It’s launch day for Father of Mine

Anthony Zych

It’s officially out. Father of Mine. Finally, it’s now immediately available, for only $4.99.

That’s nothing. It’s peanuts, especially for this audience. Unless you’ve been lying on the surveys we periodically do, you’ve got plenty of discretionary income. You can discreetly spend $4.99 wherever ebooks are sold — Amazon,, Apple, Google, everywhere — or only $14.47 for the paperback through Amazon.

It’s not a one-way street, a passing of the hat for all the free content you get here. The book, a small-town mob novel set in 1973, is surprisingly not bad.

The folks at Kirkus, who don’t hand out good reviews like proverbial party favors, said this: “Although this story is built upon a well-worn crime-fiction premise, the author’s take is a refreshing one and incorporates notes of suspense, terror, family drama, and black humor. He draws on true events in a fictional story that has a lot of moving parts, but they all manage to coalesce into a thrilling reading experience. Florio’s cast of characters—some good, others much less so—are all crystal-clear in their intentions and demeanor, which makes the story a devilish indulgence. . . . Fans of The Godfather and The Sopranos will recognize and appreciate the overtures that Florio makes on behalf of his creatively inspired mob family — particularly the central ordeal concerning Johnny and his son. Every stylistic nuance and dialogue inflection feels pitch-perfect, and every character is believably hypersensitive to law enforcement and the dire consequences of a botched job. The novel’s conclusion has a twist that’s truly a surprise.”

If you like a mob story, give it a try. It’s a small price to pay for the hopefully small possibility you won’t like it.

Thanks to those who have given it a try. Thanks to those who will. Thanks to all for tolerating my efforts to get people to sample this hobby that has become an unofficial second job that I may or may not ever get paid for.

And, seriously, I want to know what you think. What’s good? What’s bad? What’s ugly?

6 responses to “It’s launch day for Father of Mine

  1. The 90’s Everclear version of Father of Mine should be played while reading Mike’s masterpiece.

  2. Sounds like a good read, always up for an entertaining Mob story….I’ll read yours if you read mine – LOL….”Bone Island Breakdown” and it’s only $2.99, a bargain by comparison and it also has a lot of football references…as well as a rogue Cuban military invasion of Key West

  3. I got my from Amazon yesterday.
    Heading from Da Burg Monday to Idaho Monday.
    Need a good read so I a counting on you, MF!
    Like the cover.

  4. Got it. As a former Wheelingite and current Italian, look very much forward to it.

  5. Ok Florio.

    I bought Playmakers.

    I enjoyed On Our Way Home.

    I fully intended to buy Father of Mine at some point in the future. I was thinking summer vacation with the family. Long flight to Europe would help with getting to sleep.

    However, after you said that bit about “passing the hat” for all the free co tent we’ve had around here (even though it’s a BS comparison) I decided you’re right.

    I just paused and bought so as not to be a hippocrate and because you have to put up with your part-time co-host (just kidding he’s great for a stoner)

    I look forward to reading it and if you pimp it half as hard as you did Playmakers, I’m sure it will be a hit.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Miami Dolphins fan (not Tuanon – but not a hater either)


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