Jets, Giants have new turf at MetLife Stadium

NFL: OCT 01 Jaguars at Jets
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It’s not real, but it’s a better version of fake.

Via the New York Daily News, MetLife Stadium has a new playing surface.

The new playing surface features monofilament turf, not slit film. The NFL Players Association, which generally wants grass over turf, has specifically called for stadiums with slit film turf to replace those surfaces with monofilament turf.

MetLife Stadium was one of those venues. Teams that still host games on slit film include the Lions, Vikings, Saints, Colts, and Bengals. The turf at Tottenham Hotspur also has slit film turf.

Giants co-owner John Mara wants to eventually go to grass, and not just because the hosting of World Cup matches in 2026 requires grass.

“I foresee a day — my hope is that we can get to a day some point in the future that we can have a grass field that we’re able to maintain with two different teams and all the other events,” Mara said, via the Daily News. “I think we can get there at some point. Maybe it’s a hybrid product or something.”

Ideally, all teams would switch to grass. Whatever it costs. Whatever it takes. Players want it. It’s safer. It’s better. And it’s unfortunate that owners don’t insist on protecting their investment in players by putting them on the best possible playing surfaces.

14 responses to “Jets, Giants have new turf at MetLife Stadium

  1. Judging by how bad the Super Bowls turf was and how much the league seems to actually give a damn about plyer safety, this turf will probably strangle players when they fall!

  2. All owners of outdoor stadiums need to throw money at the surfaces their valuable assets perform on. Hire the best and brightest to grow some lush grass….

  3. The Vikings have NEVER cared about their player’s safety, ever.
    That’s been quite obvious when you consider their abhorrent history in that department.
    But when you consider that they continue to intentionally subject their personnel to slit film surfaces, that only invites lower leg injuries, that’s either just plain clueless, or worse, completely apathetic.
    It’s no wonder this team is 0-62. 🤔

  4. I look forward to games in December and January being played on loose sod, soupy mud, and green-painted dirt.

  5. The collective NFL team owners have enough money to do whatever is required and feasible in any situation money can fix – such as putting in grass in all stadiums. And the fact that they won’t – and their latest insanity with Thursday night football shows what type of humans they are.

  6. The bungles are too busy clipping coupons to worry about replacing their crap field. bungles be bungling.

  7. A hybrid mix of turf for it’s robust-ness and natural grass for it’s safety should be the norm across all “field” sports. It just makes sense and the technology is there.

  8. The same whiners about this turf will be the same ones who whine it is too cold to play outdoors. Odd to say it, but they are also snowflakes.

  9. The Super Bowl was played on grass and players were slipping all over the place. Grass isn’t automatically better because it’s grass.

  10. Have you seen Miami up till November? It’s not always perfect. Have you seen Pittsburgh in the winter? Chicago? Grass is not always great, either…

  11. That’s a little crazy that fifa is trusting these owners knowingly use cheap inferior product with zero regard for player safety, that by miracles of all miracles will master the art of grass installation to fifa standards just in time for WC.

    To those that point out grass sucks in the cold, Green Bay has hands down the best field in NFL without question

  12. And regarding the slip and slide SB.. Why the heck is the nfl spray painting the field?? 2023 Fairly certain we have lasers. We have drones. More expensive than painting, player safetied though 100%

  13. The problem with grass, as we’ve seen, is that they just slap down some sod shortly before the football game and then the players just slide around on that.

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