Josh McDaniels contradicts report, says Jalen Carter remains on team’s draft board

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A report earlier in the day indicated that Jalen Carter has “already been crossed off” the Raiders’ draft board.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels spoke to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday night, and McDaniels reiterated what he told reporters about the Georgia defensive lineman on Monday.

The Raiders continue to do their due diligence, and Carter remains on their draft board.

Carter will visit the Raiders as one of their 30 visitors in April, per Bonsignore.

Even if the Raiders haven’t yet decided to pass on Carter if he’s available when they draft seventh overall, they still could.

Carter pleaded no contest to misdemeanor driving offenses in connection to a car crash that killed his Georgia teammate, Devin Willock, and Georgia football staffer Chandler LeCroy earlier this year.

That should give the Raiders pause considering the first-round pick they used in 2020 on Henry Ruggs, who is awaiting trial on DUI charges from a crash that killed a woman.

50 responses to “Josh McDaniels contradicts report, says Jalen Carter remains on team’s draft board

  1. We keep forgetting that McDaniels is smarter than anyone except Belichick. He defied everyone by drafting Tim Tebow when no one else thought he was any good. He showed everyone how wrong we were.

  2. The headline should read: “Statement by head coach shows earlier media report to be wrong.”

  3. He may well be off their board, he certainly should be. But the team surely wouldn’t want that known, given if he’s still available at seven, they’d very much so like someone to trade up with them. Personally I’m more concerned about his Pro Day performance than him racing his car. Biggest interview of his life and he doesn’t show up.

  4. At this point, there is no good reason to ever publicly rule out a particular player in the first round. You always want to keep some other organization interested in making a swap. Why lose leverage?

  5. Brady must be the goat because Bill Belichick, Brian Flores, Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels are trash.

  6. Raiders are waiting to make sure he has a criminal record before they draft him…

  7. Vincent Bonsignore has quickly become known as a Raider shill. Zero objective reporting. When he worked in Los Angeles he was a fan favorite because of his unbiased takes. Now he is effectively a mouth piece for the team.

  8. I am concerned with where this young man’s mental health is after being involved in an incident that killed people he was close to in the future.

  9. And don’t forget he showed up out of shape, overweight, and couldn’t finish the workout drills. That’s not a red flag either.

  10. Jailbait Carter. The perfect Raider where character doesn’t matter. Does he drive 130 mph?

  11. Yacht wants this guy to slide down to his team knowing that defense wins championships.

  12. Report’s probably true, but I don’t know of a single team willing to tip their hand publicly

  13. It will be interesting to see the offset language in the rookie deal for whatever team drafts Carter. There has to be some protection for the team.

  14. Are you kidding?! He is the perfect raider, under a long line of village idiots he’s right up there

  15. There will be a point in the draft where talent will outweigh the risk. Round 3? For a person with Round 1 talent with a legal red flag? I don’t know.

  16. Even if the Raiders have no intention of drafting Carter, there is no reason to show your hand. If a team really wants Carter and concerned either Atlanta or Chicago may also want him, this presents an opportunity to trade the pick for more picks — which the Raiders desperately need. I wouldn’t saying anything is out or “crossed off”.

  17. IT’s kind of dumb for any team to tell the other teams any player is off their boards

    gotta keep em guessing

  18. Of course Jalen Carter is not “off the draft board”. Carter will be the best player available when the Raiders draft in the 2nd round (#38 overall).

  19. In case you hadn’t noticed, Josh, Mr. Carter has what we might call some “character issues.” Draft him at your own peril–but be careful what you wish for.

  20. They don’t want any info being leaked. That info could be beneficial for teams directly behind them. My guess is the first report is true and the Raiders are trying to walk it back.

  21. austinspencer says:
    March 31, 2023 at 10:30 am
    Sounds like this organization is well run…….
    It has to be the organization, not the sportswriter causing the contradiction. Right?

  22. who knows what we will do. I got a gut feeling there are still more Raider players on the move between now and draft day. We already have a near league high 75+players under contract, and a league high number of draft picks (12) in this years draft. We are going to have a bunch of practice squad, 2nd and 3rd string guys from other teams and 12 draft picks compete for a starting job.

    Go Raiders. Just Wing It Baby!

  23. Several GM’s were asked about Carter at the combine. According to the reporter,.. several said Carter was off their board. They remained anonymous by request. If Carter were a 3rd rd prospect it wouldn’t be that big a deal,.. but were talking about a top 10 pick.

  24. We all know the Raiders will take Will Levis. They need a franchise QB. Jimmy G only plays about 7 games a season before getting hurt, so he’s not a long term option. Unless another team takes him first, Levis will be their pick.

  25. It doesn’t matter how the Raiders or any team feels about certain players. No team would ever announce they are not looking at a player when they have a high draft choice. It makes zero sense if you are looking to move up or down in the draft.

  26. The idea that everyone’s going to pass on this kid – who may well be a generational talent at – because of off the field issues is high-larious.

  27. mackcarrington says:
    March 30, 2023 at 10:09 pm
    We keep forgetting that McDaniels is smarter than anyone except Belichick. He defied everyone by drafting Tim Tebow when no one else thought he was any good. He showed everyone how wrong we were


    Tebow has as many postseason wins as Lamar and a better winning percentage. Think about that

  28. Jalen Carter isn’t going to get passed the 6th pick. Either the Seahawks or the Lions will draft him, unless they trade back.

  29. In Denver, McDaniels showed he has rabbit ears in the media. One time during the season he called in to the nationally syndicated Jim Rome Show. What head coach makes an unscheduled call into a national radio show during the season? He knows what’s being said.

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