After trade with Cardinals, Titans select Will Levis with 33rd overall pick


Will Levis left Kansas City and returned home after not being drafted in the first round Thursday.

His wait didn’t take long Friday.

The Titans traded up to take the Kentucky quarterback with the 33rd overall pick.

The Cardinals also gave up pick 81 in the deal, with the Titans surrendering picks 41, 72 and a 2024 third-rounder. Arizona made two trades in the first round Thursday and ended up with offensive lineman Paris Johnson with the sixth pick.

Cardinals General Manager Monti Ossenfort formerly worked with the Titans.

Veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill‘s $36.6 million cap hit in 2023 has prompted a question the entire offseason about whether Tennessee might move on from him. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports the Titans are expected to start Tannehill this season with plans to move on from him after 2023.

21 responses to “After trade with Cardinals, Titans select Will Levis with 33rd overall pick

  1. Definitely better than Malik Willis lol…. Levis will be the 2024 starter for the Titans

  2. Wow, speaking strictly from a trade standpoint and ignoring the player, considering all that was actually given up is a future 3rd, that’s a pretty damn cheap price tag to move up.

  3. And that was done with a Houston Texans’ pick from the Will Anderson trade….so it ended up being Stroud @ Houston, Richardson @ Colts, and Levis @ Titans instead of Stroud @ Colts, Richardson @ Titans, and Levis @ Houston. The Texans really changed the AFC South with their R1 picks.

  4. The ideal spot for Levis don’t have to rush him into the starting lineup. Can learn from Tanannehill first a year. Will have 3 years to prove himself. Especially to the teams that pass over him. Should have a log on his shoulder.

  5. What is the point of carrying Tannehill’s cap hit, Titans should just release him. Completely pointless.

  6. So they took one quarterback who was going to be a project last year gave up on him after one season and now they’re dropping another quarterback who’s going to be a project. I’m assuming they’re probably going to give up on him after one season too

  7. I never played any football but jr pro but i have been to 7 fantasy football championships and won 3 of them. Amy Adams Strunk i guarantee you i can do better than this circus. Please hire me as general manager so i can clean house and bring my friends. Think Dolphins new coach office addition.

  8. Some teams are getting better by having multiple picks in the first coupla rounds. Not the Bears, we have multiple picks in the later rounds. Do we use them to trade up to get the better players? No, our GM is sitting on his hands. Too bad there aren’t 3 or 4 more rounds. Maybe we could get multiple picks in them, rounds 8, 9, 10, 11, maybe even 12. Geez !

  9. Willis has all the talent in the world but he needs to get with the coach that Jalen Hurts works with in the off season. As for Levis he is going to be a really good QB also who is more polished than Willis.

  10. Wow, they gave up on Willis fast. I thought they would’ve given him one year.

  11. The Titans really blew this draft.

    They took an OT that’s graded as being average as an NFL OT but should be great as an OG at 11, should have been a WR.

    2nd round pick, could have taken a guard here.

    3rd round pick, had they not traded up in the 2nd to take a bad QB, they could have taken their WR, instead of a RB that NFLN said would likely not get a 2nd contract due to his injury history!

  12. It’s amazing to us as Cardinal fans to see how a draft is actually supposed to run…

    Keim was a MORON

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