At No. 23, the Vikings select Jordan Addison

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The run on receivers continues.

After no receivers were taken in the first 19 selections of the 2023 draft, receivers have now gone four in a row, with USC receiver Jordan Addison joining the Vikings.

Addison was the Biletnikoff award winner for 2021. He transferred from Pitt to USC in 2022.

The six-foot, 175-pounder becomes the instant No. 2 to Justin Jefferson. They also have K.J. Osborne and tight end T.J. Hockenson.

They could have drafted quarterback Will Levis or Hendon Hooker, developing them for a year under Kirk Cousins. Instead, it’s another target for whoever the quarterback will be after 2023.

It’s the first time ever that teams have taken four straight receivers in round one of the draft.

43 responses to “At No. 23, the Vikings select Jordan Addison

  1. When the QB falls into the 20s and you take a 5’9 receiver — even though your defense stinks just about everywhere. Vikings gonna vike.

  2. Weaknesses:
    Not physically impressive; has short arms.
    Struggles against press coverage and will have to play mostly from the slot.
    Problems tracking deep ball and had too many drops.
    Production fell last season.
    Lets too many balls come into his chest and pads.
    Testing numbers at combine were all in the mid-percentiles.

  3. Good choice! Now all we need is a QB that can throw for more than 4 yards. SKOL Vikings!

  4. It’s going to take a lot more than a rookie CB to fix that defense. AND we already proved you don’t need a defense to win 13 games. Just sayin’.

  5. The haters here humor me!
    What a bunch of maroons…
    Welcome to Minnesota, Jordan.
    Hope you enjoy scoring points – cuz with this offense – there will be plenty to go around.

  6. They could draft the best WR on the planet and it won’t change the fact that they still have Kirk Cousins at QB. I hope Addison is used to being frustrated.

  7. Good pick. Lot of ways they could have gone. Can’t answer all of your problems with one pick. Soooo glad they passed on Levis. But I wouldn’t be shocked if they try and trade into the second round for Hooker.

  8. hawk986 says:
    April 27, 2023 at 11:44 pm
    They could draft the best WR on the planet and it won’t change the fact that they still have Kirk Cousins at QB. I hope Addison is used to being frustrated.

    Youmean the samer Kirk Cousins with 8 4th qtr winning drives, won 13 games, and threw to the little WR who ended up with over 1800 yds and was the OPOY? THAT Kirk Cousins? Hmmm. Don’t think Addison will be TOO frustrated.

  9. This is a decent pick that will easily double or triple the yards washed Thielen would have got for triple the pay this year. Nice to see the scared Pack fans criticizing this guy when they have the weakest team in the division by far. Levis and Hooker are not going to amount to anything in this league and so why bother reaching??? There are no more good QBs in this draft and so let’s wait till next year. But the Vikes need to spend every other pick on defense other than grab one running back so we can unload Cook. That’s the plan I see.

  10. packerlies says:
    April 27, 2023 at 11:44 pm
    JJ II maybe ?
    I’m getting more of a Troy Williamson II vibe.

    Troy Williamson just ran a fast 40 but didnt even produce in college.

  11. So many other players that were ranked higher In consensus boards. Not a fan of this. Could have traded back and gotten a Joey Porter. Everyone is so hung up on having two high end receivers, but we’ve had Diggs/Thielen and Carter/Moss, and still no Super Bowl appearances.

    I want to like Kwesi, but he hasn’t made a good luck yet.

  12. Reminds me of 2016 when the run on bust wr’s happened.will fuller, Josh Dotson, Laquan treadwell.

  13. People forget too easily. Kwesi drafted 5 the first 6 last year, on the defensive side of the ball and with the exception of Cine, they all were seeing the field (Booth was hurt early and for a while too). Hoping he nailed this one. I don’t know. None of us do yet. Let’s get paid.

  14. It’s obviously a very good pick for the position and time in the draft. But, I think most Vikings fans are just curious what the plan is for the QB of the future, since they obviously didn’t want to extend Cousins before the draft. And now it’s getting more expensive.

  15. Satan says:
    April 27, 2023 at 11:02 pm
    Small, light, weak, not exceptionally fast or productive. Great job, Queasy!
    Beletnikoff award winner. No not productive at all. Get out of here! Joker.

  16. Addison was rated as the #2 WR on many of the so-called draft experts. He is a great pick for the Vikings. They needed another WR to keep teams from putting all their coverage on JJ. This will open things up for the offense. K.J. Osborne is a free agent next year and they probably won’t be able to resign him with the contract Jefferson is going to get. Yes, they need to work on the defensive side of the ball now, but this was a good replacement for Thielen.

  17. Satan says:
    April 27, 2023 at 11:02 pm
    Small, light, weak, not exceptionally fast or productive. Great job, Queasy!
    1,593 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns on a Pitt-record 100 receptions (15.9 avg.) in 14 contests… scored 18 total TDs (one by rush) Not productive? QB rating when targeted 139.0 and 136.5 the last 2 years. He is a great route runner and gets open for the QB, I get it you are a trolling Packer Fan….but you can’t say someone that has 100 rec, 1600 yards, and 18 TD’s in a season ‘not productive at all”

  18. This is literally the only pick made by an NFC North team that wasn’t a reach.

    To be clear, Detroit, GB & Chicago all picked good players. There’s no “WTF” picks in the group. They’re all just varying degrees of poor value.

    Chi: Wright is a solid OT but could have been had much later in the round.

    Det: I love Gibbs’ game but picking him at 12?!?!? As to Campbell, I love his game, instincts and size but he probably could have been picked in the first half of a 2nd round. Detroit missed on a nice haul by not trading down to get him.

    GB: Van Ness has the potential to be a game wrecker on some Sundays, but the Packers could have easily traded down 10 spots, gotten additional capital and still selected him. Good player but weird pick there.

    Nobody has any business calling any of these picks a “bust”. All of them are solid. But the only guy that was picked in a spot with good value was Addison.

  19. In 3 years, during the “expert redraft” Addison will be seen as a top 10 pick! Just as Jefferson is now!

  20. Give me a guy who can run great routes and catch the ball, over a burner EVERYTIME.

  21. I thought cheesey would post this, being the expert evaluator of talent he seems to be. I’ll do it for him;

    “Addison lacks ideal size for the receiver position. Addison measured in at 5-foot-11 and 173 pounds at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine with arms shorter than 31 inches. Addison isn’t a physically impressive receiver. Teams that prefer to roster alphas on the boundary won’t be keen on Addison’s size deficiencies.”

  22. Addison was 8th in the PAC-12 last season in receiving yards. First round production?

  23. The statement, “The six-foot, 175-pounder becomes the instant No. 2 to Justin Jefferson” may not be accurate. KJ Osborn will be the other starting outside WR, and may be the #2. Don’t forget TJ Hockenson may be the #2 option as well. Addison will probably be the slot receiver and may ease into getting a larger target share as the season progresses.

  24. So, instead of drafting Jordan Davis or the safety from Norte Dame we give the Lions Jameson Williams and didn’t get anything picks in this draft. Now. Instead of drafting Joey Porter Jr, Nolan Smith, Michael Mayers any O-lineman or trading back we draft a WR only marveled in size by Kyle Murray.

    Kwesi has now cleared the honeymoon period and is heading quickly toward dumpsville.

    We need Defense. Get Spielman on the phone. You can never have enough corners.

  25. It amuses me how many Packer fans are trashing this pick, despite the fact that every third mock draft has the Vikings making this selection in this position. It reminds me of the reaction to the Jefferson pick, when the talk was all about how he could only play out of the slot and wasn’t even the best WR on his team. Addison played on a very good offense, with a highly regarded QB and 4 WRs who totaled at least 600 yds receiving and Y/R around 15. That kind of sounds familiar too, doesn’t it? Seems like a good type to add to the Vikings offense, although I would have liked to have seen a trade down to acquire more pucks and address more issues.

  26. Packer trolls are pure trash…get a new hobby cuz it’s gotten old..youre embarrassing to your base.

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