C.J. Stroud thinks it’s not an accident his S2 score was leaked


We weren’t going to mention the S2 test results that were leaked to a reporter and then reported to the world. But since one of the players who had a low S2 score has spoken about the issue publicly, it’s impossible to ignore it.

Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud addressed the situation on Wednesday. And he seems to believe the effort to paint him in a negative light was deliberate.

It’s not on accident things come out,” Stroud said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “It’s not on accident that people throw dirt on my name and I definitely think that whatever that means, ’cause people benefit from things, people don’t, and I definitely know that who I am as a person, I’m going to continue to just be myself. So I know that it wasn’t on accident, that it happened on purpose. I’m not dumb, but at the same time I can still realize who I am and I can just be myself.”

Things don’t happen accidentally in the days preceding the draft. Teams that really like a player, in the ultimately example of Machiavelli meets football, will leak negative information in the hopes that a player will fall to that team. Also, agents that represent one player will push negative information regarding players represented by other firms.

Some would say that, because all teams have the same information, it doesn’t matter. But it can make a difference. If the media and then the public become aware of red flags, owners can become concerned about taking that player. Owners might then ask more questions, with the mere asking of the questions prompting cautious executives and/or coaches to go in a different direction.

The S2 test isn’t a traditional intelligence test. It focuses on processing abilities. Stroud believes it says nothing about his football abilities.

“I know I can process very well and I know I’m very smart,” Stroud said. “You can’t play at Ohio State and not be smart, and for the people — for the S2 test, it is what it is. It happened and I’m willing to stick up and I don’t have no excuses. I know what I can do on that field, though.”

Not every team uses the S2 test. Some, however, swear by it, especially for positions like quarterback.

Regardless, Stroud remains a top prospect. In the grand scheme of things, we’re splitting hairs. But with so much money and the future prospects for the player and the ongoing employment of those who make the picks riding on the top of round one, the stakes are very high.

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  1. In the modern game of NFL football, processing is everything. 1,000s of plays, instantaneous reading of defenses, knowing the innuendos of the position etc. He won’t make it if he’s not elite in those categories. That said, Shane on the idiot(s) who stirred the pot

  2. CJ, we leaked it with some “tweaked” information to ensure you will be there at pick #5 and have an awesome future in Seattle. Signed…The 12’s.

  3. Can’t play at OSU and not be smart. LOL!!!
    Andy Katzenmoyer from years back majored in Golf!! Seriously!!
    He’s an OSU QB who’s going to last longer him or Justin Fields?

  4. He’s gonna drop, possibly more because of his whining than his S2 score…

  5. Why did his agent let him take the test? Shouldn’t his agent have practiced with him to make sure he’d score well before letting him flop so publicly like that?

  6. Getting a score of 18 on the S2 does make him look pretty bad. I don’t blame him for being upset. Still, leaking things out just before the draft is situation normal. This was probably done by a team that is interested in him, hoping he will fall in the draft.

  7. Scoring a little below average is not that much of a cause for concern. Scoring in the 18th percentile pretty much means you’re dumber than anything higher than a lizard on the evolutionary scale.

  8. Bottom line is in today’s world with the Draft being so popular and YUGE $$ being paid to NFL players and ESPECIALLY QB’s…if you are a potential TOP pick and a QB and you completely FAIL something that the NFL evaluates you on…word is getting out.

    In any case – I wish him well.

  9. Scores should be public knowledge after all people bet on games and draft position

  10. I think he’s going to “be himself”. Sure sounds like it to me. Whatever the heck that means.

  11. He is not looking good with some of the comments he has made, rather than make excuses he should have devoted more effort to enhance his intellect. These athletes know that they are going to be tested but devote little time in preparing themselves for life along with athletics. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  12. “I don’t have no excuses.” All you need to know about his intelligence level.

  13. If you watched this kid play against Georgia, the best defense in football –a team that is full of NFL players–you saw a quarterback who made all the right decisions and who did not throw a pick. In this context, a standardized test is a meaningless measurement against proven performance. The teams who rely on this (and disregard performance against elite competition) deserve to fail.
    And on another note, it’s always intrigued me how commenters ( the majority of whom lack basic writing skills) here are so eager to label people “dumb.”

  14. Don’t worry about it C.J. – rumors have it that both Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer had perfect Wonderlic tests….what happened to them ? You will be fine !!

  15. its all about the second contact .. some team will take him in the first round and we shall see ..

  16. donnymacjack says:
    April 26, 2023 at 5:40 pm
    CJ, we leaked it with some “tweaked” information to ensure you will be there at pick #5 and have an awesome future in Seattle. Signed…The 12’s.
    No, the 12’s did NOT leak this information & will not be picking you at 5….Signed The 12’s….

  17. But since one of the players who had a low S2 score has spoken about the issue publicly, it’s impossible to ignore it.
    I’m not sure you fully understand the word impossible.

  18. “I’m not making no excuses”
    That sentence kind of explains the 18 score…..

  19. If your low score was leaked, it’s because someone LIKES you!
    They’re just trying to make you look bad enough not to be a top 10 or 15 player.
    Stroud should be flattered that he’s being defamed and slandered the way he is.

  20. “it is what it is”

    Just that phrase alone shows someone that is lacking intellegence, just like the word “hater”!

    Everythings in the world “is what it is”, you know why?

    Because nothing can be something it’s not!

  21. I have no idea but I imagine that teams have the players test scores available well before the draft. I don’t think a leaked score plays into a team’s draft board when they already have the score. I could see a scenario where a player’s agent is hearing that his client is not going to go where he initially thought, and to save their reputation leaked the score themselves to give reason why their client dropped in the draft. It’s not their fault, but something they can’t control, such as a test result.

  22. Players these days can barely string together a cohesive or grammatically correct sentence. The S2 score of 18 is a good indication. All brawn.

  23. You would have to be a serious low life scumbag to intentionally try to hurt and damage man’s career and hurt his income. Happens every year though, so I guess the NFL has a real low life scumbag employee problem

  24. no Ohio St fan but CJ Stroud is the best QB in this draft … the little guy from Alabama will be demolished in 2 years … btw Dan Marino had the worst Wonderlic score in 1983

  25. I took a look at S2’s website. It’s basically a video game.

    Maybe it will predict a person’s aptitude for Call of Duty, but the only way to predict a quarterback’s reaction time in a football game is to send him onto the field with a football and 21 other players.

  26. But we need to know though is what is the correlation between this particular test score and success in the NFL. I’m sure there is one and I’m sure it is known to certain people and the fact that we’re not hearing about it tells you all you need to know.

  27. Another possibility is that somebody leaked the score because they want cover for not drafting him.

  28. “I’m not dumb, but at the same time I can still realize who I am and I can just be myself.”

    Not going to lie, this doesn’t make you sound like the sharpest tool on the tree.

  29. Not sure what Dan Marino, his wonderlic score of 15, and how much of an all time great QB he was has anything to do with what the S2 test results for Stroud tell teams today in 2023. You can be a a total box of rocks QB, but also have a rocket arm and have the God given ability to put a football where you want it down field consistently. A S2 score doesn’t measure natural athletic ability, it measures your ability to process information correctly and quickly. Can you process a playbook quickly and make it happen quickly on the field? Can you read a defense and adjust corrloss. under center? When things/plays break down, can you process what is going on right before your eyes and react in a way that leads to a positive results really fast? The S2 isn’t a IQ test, your book smarts are irrelevant, I want to know how fast you process information correctly to get whatever results you want to happen happen asap. Sonoran71cat you are lost in the sauce, but just for fun, Lamar Jackson scored a 13 on the wonderlic. He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but his natural ability is what makes him a unique/special QB. His wonderlic score however should of been a red flag when it comes to how he makes decisions off the field in regards to not having an agent which is costing him millions and how he deals with the Ravens contract wise. Keep the S2, but bring back the wonderlic just for the lols if anything.

  30. Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre, Jim Kelly all had Wonderlic scores that would supposedly equate to way below average IQ scores. Guys like Big Ben and Mahomes were close to average. All are considered elite BQs on the field and made it to several SBs, and a few are considered somewhat “dumb” by most people who’ve seen them do interviews or engage in post-NFL media careers. Not apples to apples, but QBs can succeed without elite processing brains. They need certain physical and mental as well as emotional makeups. Also, it never seems that intelligence is really used against the big dumb jock types like most of those I just mentioned. It’s usually another type of guy with the “red flags” and/or GM-types saying he’s an “athlete” but not smart enough to be a QB. I’m not saying whether Terry Bradshaw would be a top QB in today’s game but no one would ever say that guy or Big Ben or Brett Favre have much in between their ears.

  31. The S2 has a very, very strong correlation with NFL success. Still too earl to tell but those that score 80% and up have much better passer ratings. I won’t say what he made, but he’s in trouble, and so is the team that picks him. He was no where near that. What is it about OSU QBs that makes them do so poorly in the NFL, and don’t try to say Burrow is an OSU QB. He’s not.

  32. Processing is processing. Football, business, stocks, martial arts, race car driving. You are still processing what you see. Let the Apoligists reign down the hate now.

  33. We don’t need to know his score to know he’ll be a bust (but low scores have indicated past busts reliably) just being an Ohio State QB is enough to be a bust

  34. Look at this way….the farther you drop the better of a chance you get to going to a GOOD team. RAvens?

  35. Its a stupid test. QBs don’t need to remember what color the giraffe was that was flashed for 5 seconds. A QB needs to recognize tendencies and formations of actual people on an actual field. You don’t have to find the Mike who then disappears and you have to remember where the Mike will phase back into reality after the snap.

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