Scott Fitterer: Anthony Richardson “more than a project,” he’s a really good player

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The Panthers wrapped up their Pro Day visits with this year’s top quarterback prospects by watching Anthony Richardson work out at the University of Florida on Thursday.

Richardson flashed the big arm he showed during games for the Gators when he hit the roof of the team’s indoor practice facility with a throw on Thursday, so it was little surprise that Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer pointed out “tremendous arm strength” as one of the things he saw from the quarterback. Richardson’s athletic skills come with questions about his accuracy and processing speed, however, and that’s led many to label him as a project heading into the draft.

Fitterer said Richardson “showed everything we needed to see” on Thursday and dismissed that label while discussing the team’s view of the player.

“Obviously, he’s got a ton of talent, a lot of upside,” Fitterer said, via Augusta Stone of the team’s website. “The more you play, the better it’s going to be, as far as processing and timing. But he’s got everything to work with. . . . He’s more than a project; he’s a really good player.”

Richardson called himself a “workhorse” on Thursday and said he will work to clean up any of the areas where people feel he’s lacking as he begins his professional career. The Panthers’ confidence in his ability to do that will determine if he’s in the mix for the top pick for Carolina next month.

12 responses to “Scott Fitterer: Anthony Richardson “more than a project,” he’s a really good player

  1. He’s going to be a more athletic Josh Allen once he gets his accuracy cleaned up (Allen had the same issues)

  2. As a Florida Gator fan, I watched Richardson throw to open receivers and watch the football bounce two feet in front of the reciever. Not once or twice but consistently. As an athlete, he is spectacular….quarterback, not so much.

  3. Hope the 15 teams picking ahead of the Commanders feel the same as you…… experts!

  4. Didn’t anyone watch any tape on this kid ? I’m a Gator fan and watched all of his games.
    He has a cannon for an arm and good athletic skill BUT he desperately needed another year playing college ball. He cannot read a defense, has trouble going through his progressions when the primary receiver is covered and has accuracy issues throwing the ball. He most definitely is a project but if he landed on a solid team with a good coaching staff and held the clip board learning for a couple of years, he might be pretty good.

  5. Panthers draft him and I’ll be ready for a year or two of a few amazing games, then he will suck when he gets hurt and can’t run. CAM 2.0. I guess he would be cheaper than Lamar, as a QB/RB.

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