Bill Belichick: “I’m not sure” if Matt Patricia will work for the Patriots this year

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Usually, by this point in the offseason, NFL teams have their coaching staff set. But Bill Belichick says there’s still on fairly big question about the Patriots’ coaching staff.

Belichick was asked directly if Matt Patricia will work for the Patriots this year, and Belichick said he doesn’t know.

I’m not sure,” Belichick said, via

Patricia worked for the Patriots from 2004 to 2017, serving as defensive coordinator for the last six seasons, before he was hired by the Lions in 2018. After he was fired by the Lions late in the 2020 season, he returned to New England in 2021, and last season he was promoted to the offensive play caller job.

That did not go well, and Belichick brought back Bill O’Brien to run the offense. But there has been no word on whether Patricia will have some other job on the Patriots’ coaching staff, and if so what that job might be. Belichick, who is usually tight-lipped about his coaching staff, says he doesn’t know.

36 responses to “Bill Belichick: “I’m not sure” if Matt Patricia will work for the Patriots this year

  1. Last year he worked for free, Detroit was paying him. This year it will cost real money.

  2. He has had the opportunity to seek out jobs elsewhere. If one does not materialize, I believe the Patriots will make a role for him due to what they did to his reputation last season. His family has been in NE a long time. Giving him a chance to rehab his rep and keep stability in his family is something I think Kraft and BB will do. The question will be for how long. If he finds a role and is a major contributor, he could remain their for more than one season.

  3. Guess that means Bill made Patricia an offer that Patricia isn’t all that excited about….probably just waiting on an answer as Patricia is looking elsewhere for a job he believes would better suit his needs & desires….doubt it’s out there though, so he’ll either come groveling back or take the year off….My guess is it’s a behind the scenes assistant position that has to do more with Bill than any of the other coaches/assistants/players….

  4. It appears that this may be a partial quote. When asked if Matt Patricia would return to the staff, Bellichick actually replied, “I don’t know why we would want him back.”

  5. Good news is Big Matt can always go back to designing rockets for NASA when the whole football thing finally dries up.

  6. The obsession with NEs every move is very unhealthy, especially when it’s old news.

    Bill O’Brien is the OC and last year already happened.

    The Jets have DUI Downing as their “passing game coordinator” and Hackett as their OC and Rodgers is AWOL.

    The Pats are good.

  7. dude set back the Lions franchise by 3-4 years in his short time there, ran multiple good players out of town with his personality, went back to the Pats and got exposed as a bottom-barrel offensive coach. his best bet is to be an assistant advisor on a team with a stupid owner that’s desperate for experienced assistant coaches. or something.

  8. My prediction is Patricia never holds a coordinator-level or higher position ever again.

  9. Patricia is not only a failed head coach, his behavior showed he lacked character. I think his time is up in the pros. Maybe he can go to a college program and learn how to be a real leader of men.

  10. touchback6 says:
    March 30, 2023 at 2:35 pm
    The obsession with NEs every move is very unhealthy, especially when it’s old news.
    Bill O’Brien is the OC and last year already happened.
    The Jets have DUI Downing as their “passing game coordinator” and Hackett as their OC and Rodgers is AWOL.
    The Pats are good.

    There is no obsession with NE. Belichick was asked about Patricia and he replied. It was reported because it’s the offseason, any news will do.
    Your obsession with slamming NE’s opponents is very unhealthy. Show some respect for a change.

  11. Weird situation in that spots have largely been filled by now. His odds of landing something elsewhere aren’t really high by this point. But if I was on the Patriots staff I sure wouldn’t be too excited knowing he might show up any day to look over my shoulder and give bad advice.

  12. Belichick was too cheap to re-sign Danny Amendola, and that move irked Brady. With Edelman, Gronk, and Amendola, the Patriots had a great offense. The Patriots will never have an offense that good again under Bill. Just saying.

  13. Amazing how many people in this thread are protective of Matt Patricia. Through his bellicose narcissism, he managed to rapidly take the downtrodden Detroit Lions into even deeper depths and then bungled his return to the Patriots with equal incompetence. Past NE successes were in spite of his presence, not because of it. He may be a rocket scientist but any rocket designed by Matt Patricia would likely explode prematurely or miss its mark entirely.

  14. After using a special teams coach Joe Judge as the QBs coach and a DC Matt Patricia to scheme offense and call plays…you begin to question the supposed “genius” of Bill Belichick.

  15. He’s a good defensive coach and good X’s & O’s guys. However, he has no business on offense and Belicheck put him in a position to fail… Even though he was doing him a favor, he did MP wrong and he knows it. But, MP also wiffed pretty good as well.

    BB is trying to figure out how he can utilize him agin, but someone said it already on this thread. He probably offered him some low level, low paying coaching job. He has a place in the NFL. He doesn’t deserve what he got. But, he’s clearly not HC material. Coordinator yes, but doubt he’ll get a shot as one for a quite a while….

  16. Belicheck put him in a position to fail…


    With Brady, offense would have scored a FG in late 4th quarters against Raiders and Packers, Pats would be in playoff FG for sure.

    The fans of the garbage would be talking about what a genius move by the garbage to put Patricia as OC.

  17. Doesn’t matter if the OC is a dream combination of Don Coryell & Bill Walsh, reincarnated. Macaroni Jones is still the pilot of that Offensive mess.

  18. Collapsing in late 4th quarter in close games is the signature of Belichick’s defense. In 10 SB runs, it collapsed in 8 of them in one of the 3 games.

    Ladies and gentlemen, that is the genius you are talking about. Why do you blame Patricia?

  19. I’m more worried that his pencil will be gone rather than him.
    Homeless pencils never survive on the streets.

  20. Obviously Bill hasn’t fired him. Belichick will find a spot for him because Bill knows he’s a smart guy and a good coach. Not all good coaches (position & coordinators) become successful HCs. The guy has 2 SB rings. 1 as an offensive assistant and 2 as DC. The question is will Matt take the job offered. We’ll see.

  21. redclaw1314 says:
    March 30, 2023 at 7:49 pm
    It is what it is.

    Actually, things aren’t always what they seem……….

  22. Bill takes all of his old coaches back when they fail elsewhere…so, this speaks volumes.

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