XFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks announce move to L.A. for April Fool’s gag

Seattle Dragons v. St. Louis Battlehawks
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Some NFL-related April Fool’s Day jokes aren’t funny. Some are.

Our goal here is to shine a light on those that we find amusing, acknowledging of course that comedy is: (1) subjective; and (2) hard.

The XFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks posted an announcement today that they are moving to Los Angeles. Now that, in my own personal view, is funny.

“Following a vote from XFL owners,” the statement explains, “the Battlehawks have been officially approved to relocate to the greater Los Angeles area and will do so for the 2024 season.

“St. Louis is a city known for its incredibly hard-working, passionate and proud people. Bringing the XFL back to St. Louis in 2023 will go down as one of the proudest moments in our league’s history. This move isn’t about whether we love St. Louis or its fans, but rather about what is in the best interest of the Battlehawks organization.

“We would like to thank the XFL, its owners, and all of Battlehawk Nation for their diligence and dedication, and we look forward to building a world-class franchise in Inglewood.”

The first line of the announcement tracks the statement issued by the Rams upon their return to L.A. for the 2016 season and beyond. The last line does, too.

While the feelings may still be a little raw for some in St. Louis, it’s a slap at the Rams, not the locals. And it’s funny and creative and relevant.

The Battlehawks have been wildly successful as the first professional football team in St. Louis since the Rams left. It should make St. Louis a candidate for another team, if the NFL can ever get over the fact that it had to pay nearly $800 million for the lies told in connection with the Rams leaving.

16 responses to “XFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks announce move to L.A. for April Fool’s gag

  1. Would you rather have the worst team in the NFL, or a “wildly successful” dynasty of an XFL team?

  2. I miss the old days when PFT would post fake stories on April Fools Day. They were great. Also miss Taco John.

  3. The Browns considered doing this to the people of Cleveland but was afraid they might hold a parade.

  4. We miss having an NFL team in St. Louis. We don’t miss Kroenke. We are thankful for The Rock bringing back the Battlehawks. Maybe one day he will be part of an ownership group to bring the NFL back to St Louis.

  5. That’s amazing!! And I’ve never been but highly doubt there are many snow flakes in St. Louis minus the winter weather. Comedy is food for the soul

  6. As a Rams fan I can say this was genuinely funny. I can also say that I knew many St. Louisans who were proud of the fact that they did not care about the Rams, in a “we don’t let anything distract us from the Cardinals” kind of way. LA looks at this and says, oh, hey, that’s amusing – enjoy your XFL or whatever.

    Also, putting aside you’d need an owner stupid enough to want to get in bed with St. Louis after all that, the idea that the NFL would allow it to happen is a non starter.

    Cute story though

  7. If only St. Louis came through with the stadium they promised. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times? I don’t think so.

  8. St Louis is a Baseball town. They’d build a $2 billion dollar stadium for the Cards if they had to,… but they wouldn’t put up $200 million to fix the stadium to keep the NFL Rams in town.

  9. 14 comments as of April 3 ..
    (Well, 15 as of this one)
    The passion for football is St. Louis is truly palpable

  10. Ohhh, your idea that the STL area wasnt doing anything for the Rams is cute. Just so you know the city of St Louis put forth proposals to build a new 1.1 billion dollar stadium north of downtown. Plans drawn up and proposed funding including $150 million from the city of St Louis itself and $250 million from the Rams. The rest coming from increased taxes and NFL stadium fund. But Kroenke didnt want that. He wanted the dome downtown retrofitted to make it in the top 10% of the stadiums in the NFL per the lease with the city. A cost that would have made it almost as expensive as building a brand new one vs retrofitting 30 yr old building. Kroenke and the NFL wanted a team in LA and they exploited a loophole in the existing lease to find a way to move the team from STL to LA. Thats what the lawsuit was about. The STL area was never given a fair shake by the NFL. From the minute Kroenke signed the papers to be the majority owner of the Rams their move to LA was just a matter of finding a legal loophole to get them out of their existing lease.

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