John Mara: No limit to how high Daniel Jones can climb

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The Giants have made two very different decisions involving quarterback Daniel Jones the last two years.

In 2022, the Giants declined to exercise their option on Jones’ contract for the 2023 season because they weren’t convinced he was the right man for the job. Jones had his best NFL season after they made that call and that led to a multi-year extension for the quarterback this offseason.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week, Giants owner John Mara said he believes that Jones can rise even higher in his fifth season with the club.

“We have a lot of confidence in Daniel and just to see his work ethic and his commitment get rewarded like that was a pretty cool thing,” Mara said. “As I said yesterday to the media, I think there’s no limit as to how high he can climb if we put the right pieces around him. He has the type of makeup and personality and mentality and work ethic to be a very successful quarterback in this league.”

Mara will be back at the negotiating table with Jones before too long if his prediction is proven correct and that would likely be filed under good problems to have for the Giants.

14 responses to “John Mara: No limit to how high Daniel Jones can climb

  1. Mara also thought Joe Judge was his “Belichek”. Judge and Patricia and Josh McDaniels for that matter should never get any head coach interviews again.

  2. I like Jones as a person and there might be something there to be unlocked with the right coaching staff (which may indeed be Daboll and crew) but he’s going to have to play a lot better than he has to justify that contract.

    Mara can “he’s a nice young man” all he wants but this is a results driven league and so far Jones looks more like Cousins than Burrow.

  3. “Runningback” Justin Fields threw 2 more TD passes than Daniel Jones, in one less game.

  4. Mara has been shoving his foot further and further down his throat lately, from warning his coach not to become a clown, to saying a QB with 22 touchdowns last season getting 40mill this season won’t choke, cmon, get away from the microphone already Mara before you break what Daboll just fixed!

  5. I kind of disagree. He has 4 full years in the league. Sure there is upside but I don’t think after 4 years in the league it’s unlimited upside. You can win a Super Bowl with him and good supporting cast right now with no improvement. I’m just saying I don’t think he can be a Patrick Mahomes or a Tom Brady. Not many will…

  6. This is a laughable comment by Mara. This is the same Daniel Jones that he and Gettleman sabotaged from the moment they inserted him into to the starting lineup. He’s had no O line and no receivers during his career so far.

    Last season, they were cash strapped, so I didn’t expect much help for Jones, but for them to go to the dollar tree bin yet again at the WR position is insulting. Waller will simply be double teamed until their is a formidable threat on the outside.

    Think about this for a minute. In the first half of his career, Eli played behind a top five O line. He had Toomer, Burress, Smith, Nicks, Cruz and Manningham during that stretch. Even with no O Line in the second half of his career, Eli still had Odell (like him or not).

    Who has Jones been able to lean on at this position? I know what some will say. They will address it in the draft, but that’s a crap-shoot. Jones needs an already established WR threat at his disposal. Good luck asking Jones to win chess games with just his pawns.

  7. He only plays well when Saquan Barkley is playing at a high level. He’ll never be able to carry the load himself.

  8. Yes, Mr. Mara, continue to praise Daniel Jones and keep him as your QB1.

    – Eagles fan

  9. Whatever you need to tell yourself in order to save face for that ridiculous contract you gave him.

  10. They need to sign Jones to a massive 4 or 5 year deal fully guaranteed for like 200 million. – eagles fan

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