Texans trade up to nab Will Anderson with third overall pick

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The Cardinals were talked about as a prime candidate to trade out of the third overall pick since they secured it in Week 18 of the 2022 season and that trade finally went down while they were on the clock on Thursday night.

Most people thought that trade would be with a team looking for a quarterback, but that’s not how things played out. Moments after taking quarterback C.J. Stroud with the second overall pick, the Texans moved back up to select Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson with the third overall pick.

Anderson was considered a possible first overall pick during the 2022 season because of the way he created nightmares for offenses off the edge of the Crimson Tide defense.

It cost the Texans quite a bit to move up. They used the 12th overall pick they got from Cleveland in the Deshaun Watson trade and a 2024 first-rounder — they have their own pick and Cleveland’s from the same trade — as the centerpiece of a package that also includes the 33rd overall pick this year and a 2024 third-rounder. The Cardinals will send the 105th pick in this draft to Houston.

25 responses to “Texans trade up to nab Will Anderson with third overall pick

  1. Texans just picked 2nd and 3rd and yielded CJ Stroud and Will Anderson on rookie deals. The factory of sadness got Deshawn Watson saddled with 230 million guaranteed, lollllllllllll.

  2. Wow. That’s not cheap, but to land potentially the new centerpieces of your offense and defense in the first 3 picks of the draft could end up being a hell of a coup. If these two guys live up to even half their potential, that’s a new franchise in the making.

  3. Based on the trade value charts GMs use, the Texans over paid by 33% to move up to #3. However, that’s based on the picks the gave to the Cardinals next year being in the middle of rounds 1 and 3. Chances are that they’re going to be much higher. Nick Caserio likely overpaid by 50% according to these charts. But this is Caserio’s history during draft day trades; he gets swindled. The Texans are who we always thought they are.

  4. Yikes, that’s a steep price to pay for a position that isn’t franchise altering.

  5. This move is Nick Caserio trying to save his job – he gave up a lot – he better hope it works or he will be gone in Houston!!!

  6. Most people view the Cardinals and Texans as the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL, for good reason. Not only do the Cardinals get the player they wanted, were likely to take at #3 (which everyone except apparently Nick Caserio knew) they now own a 1st and 3rd round pick of the Texans in 2024. Texans got FLEECED! Since day 1 of the Texans franchise when they took image, David Carr, over substance, Julius Peppers, the McNairs have stolen from Houstonians with 20 straight years of the same. To Houston fans that love image over substance, a great day for you. To Houston fans that have wanted a true football team good enough to make a conference title game for the first time since 1980 in Houston. Sorry.

  7. People love to hate on Houston any chance they get! We desperately needed a QB and desperately needed a pass rusher and we got both!! We still have a lot of draft picks and will soon have a ton of cap space! Team is coming around after OBrein ran into the ground!

    Good job Nick!

  8. I was a Texans fan. Get Stroud was ok, not what I would have done.

    Trading 2 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick #33, and 2024 3rd round pick, to trade up for Anderson was a huge mistake and they way overpaid.

    The Texans needed to get 2 starters at #12 and #33, + another starter with the 2024 1st round pick they gave up. The Texans basically, gave up 3 starters to move up for Anderson.

    Huge mistake, Caserio & Ryans will be short term in Houston if the does not work!

    I am done with the Texans; I will be in my Skeeter Bass Boat on Sunday this fall and winter!

  9. Houston could have both the offensive and defensive rookies of the year next season!

  10. I’ll tell you, with this lot you can never win.

    If you don’t draft a certain person, you’re a losing franchise. If you do draft certain personnel, you’re a losing franchise.

    The Texans had a good 6 year stretch where they were a highly competitive team. Did they win it all? No. But most teams do not. Most teams also don’t have to deal with losing a franchise quarterback because of sexual misconduct.

    Why don’t we let this play out and see where the cards fall. As a lifelong Texans fan, and as someone who is either listen to or watched every single game since they’re inaugural season I think that this is a solid move.

  11. Between the Texans taking CJ Stroud and Colts taking Anthony Richardson, this will just cement the Jaguars as the new owners of the AFC South for years to come.

  12. All this “too high!” “Too much”! Whatever. Picks are just picks. Half of them are busts. Zero chance Anderson is a bust. The Texans got their QB as well as the consensus best player in this draft. They had a great first round and have GREATLY improved their roster regardless of what the naysayers and Caserio haters say.

  13. I felt like they gave up a lot for this, but they also had accumulated a lot of capital to use for just such a scenario. They both need to hit, but if they do…wow!

  14. If Bill O’Brien were still there, he’d probably throw in two wagyu steaks and two bottles of wine as a bonus….

  15. Mel Kiper is such a clown. All night until Jalen Carter was picked he had him as the #1 player on the board. Comes time for the Texans pick at 3 and the other talking heads say they’re going to go best defender and they ask Kiper who that is and he says “Will Anderson.” Time for him to hang it up.

  16. I feel sorry for Texans fans. Forty years since they’ve made even a conference title game (and they really have never been close in those 40 yrs); think about that, by simple averages a team should be in a conference title game once every 8 yrs and Houston has defied that math by 500%. Houston fans have been so dumbed down by their local media (I’ve lived in several major media markets: BOS, NYC, PHL, CHI, SEA, DEN, LA, SFO, ATL and HOU; and their local media is by far the least knowledgeable) they have no idea what winning looks like. If you’ve never seen it, how do you know what it looks like? Like we all are in so many respects, Houston football fans are a product of the environment they’ve created for themselves over the last 40 years. Case in point. Bill O’Brien gave up two firsts, a second and got back a fourth and a sixth for Laremy Tunsil; who’s turned out to be one of the best tackles, protecting the most important position in the game, and they’re going to have Tunsil for the better part of 10 yrs. And Houston fans, gas-lighted by the most incompetent local media in the nation (O’Brien was “mean” to them) excoriate O’Brien for the trade and O’Brien in general who did nothing but win with very little talent given to him by GM Rick Smith; O’Brien, after being fired, then goes on immediately to get hired by the greatest coach in college and then NFL history (if O’Brien is as bad as a Houston sports fan thinks, why hire him, because they’re buddies, don’t think so, those men didn’t get to where they are by being nepotistic). Caserio just gave up 2 firsts (the 1st rounder next year is theirs, not the Browns, it could be the 1st pick in the draft! Would be just like the Texans, in back to back years they blow the 1st pick in the draft by winning a meaningless Dec games, next year they’ll have the 1st pick but will have given it away! Regardless the pick is going to be more valuable than the Browns pick they own), a 2nd and a 3rd for a guy who hasn’t played yet, and is not at as important a position as Tunsil. Caserio gave up far more for Anderson than O’Brien gave up for Tunsil, yet the Houston fan applauds Caserio and excoriates O’Brien; which proves the Houston fan is not reacting on intellect or facts but rather gas-lighted emotions, which then proves a lack of football intellect by the Houston football fan). And further, Anderson was not going to get selected 3rd, there was no reason to trade up at that point. The Cardinals, who most believe compete with the Texans for the most dysfunctional team, got the guy they were going to draft at 3 even if there had been no trade but thanks to Nick Caserio, got their guy a few picks later and added a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd because of Nick Caserio. And Houston fans celebrate!? It’s stupefying. Well, unless Will Anderson turns into a top 3 DE/OLB in the NFL for the Texans over the next 10 yrs, O’Brien wins again. But Houston football fans will never figure it out. In the end, O’Brien was rehired immediately by the best and brightest the game has ever seen, twice. Rick Smith, David Culley, Lovey Smith, and Nick Caserio soon enough not only will never be hired to similar positions, they won’t even get interviews. That is the ultimate proof, regardless of my or any Houston football fan opinions. So go ahead Houston football fans, pour on the thumbs down, a lot of good it will do you when another 30 yrs have slipped by and you still haven’t sniffed a conference title game, forget about a Super Bowl. You haven’t a clue, not even a scintilla of a clue of what smart football looks like. Y’all make Cal McNair seem like a genius.

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