Asked by President Biden whether he’ll play again, Damar Hamlin says: “I think so”

Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin
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Bills safety Damar Hamlin has a long way to go until he or anyone else knows whether he’ll play again. For now, though, he’s optimistic.

In a video posted by President Biden of his recent meeting with Hamlin in the Oval Office, the President asks Hamlin whether he’ll play again. Says Damar: “I think so. . . . God willing.”

Hamlin already has overcome much, and it hasn’t even been three months since he suffered cardiac arrest during a game in Cincinnati. The Bills are supporting him in his effort to return to action, and he seems to be determined to play.

What he’s hoping to do hasn’t been done, because what happened to him had never before occurred. Even if he can’t play, his experience has helped raise awareness to the possibility of athletes suffering cardiac arrest on the field, the court, wherever.

It will save lives, just as his life was saved.

28 responses to “Asked by President Biden whether he’ll play again, Damar Hamlin says: “I think so”

  1. From everything I have read on the situation it is very unlikely he will sustain another heart problem like he did against the Bengals. That incident helped KC win another SB.

  2. Love Damar Hamlin. I’m definitely rooting for him. Joe Biden………not so much.

  3. I highly doubt the docs are going to clear him. The malpractice lawsuit if he goes back in and somehow had a chest contusion again and is injured or killed would be too much for the doctor or the NFL to accept.

  4. No one, including the president, should be encouraging this young man to tempt fate by playing football again. In fact, if Biden really wanted to walk his talk, he’d appoint Hamlin to some role that leverages his now-high-profile work helping underprivileged children.

  5. Has it been determined what exactly happened to him? I remember at the time the thought was that he got hit exactly at the wrong point in his cardiac cycle but don’t recall hearing anything definitive.

  6. You got a 2nd chance at Life, which not too many of us are fortunate enough to get, go live it to the fullest and leave football alone.

  7. “No one, including the president, should be encouraging this young man to tempt fate by playing football again.”

    He’s a grown man and this is still a free country. He should be able to play football if he wants to.

  8. For ALL athlete’s safety, the public needs to know what happened unless he has chosen not to reveal it. The fact we haven’t heard anything is telling. If this was a freak accident, lets’s hear it. If it was a pre-existing condition, tell us (everyone should respect if he or they didn’t want to say exactly what it was). But this silence is oddly similar to a certain medical intervention recently forced upon pretty much everyone. I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

  9. Joe Biden was a Defensive Tackle for the Scranton Oilers, That was New York’s team before they moved to Houston…. He and Cornpop were both all-pro.

  10. Christian Eriksen had the same issue on the field as a high performance athlete and was back after a year at the same level.

    Everyone is of course different physically, but the biggest hurdle to retuning from something like this is probably mentally and commitment in doing what it takes to get back to the same level on the field

    NFL is a tough gig and while he may be given some leeway at the start, if he’s not going to be an effective corner for whatever reason, he won’t last long.

  11. Healthy athletes don’t go into cardiac arrest while playing sports. Hamlin wasn’t the first one last year as well. It might have something to do with the safe and effective placebo effect.

  12. Hamlin should thank his lucky starts that he can go on to live a normal life. I hope that he doesn’t play football again.

  13. Glad you enjoyed your photo op, Grandpa Joe. I’m sure the families of the 320k people that died of CA in this country last year really enjoyed you singling out a pro athlete.

    Learn CPR, everyone. Could be the best $100 you ever spent.

  14. Is good old Joe every going to be able to walk upstairs again that’s the real question. LOL

  15. I know who will never play football again and that’s our servicemen who lost their lives in the botched Afghanistan exit !

  16. And the time Joe spent with Hamlin for a photo opportunity more Chinese supplied fentanyl and another 10,000 people crossed illegally over the southern border to add to millions to date.

  17. He will be cleared to play. 100%. Physically. He is in the same spot he was before the incident. There is 0% risk in him returning to play.

    The biggest question for Damar is his mental health. If he plays with hesitancy, the likelihood for other injuries rises.

  18. He’s done. It’s likely his heart is permanently damaged. He will become an activist for a health organization and smile alot while shaking many hands. He will be fine.

  19. Perhaps the only good news for Damar is that he doesn’t have to play football anymore to financially provide for himself and his family. You know big pharma cut a big check for his silence.

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