Lions at No. 12 take Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs

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Running backs have been devalued in the modern NFL. The Lions didn’t get the memo.

In a stunning decision, the Lions selected Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs with the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

With Bijan Robinson going to the Falcons at No. 8, two running backs are off the board in the first dozen picks.

Robinson was widely regarded as the best running back prospect in recent years, but Gibbs isn’t that kind of prospect. Even if you think a running back is worth a first-round pick, it’s hard to imagine why you’d think Gibbs is that running back.

This was a shocking move by the Lions.

14 responses to “Lions at No. 12 take Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs

  1. So much for D’Andre Swift. I expected the Lions to go defense all the way in the first round, and two out of three in the second.

  2. I’m shocked. Not a huge need, not a position of value and a reach…traded away from Tyree and Carter for this? I’d rather have Bijan at 6 than this. Gonzalez would have Been fine but this? Just when this team looks like it’s trending forward….gambling and now this.

  3. Who is the real Brad Holmes? The shrewd general manager who struck gold with Sewell and Hutchinson and found upside in Amon Ra St. Brown, James Houston and Malcolm Rodriguez? Or the loose cannon that twice drafted defensive lineman in the second round with injury histories and wasted drafted capital trading up for injured Jameson Williams? It is too soon to make definitive proclamations but Detroit’s first pick in the 2023 draft can either be graded I for Incomplete or SOL for…

  4. He’s a pretty electrifying play maker, 1b to bijan. Would have gone in the next 10 picks at most, where everyone is trade happy.

    Swift is Mr. Glass

  5. This pick really surprised me. I thought for sure they’d look to improve their defense with that pick.

  6. Good RB, but why when you have Swift and just signed Montgomery?
    Don’t they have faith that Goff can repeat his miracle season?

  7. They will run him into the ground for 4 years and then it’s off to the scrap heap. Good luck trying to find someone to take Montgomery’s contract.

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