Clark Hunt was surprised by NFLPA survey criticisms of training staff

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the recent NFL Players Association player survey came from the feedback Chiefs players provided regarding the team’s training staff.

The Chiefs finished last, with a D-. And players had one specifically troubling criticism of the staff led by long-time trainer Rick Burkholder.

“They feel discouraged from reporting their injuries,” the survey reported. “They do not feel they get the level of personal care that they should. They fear retribution for speaking up for better care.”

Owner Clark Hunt, addressing the survey results in comments to from the league meetings in Arizona, took issue with that results.

“The comments on Rick, I thought, were really surprising,” Hunt said. “The feedback I hear from the players about Rick and our training staff is really, really positive. That didn’t mesh for me.”

Despite Hunt’s objections, he seemed to take the contents of the survey to heart.

“You’re always disappointed when an evaluation comes out and you’re not high,” Hunt said. “As we looked at it, and then talking to [head coach] Andy [Reid], he felt like there were some reasons on some of the things that were mentioned from a football standpoint.”

Hunt nevertheless sees value in the process.

“I think surveys like that are also positive because maybe they show you some blind spots,” Hunt said. “You can always learn from them. . . . If there are things we can improve, we’ll do that. In the long range, those things will be fixed.”

Overall, the team’s ranking in the various categories didn’t reflect the elite level the franchise currently enjoys. If handled properly, it could be something that helps the Chiefs from becoming complacent in their success.

13 responses to “Clark Hunt was surprised by NFLPA survey criticisms of training staff

  1. “But we just won the Super Bowl! That means our organization is perfect in every way. We must find out who those players are and deal with this.”

  2. He should be embarrassed that he charters a regular aircraft and makes those huge players sit in regular airline seats. It would be an investment to lease an aircraft and have it configured appropriately. All a write off anyway, so no excuse. I bet the Cowboys fly in style, or the Patriots.

  3. I bet it was Mahomes forced to take all sorts of painkillers and meds and told to suck it up that gave the staff the worst grades

  4. From what I’ve read the teams with the highest rated training staffs were; Buffalo, Pittsburg, and Chicago. I wonder what they are doing that KC isn’t.

  5. Elite level is Mahomes. Will you be making changes to your training staff, if not you are jut another rich person who doesn’t like being told the truth.

  6. When you ask 1 player how the training staff is n he says great, you have “blind spots”. Now if you do nothing about it you should have a seeing eye dog

  7. The whole report card thing is a joke. If I was an owner, I would want to know A: How many players on my team filled it out B: Specific issues & How many on my team gave me low grades. For example if one angry player who was cut gives me a grade so what. But if it was 90% of the team then I am concerned. Without all the data it’s useless. And yes I went to the NFLPA page where there was no data.

  8. As a Chiefs fan, I was surprised too. I’ve heard many Chiefs players publicly praise the Chiefs organization.

  9. Wake up “Lookie Lous!” Their old old school trainer is making these millionaires man up and quit whining about wanting a pill for everything. Players today want a med for everything and the old school trainer tells them where to stick it. Maybe he’s the reason why they won the Super Bowl. And do you think he really cares about the players BS training room grade? They’re just lucky they got a trainer that makes them sleep on a bed of nails.

  10. Maybe??? The question specifically mentions that players weren’t comfortable talking to brass about their concerns for fear of retribution. Myopic or obtuse?

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