Willie McGinest is out at NFL Network

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In one of the least surprising aspects of the ongoing belt-tightening by a media outlet owned and operated by the fattest of fat cats, former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest is out at NFL Network.

Michael McCarthy of FrontOfficeSports.com reports that McGinest is among the job cuts.

NFL Network had suspended McGinest after he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. He quickly apologized for the incident that resulted in the arrest.

McGinest recently was sued for the attack. Via TMZ.com, the alleged victim claims that McGinest reacted violently to a comment about USC losing to Utah in the Pac-12 championship game.

McGinest becomes the fourth NFL Network on-air employee to exit the company in recent days. It started with Jim Trotter, who believes his public questioning of Commissioner Roger Goodell on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion “played a role” in the decision to terminate Trotter’s employment. Also departing are Rachel Bonnetta and Mike Giardi.

31 responses to “Willie McGinest is out at NFL Network

  1. They need to get rid of the entire cast of NFL Total Access and start over minus MJD. That show is absolutely terrible

  2. Speaking personally here, Rachel Bonnetta will absolutely not be missed.

  3. Willie… What are you doing??? Can’t get caught on camera’s today….

  4. steelcitywhiner says:
    March 30, 2023 at 4:00 pm
    Thais is sad.
    Thai’s are not sad. It’s called the land of smiles for a reason.

  5. Willie was simply defending his alma mater. Who hasn’t busted someone the head with a wine bottle for defaming their college?

  6. Willie was simply defending his alma mater. Who hasn’t busted someone in the head with a wine bottle for defaming their college?

  7. Always a cheater – check the tape He faked an injury in the superbowl to get the clock stopped. then right back on the field without an issue.

  8. Everyone needs to learn the walk-away principle. Especially those in the public eye!

  9. Most Patsies fans say Belichick is always playing chess. From the restaurant video, I believe McGinest was playing Whack-a-Mole.

  10. I will definitely NOT miss Rachel Bonnetta—she talked VERY loud and I found her very immature

  11. Omar Ruiz can be Sly as a smiling Fox. He was talking to Marc Ross one time- It was hard not to notice his underhanded comments.

  12. That should have happened immediately after the video of his violent attack was made public.

  13. I guess I’m in the minority here but I thought Rachel Bonetta was awesome. Like her singing and doing random things made GMFB and stuff on NFLN more interesting. I hope she lands somewhere where they appreciate her. Like losing her and Kay Adams sucks. I think Jamie Erdhahl is doing what she can and I like her. But she’s no Kay Adams.

  14. Rachel Bonnetta will be missed, she have been given the Good Morning Football hosting gig. She fit the role better.

  15. Love Rachel Bonnetta
    Total Access is terrible (except for MJD and Mike Garafolo)
    McGinest as on air talent was very poor
    Firing of Jim Trotter is a travesty

  16. The ONLY time to watch NFL Network is when they actually have a live game. Their programming is an absolute joke. I can remember when the NFL announced they were spinning up their own channel. I was losing my mind in excitement….and then they did…and it’s unwatchable. They have access to the Holy Grail of NFL Films and they steadfastly refuse to use it.

  17. Good lord….that type of freak out over an alma mater losing/??? Geez

  18. Maybe we’ll see him on TV again— NFL Behind Bars. Wouldn’t put it past the NFL to make a buck off of that idea.

  19. Danielle K says:
    March 30, 2023 at 4:04 pm
    Who watches the NFL Network?
    The NFL Network has been my by “Start Up” channel for more than a decade because let’s face it: Any other channel could be showing graphic images that are extremely inappropriate for young children, including Network TV. It’s far “safer” than practically any other channel as a startup.

    That said, I tend to skip programs like NFL Total Access or Fantasy Draft Live and similar programming because the hosts are generally the bottom of the barrel broadcasters. I do enjoy Rich Eisen with the Sunday crew, along with MJD (although Chris Rose can be shown the door anytime).

    All in all, the NFL Network could use upgraded hosts for nearly every program (save Good Morning Football) but I doubt their compensation packages are way below industry standard, especially considering the hosts they’re firing and have fired in the past.

  20. He was tough when 6 of his friends were behind him. I guaranteed the other guy would have taken him to the woodshed if they were alone.

  21. I love the guy and have been a fan since he was drafted. But the video I watched did look pretty uncool. I can get it that a cash strapped org that needs to make cuts will start with the one that did something they don’t want reflecting back on them. And frankly the other cuts were good choices too if they needed to make hard devisions on a few folks.

  22. Trotter, Bonnetta, and Giardi are out, and the vacuous Steve Smith is still there?

  23. like some other expats, willie went off the rails without belichick’s adult supervision.

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