John Mara cautions Brian Daboll not to go from “Bono” to “Bozo”

Bozo the Clown Campaigning for President
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It’s been a good week for Giants co-owner John Mara. He stood up to the Commissioner on the issue of Thursday night flexible schedule. Mara also made a joke.

Yes, it may have been planned. It may have been workshopped. It may be something he has said more than once. But it was still funny.

Speaking to SiriusXM NFL Radio (via regarding the performance of coach Brian Daboll, Mara said this: “We kid him. I mean, right now he’s Bono walking around New York City. But I’ve told him, I’ve said, ‘In this business, it doesn’t take long to go from Bono to Bozo. So don’t get your head too big right now.'”

Bozo, if you didn’t know, is a clown. Bono, if you didn’t know, is the lead singer of U2.

There’s no reason to think Daboll will be wearing a red nose any time soon. He turned a subpar roster into a contender in 2022, and the Giants could be even better in 2023. Along the way, he delivered New York’s first postseason win since Super Bowl XLVI, when the Giants beat the Patriots.

So, yeah, Daboll is and will be more rock star than clown. If there’s any makeup to be applied, it’ll be in the design not of Bozo or Eric but of Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley.

20 responses to “John Mara cautions Brian Daboll not to go from “Bono” to “Bozo”

  1. I’m actually glad you cleared that up because I’ve been reading that quote as a Sonny Bono reference, which I found a little strange.

  2. It was lame when we heard it all day yesterday, and it’s still lame. The Giants are the worst (Washington is so bad they’re a statistical anomaly) team in that division. And they are never getting by Philly. Never.

  3. John Mara is bozo. He is lucky Eli took his franchise on two magical runs. This team has been horribly run for the past decade.

  4. Daboll is a really good coach. I believe he was instrumental in Josh Allen’s development and any team he coaches is going to have a competitive offense

  5. Not for nothin’ but U2 is garbage. They had one good album in the 80s. Most overrated band of all time.

  6. redmosquito16 says:
    March 31, 2023 at 10:37 am
    Not for nothin’ but U2 is garbage. They had one good album in the 80s. Most overrated band of all time.


    Couldn’t agree more. They quite literally are the most overrated band ever

  7. What Bozo offered this contract?

    Daniel Jones signed a 4 year, $160,000,000 contract with the New York Giants, including a $36,000,000 signing bonus, $92,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $40,000,000?

    When Minshew just signed this contract Gardner Minshew signed a 1 year, $3,500,000 contract with the Indianapolis Colts, including $3,500,000 guaranteed

    I for sure would have rolled with Minshew 3 years 15 million deal and used the Danny overpay money to build the team.

  8. Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley…not sure how a coach, coaches his team playing over backing tracks?

  9. Funny thing about overrating musicians. They’re rated by how many records they sell and how much money they generate. It doesn’t matter how nifty the guitar player strums the strings or how great the drummer is. If nobody buys the music, they’re not good. Whereas, regardless of how you might think of them, if they sell a lot of music they’re great. That’s their rating. Everything else is just opinion, you know what opinions are like.

  10. “As an Irish man I can tell you definitively Bono is also a clown.”

    A clown who has donated millions of dollars to charities and raised hundreds of millions for them. The world could use more clowns like that.

  11. U2 is WELL beyond their sell by date, I get it. But ONE good album in the 80’s??? Cmon man.

    They are an all-time great band….and I wasnt even a huge fan of theirs when I was growing up in the 80’s

  12. Lar Jones says:
    March 31, 2023 at 10:33 am
    As an Irish man I can tell you definitively Bono is also a clown.
    I’m Irish too (what does that have to do with taste in music)and Bono is a rock star (literally).

  13. Bono the singer, like Mara, still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Bono the skier went barking up the wrong tree.

  14. What is even more impressive than the Giants playoff win was that it was against an AFC team 🙂

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