It’s one week (most likely) until the Aaron Rodgers trade happens

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The NFL is a deadline-driven business. And the deadline is coming for the Jets and the Packers, if Green Bay hopes to get a second-day pick in 2023 as part of the trade package.

Brian Costello of the New York Post underscores the fact that the sticking point continues to be 2024 compensation. The Packers want New York’s first-round pick. The Jets want the selection to be tied to how the Jets and/or Rodgers perform in 2023.

Then there’s the question of whether the Jets will have protection against Rodgers playing only one year, in the form of a 2025 pick that would flow from Green Bay to New York.

What isn’t in dispute is the fact that the trade would commence with the Packers getting a 2023 pick (presumably, a second-rounder) from the Jets. That makes next Friday night the moment a deal must get done, if it’s going to include a 2023 second-day selection.

Here’s an idea. What if the Jets commit to a first-round pick in 2024 that becomes a lower pick if Rodgers retires by April 1 of next year? While the Packers might want protection against a spite-driven unretirement (and that could be in the form of a 2025 draft pick), if the Jets know they’re getting two years from one of the best quarterbacks of all time, why not give up a first-round pick in 2024 — especially since it likely will be a low selection?

Or what if it’s a first-rounder that reduces if the Jets don’t make the playoffs or the divisional round or some other factor like that? At this point, it may be about semantics. The Packers want to be able to say they got a first-rounder. If it’s a first-rounder for now that eventually downgrades due to performance or retirement, so be it. They still would have been able to say that, when the deal was completed, the package included a first-round pick.

23 responses to “It’s one week (most likely) until the Aaron Rodgers trade happens

  1. If the Packers can get a 2 now and a 1 next year, the Jets are fools. Not to mention that Zach Wilson is going to win the job anyways so says Zach.

  2. I’m just here to see who has the leverage.

    And to hear all the people that don’t care come in here and tell us all about it.

  3. The parameters of this trade was decided upon by both the Jets and Packers some time ago. Goodell wants the announcement of the trade to be made during the draft so as to increase the drama and therefore the ratings.

  4. Last year the packers could of had multiple first rounds picks for Rodgers. So this year they are stomping their feet like a kid tantruming for at least 1. What management. At least they always have 8-9 2022. Nobody can ever take that away from them

  5. Major problem with trade being based on whether Rodgers retires in 2024. Rodgers would announce retirement so the trade drops to lower compensation from the Jets. After draft, Rodgers un-retires and is the Jets QB in 2024.

    He makes sure to inform the Jets GM and owner of this plan, but makes sure no one leaks this information.

    Basically, this is far too easy to manipulate the NFL rules.

  6. typical PR move by the Jets – wait until next Friday night when the whole nation is watching to tell us the inevitable – LOL

  7. I see the deal going south and the jets surprise the world for Stroud, a young energetic draft pick who can run and pass over a fledging old codger whose time has come and gone.
    Hey the Jets saw his play from last year and cant be that awed about giving up much.
    No I say the deal is in the trash but the Packers dont know it yet and the Jets are quietly moving up in the draft because they have the picks.

  8. Ultimate Aaron Rodgers move to retire, mess up the draft choice then unretire. Ridiculous, but totally reasonable to have to work a clause into the deal to cover that.

  9. Every prediction of every pundit has been wrong. Rodgers would call this clickbait.

  10. If it’s a first-rounder for now that eventually downgrades due to performance or retirement, so be it.


    “So be it.”

    Lol. That might be acceptable to a Viking fan such as yourself, but it’s out of the question to the Packers (or should be).

    It’s absolutely likely that Rodgers will “retire” and then come back to cost the Packers a high draft pick. If Gutekunst had any brains and savvy at all, he would never allow that possibility.

  11. The 49ers are the wildcard here.

    That would shock me.

    Can you imagine if Rodgers won a Super Bowl there? If he decides to keep playing and was to win 2?

    Murphy would need to re-hire Ari Fleischer to spin his way out of that.

  12. It’s going to be a totally different vibe to see him complaining and pouting on the sidelines in a different uniform.

  13. When you’re drowning you don’t complain the rescue boat is too small. The Jets are going to screw this up and the Packers will get what they want from somebody else. It may take until the trade deadline in Week 8, but it will happen. No worries in Green Bay. It would easier for everyone to get it done now. Ask Rodgers what he thinks he’s worth. That’s what the Packers want. Get it done.

  14. I think it’s safe to assume that people who do this for a living have already thought of the trade compensation options presented in this piece.

  15. cheeseisfattening says:
    April 21, 2023 at 10:19 am

    Last year the packers could of had multiple first rounds picks for Rodgers. So this year they are stomping their feet like a kid tantruming for at least 1. What management. At least they always have 8-9 2022. Nobody can ever take that away from them

    Last year, Aaron Rodgers was coming off an MVP season, Jordan Love hadn’t made the developmental jump to take over, and the Packers wanted another bite at the apple.
    Taking that shot, with all things considered, was the obvious decision.
    And just like 31 other teams, they came up short, so be it.

    Packer’s management is navigating a situation where the Jets went back on their word as far as the trade parameters were concerned.
    Working quietly behind the scenes to get fair compensation is hardly throwing a temper tantrum.

    2022 was an obviously disappointing season in Green Bay, to say the least, but we’re moving on to what I believe will be a brighter future, and I’m looking forward to it.
    At least the Vikings still have their laughable 0-62 legacy to keep their fans warm at night. 🤣

  16. Rodgers if healthy will play till 2025 or 2026 at east 50million a year that’s 150-200 million more .
    Don’t buy into his BS that he was 90% sure he was going to retire he’s a liar and plays the media and fans alike as fools at least the ones that buy into his lies.

  17. It’s to quite seems the Packers are finished with the pathetic Jets and openly talking trade with the Titans and the 49ers . I saw a creditable report where the Pats , Falcons and Steelers have also made inquires about what compensation would complete the deal. So things are looking great to getting a fair market deal and not just giving him away like the Jets want.

  18. Just need to have the media keep up the chatter about the 49ers…Titans…etc…and the Pack will get (2) 1st Round Picks….at least that is what my sources tell me. 🙂

  19. The Packers front office is doing an admirable job remaining tight-lipped, as they usual do. Their ability to do so assures us any opinions expressed by those not directly in-the-know are *ullshi*, as usual.

  20. Let’s just get this thing done do we all can just start laughing. We need some stuff to talk about in May

  21. I think the Jets renege on the trade and Rodgers retires. End of career,.. end of story.

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