Dolphins make Cam Smith their first 2023 draft pick

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The Dolphins had to wait until the second round to make their first selection of the 2023 draft and they used it to bolster their secondary.

Miami took cornerback Cam Smith with the 51st overall selection.

Smith spent the last three seasons at South Carolina. He recorded 27 tackles, one tackle for loss, one interception, and five passes defensed during his final season with the Gamecocks.

The addition of Smith is not the biggest news of the offseason in the Dolphins secondary. They traded for Jalen Ramsey last month, which means Smith will be competing for snaps as a third corner behind Ramsey and Xavien Howard to kick off his NFL career.

16 responses to “Dolphins make Cam Smith their first 2023 draft pick

  1. Dolphins passed on TE Washington because Conor Tanner is gonna be the surprise breakout player.

  2. Not a position of need. If the kid balls out, we’ll cheer Chris Grier’s decision, but right now he missed an opportunity to try to improve a weakness on the team.

  3. What path is there for him to even see the field with Howard, Ramsey, Needham, Kohou in front of him? We needed TE, OL at that pick.

  4. This is a Vic Fangio pick for sure to try and replace XMan next year with his really high salary….

  5. phinatic1 says:
    April 28, 2023 at 8:59 pm
    This is a Vic Fangio pick for sure to try and replace XMan next year with his really high salary….


    Thank you!

  6. What happened to their 1rst round pick? Oh, that’s right. They lost it for cheating.

  7. Miami once again refuses to draft a need – Grier puts too much emphasis on aging worn out players to fill gaps instead of youth. So much for protecting Tua.

  8. While there’s no denying Cam Smith is a great pick at 51, the question remains did the Phins really need another corner? Vic Fangio has said multiple times he’s unleashing a new type of defense on the NFL this season. I wonder if having more than your typical 3 CB’s on the field is a part of this new defense he created. It will be interesting to see how Miami works him onto the field without Howard or Ramsey getting injured.

  9. Depth in the secondary was Miami’s biggest problem last year and they’ve addressed in FA and the draft. Needham is coming off a major injury. Kohou still needs polishing. X and Ramsey are getting up there in age. No hurt in drafting a position of need. The last half of the year Miami was starting special teamers in the secondary. This shores up that issue. We have multiple RBs that all bring something a little different. I would like Miami to add a bit to the OL but what team doesn’t?

  10. The Dolphins are going to use the cap space they get from cutting Byron Jones, on June 1st cuts to fill OL need, I guess.

  11. I can’t believe a single Miami fan can be upset with a CB. Yes TE is a need. OL depth, ditto. But the Miami secondary was beat down by mid-season.

    No Jones, lose a Jones, Needham out and we are stuck with a undrafted rookie with holes in his game and X.

    And whoever could fill the slot.

  12. Good luck to all 14 of our 2023 opponents.

    Seriously, good luck, completing a pass.

    Vic Fangio is about to carve ya’ll up. He literally has everything.

    An embarrassment of riches in Miami right now.

    No wonder the league took our first round pick.

    Jalen Phillips = 20 sacks coming.

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