Jed York explains decision to spend big on Javon Hargrave

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The 49ers surprised many by signing former Eagles defensive tackle Javon Hargrave to a four-year, $84 million contract. But they’ll spend, selectively, to make the team better.

“We are never going to be a huge spender, but I think when we do spend, we have to make sure it’s deliberate,” CEO Jed York said at the league meetings, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Making the trade for Christian [McCaffrey] last year, getting Javon and a few others in free agency, this year. . . .

“You want to make sure you’re adding to the club and making sure you’re giving the club a chance to win.”

York explained that the team has been careful about spending big in free agency for years, back to the days when Scot McGloughan was G.M. and Mike Nolan was head coach.

“We’ve never been a huge spend-in-free-agency club,” York said. “That’s not really our belief. But when you’re going to spend in free agency, you better make it count, because you’re going to spend a lot of money.”

York explained that the team “loved” Hargrave when he came out of college, in 2016. He turned 30 in February.

Although the 49ers soon need to give a major contract to defensive end Nick Bosa, the reigning defensive player of the year, it helps to have a trio of quarterbacks who collectively consume a relatively small chunk of cap space. Trey Lance is entering the third year of his rookie deal, Sam Darnold has a one-year, $4.5 million contract, and Brock Purdy is making peanuts as the last player drafted in 2022 — and he’s at least two seasons away from a second contract.

So now is the time to spend elsewhere for the 49ers. And that could mean, for Hargrave, it’s a two-year, $40.75 million deal.

12 responses to “Jed York explains decision to spend big on Javon Hargrave

  1. If they were going to spend big on a “big,” it should have been for an offensive lineman who could help prevent them losing their QB again.

  2. This is a veiled dig at the Rams, of course. Because you know, the Rams strategy was to just spend willy nilly with no overarching strategy whatsoever, and they just got lucky. Yep that was it

  3. Hargrave and LT Williams $20+/Million contracts will both be gone just in time (2 years) to try and sign a good Vetran QB because the Three QB’s they have now on Cheap deals will be less than valuable. Any one or all of them will more than likely get hurt behind that Poor Pass Pro Offensive Line. They will Again begin the season with 2-3 guys with little experience and cohesiveness. Neither Lynch or Shanhan Value the Offensive Line. York is one of many Billionaire Owners who should keep his mouth shut rather than prove his abject ignorance. Bet UNDER 11 1/2 Total Wins before the Sports Books wise up.

  4. It all starts with good scouting. When you can consistently find impact players throughout the draft, you have a huge advantage. But what gives the 49ers an added bonus is that they’re also gaining extra draft picks every year when their minority coordinators are getting hired by other teams to be head coaches. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are men amongst boys when it comes to putting together an NFL roster. But it all starts with good evaluating. If you can do that better than the other 31 teams, you have a huge leg up on the competition. Hargrave and Bosa are dominant against the run and the pass. That makes it so much easier for the other players on defense. Kyle understands the offensive mentality necessary to win, and Lynch understands what king of mental makeup to look for in defensive guys.

  5. charliecharger says:
    April 1, 2023 at 2:35 pm
    Except, of course, the 49ers haven’t won a SB in 3+ decades.

  6. The 49ers sure get a lot of aren’t they playing chess when everyone else playing checkers crap when it’s been damn near thirty years since they’ve won anything. Jed will always be the man responsible for ripping the team out of San Francisco. That is Jed’s legacy.

  7. Jed, what about Dee Ford your former studly Kansas City D lineman and current Kansas City RB Jerick McKinnon? How many millions did they cost the team and how much did you make those signings count? Asking for a friend.

  8. The Eagles will miss him but no way was Howie gonna give him that type of $$$$&&&

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