Mike Vrabel: Of course we expect Ryan Tannehill to be our QB in 2023

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams
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At the scouting combine last month, new Titans General Manager Ran Carthon told reporters that quarterback Ryan Tannehill is under contract and the club is excited about moving forward with him.

Given that Tannehill has a $36.6 million cap hit in 2023, there has been some question as to whether or not Tennessee might move on from the quarterback.

While there’s still some possibility of that happening, head coach Mike Vrabel was fairly definitive earlier this week when asked if he expects Tannehill to be the team’s QB in 2023.

Of course. Of course, we do,” Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s website. “We are in March, and we are continuing to build a football team, the best football team we can. And Ryan is getting healthy. He has been putting the work in. It is good to see him around the building. So yeah, we always expect that.”

However, that’s not all Vrabel said.

“But to make predictions — I think I have been through this last year [with receiver A.J. Brown] — I am not going to commit to anybody being on our roster in September,” Vrabel added. “I’ve seen it change too quickly. Of course, we want Ryan as our quarterback, and everybody else that has helped us win. That is what we want.”

Tannehill has been Tennessee’s starter since midway through the 2019 season. He helped lead the club to the AFC Championship Game that season. But the Titans have not have not won a playoff game since.

The club finished 7-10 in 2022 with Tannehill missing five games due to injury. He finished the season with a 65.2 percent completion rate, 2,536 yards, 13 touchdowns, and six interceptions.

8 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Of course we expect Ryan Tannehill to be our QB in 2023

  1. And of course they expect to hand in another underwhelming season record in 2023 as well

  2. Unless you make a move for Jackson…what else you going to do? Titans have no plan in place for after this year. (and it sure isn’t M.Willis)
    They are in the same spot as my Viks…which is no man’s land.

  3. You can tell Vrabel is still fuming about AJ Brown being traded away. He should be as it seems he was blindsided by it

  4. Some Mel Kiper wanna-be prognosticator added Hendon Hooker in the mix this week of QBs to be taken in the top 10. So that would be Young, Stroud, Levis, Richardson and Hooker. Ain’t happenin’ but fun to speculate. Let’s also throw in a scenario where Rodgers / Jets falls through and Rodgers ends up elsewhere, and Jackson gets traded. If that were to happen, then, yes, I could see a scenario where Tannehill might be a domino in this chain of events or something similar. Again, though, that’s not going to happen. QB’s will be gone before the Titans pick at #11. Besides, the Titans desperately need to rebuild that O line. Tannehill is the QB whether the Titans want him or not.

  5. They’re drafting a QB. They just about HAVE to. Willis ain’t it (looks like a rabbit in the pocket), RT is WAY too expensive, and I’d bet money Vrabel doesn’t plan to be picking in the top fifteen again while he’s the coach. Only makes sense to draft RT’s successor THIS year rather than maybe having NO plan at QB NEXT year. I’m hoping they take a Reciever in the first round and Hendon Hooker in round two (provided they don’t have to maneuver around due to someone else being interested earlier).

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