Jalen Carter slated to visit Raiders, Seahawks

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Word has been that former Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter will limit his pre-draft visits to teams selecting in the Top 10 and he is set to see a couple of those teams in the near future.

In this week’s Football Morning in America, Peter King reports that Carter will visit with the Raiders and Seahawks in the coming days. Carter has already met with the Bears and Eagles.

There was a report late last month that the Raiders, who pick seventh, would not consider Carter because of the criminal charges he faced in connection with a car crash that killed a former Georgia teammate and a member of the school’s football staff. Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels denied that was the case, however, and the meeting suggests that the Raiders are still open to all possibilities.

The Seahawks have the fifth and 20th picks in the first round this year.

6 responses to “Jalen Carter slated to visit Raiders, Seahawks

  1. I feel I know a lot as a football fan – but when it comes to things like this, Yeesh. Major risk-reward here. Something tells me this guys wired like an all-pro physically, but may not be able to pull it together.

  2. It would be smart for all the teams drafting 6 – 10 take a visit with this guy, if for no other reason to assess if he is going to fall do they trade back, get more draft capital and then take a risk on him.

  3. While I don’t think he’s there for the Raiders, I think this visit is a smokescreen… I believe the earlier report. He’d be a PR nightmare for Vegas given their recent history.

  4. Scot McLoughan said in an interview that visits are for people that teams aren’t sure on and have question marks about, not people you want to select. Both these teams are just doing their due diligence and may or may not select Carter

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