’t feel like the team needs to get Burrow’s deal done before agreeing to new contracts with players like receiver Tee Higgins or linebacker Logan Wilson, who are also extension eligible.

“I think we’ve got a lot of guys that want to be here and they like what we’re all about,” Taylor said. “So it’s impossible for me to speak for those guys but I just know what I see in the building is a bunch of guys that like being around each other and that like being Cincinnati Bengals and that excites me.”

16 responses to “Zac Taylor: I know contract talks with Joe Burrow have started and we’ll see where they go

  1. I think his contract will look more like Mahomes’s in Kc rather than Watson in Cleveland.

  2. Burrows has already made noise about wanting to sign a contract that will allow the Bengals to keep their other skill players. The deal will be big like Mahomes which is actually team friendly deal despite the huge overall numbers.

  3. Perfect example of leadership at the QB position. You havent heard a peep from him or the Bengals about specifics on the negotiating. Same when Buff signed Allen and when the Chiefs signed Mahomes. Need maturity to be a leader, some guys will never be that.

  4. Joe Burrow can look at the fact that Joe Mixon is still on the roster as a sign that the Bengals honor contracts to a fault. I’d expect a Mahomes like deal with huge dollars, maybe not fully guaranteed, but Mike Brown will never forget the guy that got him to a Super Bowl and he’ll see nearly every dollar of whatever contract he signs.

  5. Fascinating that two of the cheapest owners are coming up to have to pay their QBs.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this deal will be completed in a boardroom, by grown ups, without so much as a tweet from Burrow, and everybody involved will be thrilled by the outcome….except for the rest of the AFC North.

  7. If the bengals want to stay in the arms race of the afc for the next decade Burrow is going to have to sign a deal similar to Mahomes. I think he will.

  8. The QB market is a slippery slope. It’s the most important position and the pay rightfully should be pretty darn good. That being said, there’s always a danger of that slice of payroll cutting so far into the available cap space a team can’t build the team up around him. The QB is going yo make bank, but how much is too much?

  9. jacklambertsmissingtooth says:
    March 29, 2023 at 12:21 pm
    $400 mill FULLY GUARANTEED!!!!! 🙂
    How about $200 million fully guaranteed over 4 years? QB’s should not sign for more than 4 years at the rate the salary cap is going up.

  10. He is the anti-Lamar. He plays hurt. He’s tough. He’s unselfish. He finishes even when he’s had the brakes beat off him. And he cares about the team more than his pocketbook. Watch Joe Burrow not ask for a fully guaranteed contract AND take a discount, which will further prove all of these things. I fully gaurantee it will happen.

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